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Super Mega Ultra Black Friday Haul!!!

This is my haul for Black Friday 2018.

Good evening tubers once again madam roy back don’t know what happened had a little glitch there if you haven’t seen the title already this is my black friday haul for 2018 wasn’t really expecting to go out black friday shopping but mom decided she wanted to go to boss hobbs and boy did i score some awesome deals as i hope everybody else did that’s watching this

Video you’re not gonna be able to comment because i would normally be doing this as a regular video but of course since we won’t have internet at my uncle’s place i’m just doing it live so without further ado let me show you guys what i picked up for black friday so this is pretty much the bulk of it now i’ll start over here because i actually got these items at

Christmas tree shop which is kind of a local discount store up in the area we don’t actually have any in virginia but i picked up two of these eight o’clock original blend k-cup packages there’s 48 in each these were originally $19.99 on sale for $14.99 so basically five dollars off and at that price it is a really good deal i love eight o’clock you guys know i have

To have my coffee to get going in the morning so that was pretty much a no-brainer unfortunately i was gonna give one of these to my aunt but we totally forgot to give it to her so probably gonna have to wait till next time but who knows maybe i’ll send her one in the mail next also a christmas tree shop picked up a pack of these polaroid super alkaline batteries

You can see right there it says christmas tree shop they were $6.99 normal price 399 for black friday so half price this is really cool i’ve never actually seen one where they have double-a and triple-a –zz in one pack in other words you have 12 double a’s and 12 triple a’s you can see the double a’s are on the back triple a’s are in the front really really cool

I’ve never had polaroid batteries i have to assume that they’re decent but even if they’re not the greatest for the price i paid heck that’s just fine next a same shopping center as christmas tree shop right next to that is petco and peppers running a special today i believe it goes through the weekend so friday saturday and sunday on their feline greenies and

It’s buy one get one free and that’s any greenies pack so any size so i what did i do i bought the largest they offered which are these 11 ounce little containers here i got one the tempting tuna flavor and next i got the catnip flavor and both my guys love these you know i’ve talked a lot about greenies how good they are for your cats compared to the older and

The cheaper i should say treats that are out there these are really great and a great deal they were 1199 so for $12 i got two of these awesome awesome score there next we’re moving on to boss hobbes which is another fairly local store they do have some they have quite a few the northeast but where we are again they’re pretty much non-existent first thing i got

From there are some slippers these are gold toe memory foam slippers you can see i do have big feet as a matter of fact these are a little on the small side for me but i can make them work really really nice fleece in fleece inside and out the outside is kind of more like a faux leather feeling but a really nice comfortable plaid fleece lining love these things

These were normally $19.99 and they were on sale for $6.99 today so what is that about 60% off again great deal also picked up a pair of these jogger or the younger pants you guys get that reference from anchorman these were normally $40 and they’re called marbled black what 29 premium wear i question to whether or not they were ever $40 but i did wind up getting

These for $7.99 and the reason i bought these primarily is because they have these gathered bottoms and the ones that i usually get don’t they just kind of roam free and as you can see i kind of have to tuck them into my pants there so are my shoes i should say so great deal they’re definitely going to be wearing those winter and because they’re fleece they are

Really really on the warm side nothing good for summer there but again for winter these things are perfect next we’ll go ahead and show you this i picked up a pair of via shoes these are size twelve a via forte actually i apologize these are thirteen i thought they were 12s but i can wear either 13 or 12 and i’ll move this over here and the reason i’m not showing

You in the box is because i’m actually wearing them right now nice shoes they’re not leather but that’s again fine for winter because in winter time you definitely don’t want your feet to breathe too much you actually want to keep your feet pretty warm we’re actually getting to the end of it folks i didn’t get a lot this time but what i got was pretty substantial

At least in my mind next is the chef minh and you guys know i love my air fryers it’s the chef’s minh xl six point five liter air fryer now i look this up online and apparently 6.5 liters equates to about six point eight quarts so this is really a large air fryer and you guys will probably seeing this more in future cooking videos now this normally sells let me

Show you what it says here full flavor zero gill using futuristic technology this appliance handles any cooking baking or frying tasks creating the crispy fried texture you love faster and with fewer calories space-saving design with a flat basket which basically means the basket side is totally flat use about 40% a smaller footprint print than the older air for had

Now i will show you this the original price on here and i think maybe they pulled it off and they see if it’s on the bottom it is not but i will tell you the original price on this was 100 1999 so 120 dollars these were on special at boss hobbs for $49.99 unbelievable bargain i still can’t believe that they were selling them that cheap now tell you a little secret

Right after we went to boss cons we even stopped at their local alleys and the alleys had the exact same air fryer for $69.99 so $20 more so if you guys have a boss hobbs near you again i believe the sale is going through the weekend so you don’t haven’t missed out on this yet you could check that out if you have a boss hobbs department store in the and

The one i got this out was the boss hobbs in binghamton new york couple smaller little things not too much else here but i did pick up a few sweatshirts i should say there they’re not turtlenecks i do not wear turtlenecks but as you can see there they’re like half turtlenecks what did we call them mock thank you they’re called mock turtleneck as you can see they

Go maybe about half as high as normal ones do now i had to get a smaller size you guys know i’m actually into the extra-large size now the air 60/40 so they’re not going to wrinkle too badly i got this blueish kind of an ash blue one and then i went and got also a black mock turtleneck i thank you i thank mom for reminding me of what they’re called architect our

Architect brand tect and again these were originally $20 msrp and we got these for $7.99 each so that’s it tubers that’s gonna be it for the black friday deals i just want to make sure i shared those with you appreciate everybody sticking to the end please continue to like and subscribe i’m really tired we had a long day with my aunt at her place so i’m heading to

Bed and as always have a blessed day everybody

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