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Supplies to help your DotDotSmile business

What supplies do you need for a successful DotDotSmile business? I’ll give you some tips on things that will help jumpstart your home boutique. Below I will put links to the items I mention.

Hello megan with dot dot smile here and today i wanted to talk to you about what you need to get started with your dot dot small business actually that’s pretty easy nothing so when you join dot smile they give you a free replicated website and so you can just send your customers to your website and then they will get their items shipped straight to them it’s

Pretty easy now if you want to earn a little bit more per item and have your own in-home boutique then there are some things that would make it easier for you some supplies so i’m going to go through them with you and show you what i have used in my own boutique now the beauty of dot dot smile is they encourage you to be creative so you can use whatever you

Want to make this easier on you and have your own flair to it so here’s what i’ve used i started with hangers so these are the velvet hangers so that they will not slip off i really liked this color and so this is kind of my personal theme for my business is teal because i love that color so if your favorite color is pink you could order pink velvet hangers

Or you can use plastic whatever you’d like i just thought this would look a little bit more professional and you definitely want to have it uniform um you know the same color and i well i think i said you can get it from amazon they also have them at target i actually got from target these cool clips that you can put on the hangers and then you can hang pants

With them so that was a pretty cool trick because otherwise i have to just hang my pants like this which is fine but eventually i want to upgrade it to all have the clips okay so here’s another thing i have these little size holders here so these i actually got from target again love that store and they’re just little clips so that i can separate my sizes now

Amazon also has little size rings that you could put on to separate the sizes you can do it however you want and be creative another thing that i got for when i do my live sales are these little number tags so these i can put on the hanger and you’ll notice i think this should be backwards uh when i’m showing it to you and yet it has it backwards here so that on

A video when you’re doing a live this should show front words to your audience pretty cool okay another thing that would be handy to have when you’re taking pictures of your dresses and you were laying them on the floor you know it would be nice to have some bows maybe some accessories necklaces bracelets even shoes to show how you can pair up with your outfits

I also use this at uh at my booths i will put the bows on the hangers and it just adds a little pop to it so that customers can visualize and see what they will end up doing with the clothes that they purchase some other things that you might want are these poly mailers which again i got from amazon uh i think this is a 10 by oh i’m not remembering let’s see 10

By 13. i accidentally bought the smaller size at first don’t make that mistake that i did it was like a 6×9 i could hardly get one dress smashed in there so 10 by 13 was a great size they have tons of cute little patterns that you can get so this is good this is the cheapest way to mail maybe one or two items if you have a package that’s more than a pound you’ll

Want to just use these now you can actually order these from usps for free and they will drop them off in your mailbox that was pretty cool and then this is the best way to mail something that’s over a pound how do you measure you can use just a kitchen scale that you would normally measure food with you can measure your packages with your dress on that and

Then in paypal you can create your own shipping label pretty neat okay what’s something else that would be good a business card so i ordered these actually from a website that dot dot smile recommends you can find that in your back office and so i just have my website my facebook page and my email on it and then it also has a space where i can personalize and

Write my phone number or write a thank you if somebody just made a purchase they have a cute little back so business cards are very handy to have now what if you decide to go a little deeper with your business and do videos like this or do lives on your facebook page i got this cool ring light so that it will make it look a little more professional and bright

Especially if you’re not going to be able to do it by a window where you can get some good natural lighting so this is really cool to get to okay well i think that i gave you guys a really good jump start to starting your business if you have any questions please feel free to ask me i’ve got my email listed in the description you can go to my facebook page which

Is dot dot smile megan severevip or if you guys need to join still you can go to megan severe please let me know if you have any questions i would be happy to help you reach those goals that you want for you thanks for watching

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Supplies to help your DotDotSmile business By Megan Severe