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SUNSCREEN I USED UP 🗑 2022 SPF EMPTIES @Dr Dray SUNSCREEN EMPTIES. #sunscreen #skincare #empties

Well hey guys get excited i have my sunscreen empties here for you all sunscreens that i finished up for the past couple of months there seem to be a predominance of mineral sunscreens uh but there is one chemical sunscreen anyway if you missed my skincare empties video i’m going to link it down below along with my hair care empties video i’ve been doing a lot of

Empties lately because i don’t know i’ve just been using a lot of stuff up um y’all know i’ve been going to the pool a lot lately so probably in the probably towards the end of summer i’m going to have even more sunscreen empties but getting into it this is one that i have been really impressed with it is by md solar science this is a mineral kids cream the

Cast on this is pretty negligible i mean it’s definitely still there if you have a deeper skin tone be aware it’s going to leave a white cast uh this is water resistant 80 minutes so it’s great for if you’re in a humid environment sweaty conditions um if you are doing sport outside you want to use a mineral sunscreen it’s also a really great option around the eyes

A lot of people find that chemical sunscreens burn around the eyes or they start running into your eyes using a water resistant mineral sunscreen around the eyes is a great option and this one is a perfect choice it’s really moisturizing but it’s not greasy now it does have that very silicone consistency that you either love or hate some people really do not like

It if you don’t like it if you’ve tried other md solar science sunscreens in the past and you did not care for them you’re not going to like this one but if you do like that like me it kind of has like a poor blurring effect it’s marketed as being for kids six months of age and older you know when it comes to children the sunscreen that you put on them it doesn’t

Have to be mineral necessarily it’s fine to use chemical sunscreens on them you know that’s a personal choice there’s nothing wrong with chemical sunscreens you’ll see many chemical sunscreens marketed for kids out there but when it comes to you know little little ones babies your skin can be more sensitive and so sometimes people find that mineral sunscreens are

Less irritating especially with a child with eczema you may find that they prefer that it really varies depending on the child but all that to say you definitely can use that if you’re an adult and you might actually prefer it now speaking of mineral sunscreens that can be used around the eyes for sure this product is underrated this coats flawless complexion

It’s a tinted mineral sunscreen it’s tinted so it’s got iron oxides in it which can help in theory protect you against visible light that comes from the sun and can contribute to hyperpigmentation this formula is very moisturizing it’s a zinc oxide sunscreen now the tint for me personally gets rid of any white cast it’s not orangey or anything like that now if

You have a deeper skin tone you may find that this portends that ashen look as often as the often can be the case with a tinted mineral sunscreen on deeper skin tones but for me this one works really well and i find it is a great moisturizing product as well like i use this alone with no moisturizer underneath it and it really keeps the skin hydrated glowy there’s

A hair stuck to it this is not water resistant but it still stays in place really well around the eyelids so if you’re going to be outside swimming or doing some sort of outdoor sport event activity i would suggest leaning into a water resistant sunscreen here’s another tinted mineral sunscreen that is water resistant another great option for around the eyes and

This is a sun bomb mineral this one you can get a target it has that kind of whipped consistency like the md solar science that sort of silicone slippery feel um the tint on this is likewise very nice like the coats one this one has a bit more of a matte finish to it but it’s not like drying or anything it’s moisturizing it has that silicone sensation so it is

Great if you have oily skin it allows for good evaporation of sweat it doesn’t feel heavy or occlusive if you want to see what these look like by the way i’m going to link my video down below reviewing tinted sunscreens because a lot of these i reviewed and i should be putting them on in that video so you can check that out there this one is water resistant if

I didn’t already mention that 40 minutes so kind of good for in and out days in sweaty conditions i like the 80 minutes when i’m actually outside doing stuff but the 40 minutes i like for just living in houston purposes oh this is humid here although it has not been as rainy as it normally is we did get rain recently like a few days ago but uh yeah it has been

Dry in fact they’re calling for a water conservation like a drought notice which seems like an oxymoron here but yeah all right here’s another one that i’ve been putting off trying for some time because like whatever and it is good it’s one not to sleep on it’s the skinceuticals spf 50 physical fusion water resistant lightweight fluid uh the tint is kind of

Similar actually to the sun bomb one but the consistency is a liquid it’s got really good spread on the skin no cast for me comparing this to the color science mineral face shield another tinted sunscreen that i have always recommended and really love this one is even thinner in consistency i mean it’s very thin very you know spreads very quickly on the skin so

That’s how they differ um this one does not do any kind of peeling or anything know that that one did but yeah um this one i think would be a great base too for makeup it has like almost a matte finish but again not cloying or dry i’ve experienced some matte sunscreens that you put them on it’s like a few hours you know an hour so later it’s like they feel

Tight sometimes the ltmd uv clear can be that way let me know in the comments if you’ve ever experienced that anyways this one not that way whatsoever all right next up is the actual chemical sunscreen it is eustren’s age defense hyaluronic acid spf 50 now this is a moisturizer it’s not water resistant and it is a chemical sunscreen it has hyaluronic acid has

Some antioxidants in it which may help further reduce oxidative stress from exposure to environmental stressors like uv and pollution this one does not leave a cast but dang it is very moisturizing in a non-greasy way it actually leaves the skin very hydrated kind of giving a glowy look similar to the coats one but a chemical sunscreen all right i had to change

The battery zero white cast and now this is not like i said it’s not water resistant think of it more of a daily moisturizer with sunscreen in it it does spread on the skin well but not as quickly as the not as quickly as the uv fusion from skinceuticals it’s more of a cream it’s more of you know a thick moisturizer but uh this it it is fine around the eyes like i

Don’t get any burning or stinging and i didn’t experience it like seeping into my eyes or causing any blurry vision whatsoever which i have often had that issue with other chemical non-water resistant u.s sunscreens which is this this is but not the case with this one i these sunscreens by user and the new ones the age defense and the oil absorbing really good this

Is also a good base for a for cosmetics you’re not going to get any pilling or anything uh but if you do live somewhere or it’s really humid you’re spending time outside you may want to choose a water resistant formula i hear a lot of comments as a side note about people like really fearful of hyaluronic acid like that seems to be the latest thing that people are

Suddenly afraid of hyaluronic acid is a humectant it helps to pull water into the stratum corneum when used in topical skin care products that can have a wrinkle smoothing and plumping effect and by improving the moisture content of the stratum corneum ultimately it can help improve the rate of skin cell turnover and natural exfoliation now hyaluronic acid on its

Own applied to the stratum corneum and just left as is in theory especially if you live in a dry climate it can cause more evaporative water loss out of the skin it’s actually been shown in skin equivalent models to do that but to what extent that actually relates to the real world i don’t think it’s ever actually been demonstrated truthfully it’s just kind of a

Theoretical outcome regardless if you’re using a sunscreen or a moisturizer that has hyaluronic acid it’s going to have occlusive ingredients that help trap that moisture into the skin so that shouldn’t be an issue and so you know some people do find that a lot of hyaluronic acid based products do cause irritation for them i think that’s because hyaluronic acid is

An ingredient it can enhance penetration of things and that may lead to more irritation but it’s not inflammatory i’ve gotten those comments before i mean it’s uh it’s used in wound heal in topical wound preparations and in in medicine a topical hyaluronic acid is actually used and you know of course we inject it in filler and uh so it’s not you know inflammatory

Or anything like that of course putting it on the skin it’s not really going to change the hyaluronic acid content of the dermis but hyaluronic acid is present in the epidermis i got another comment like it’s not it actually is uh present in your epidermis it’s more abundant in the dermis but yeah it is present in the epidermis and applying the skin it just helps

To improve the moisture content of the stratum corneum same as any other humectant glycerin does the same thing as to you know uh marine extracts so but if you are sensitive to hyaluronic acid then you know you might want to avoid this all right this product it’s not a broad spectrum sunscreen or anything it’s technically like a makeup um but man this i was

Blown away by it’s the rodeo skin tint spf 20. this lasted me um i used it a little bit longer than six months although i do suggest sticking within the use by jar there if you were wondering these little open jars they have a number and the m that’s the number of months the product is good good for after you open it anyways i use this for quite a while but i

Didn’t use it as like a standalone sunscreen or anything i just used it more for makeup purposes over my sunscreen base layer uh and the shade is hamptons again this is not a broad spectrum sunscreen it does have spf 20 so you get some uvb protection and it’s obviously tinted it’s a cosmetic product so you have the iron oxides there potentially affording some

Protection against the blue light that comes from the sun not your devices the the sun to aggravate hyperpigmentation you may get some protection against that with this and it’s got some peptides which i really do think help plump up the skin a bit in this product um i love this it doesn’t crease you know in the fine lines around the eyes it really gives the

Skin a very nice luminous glow i’m kind of sad that it’s empty because this is expensive i got it on skin store and i’m not sure when this video is going up but skin store typically has like a really good sale around holidays like the fourth of july is coming up so i’m gonna link to skin store uh check there that’s where i got it they have a few other shades too

Um there’s no fragrance in this by the way no fragrance in any of these so that’s more of a makeup product i definitely would not rely on that as your standalone sunscreen spf 20 you’re probably not going to apply enough of it to achieve spf 20 and it’s not broad spectrum meaning you’re not going to get the uva protection for you know as good uva protection but

If you’re looking for a makeup product i suggest that you know makeup with sunscreen just putting more sunscreen compounds on you it’s helpful in the long run last but not least we have a favorite of mine by md solar science i love their tinted lip creams these are broad spectrum sunscreens that that are you know have a pretty noticeable tint this is the red

Shade i finished up the one thing i hate is like you there’s definitely product jammed in that little tip that i can’t get out i guess i could get a q-tip and do you know do it like that that’s probably what i should do um love these they’re very hydrating spf 30 and so if you you know i love the vani cream mineral lip cream but that leaves a white cast that a

Lot of people don’t like these do not these just look like regular tinted lip gloss and they have a nude so if you don’t want red they have a few different colors the colors are nice they give a nice pop to the face a nice bright color and they stay on well and they’re not drying i have a tr i have trouble finding lip sunscreens that are not drying or irritating

And that’s a favorite the md solar science ones so definitely check them out if you were in the market for a tinted lip spf very very good stay on well moisturizing what else can i say about them they’re very good um you know i get questions like is sunscreen safe on the lips yeah you want to protect your lips from the sun they’re very vulnerable to uv damage

There’s not much in the way of a protective barrier there i think people are worried that they’re going to be ingesting sunscreen chemicals i mean unless you’re eating tubes and tubes of sunscreen you’re fine in small amounts this is not going to cause any harm to human health to have it on the lips it’s been tested and used for safely on the lips the biggest risk

With unprotected sun exposure on the lips is squamous cell carcinoma on your lips which is quite you know these skin cancers they are common especially the lower lip and correcting those requires it’s difficult surgery to remove because your lips you know there’s not a whole lot of wiggle room there you can imagine closing the defect after they cut the skin cancer

Out it can leave you with you know mess up the shape of your mouth and that can make eating drinking very difficult these are all reasons to protect your lips wearing a hat can protect as well depending on the width of the brim face shield but yeah if you’re going to be outdoors don’t forget to protect your lips comment below and if you’ve ever gotten a sunburn

On the lips not pleasant all right y’all those are my sunscreen empties for today i made made through quite a few but i anticipate that in the fall which will be here before you know it when i do my summer empties i bet i’ll have even more because like i said i’ve been enjoying the pool using the bondi sands sunscreen to my body and the eucerin mineral sunscreen

Is another great body sunscreen speaking of body sunscreens if you’re in the market for one make sure you check out my body spf video i’ll put that on the end slate so you can watch that it’ll be the card that comes up at the end of the video you know where it says subscribe watch this video so you can click there and watch the video if you want to um anyways you

Guys if you enjoyed this video give it a thumbs up share it with your friends and as always don’t forget sunscreen and subscribe i’ll talk to you guys tomorrow bye you

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