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Susan Graver Stretch Velvet Pull-On Slim Leg Ankle Pants on QVC

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Never all right fine it is birthday with three easy pays and four colors it’s pretty alright stay tuned yes so we’re gonna shop for the pants first and then we’re gonna go ahead and we’re gonna shop for the top the cold-shoulder top a su eight two nine zero three is the cold shoulder shot all right how you do this this not well no you do it really well there’s so i

Don’t know i have these hoes i mean there’s so much information and you have to like oh my goodness i i just i couldn’t do it share my designs and pat does all the hard work no way so let’s talk about the stretch velvet pull-on slim legs ankle pants that i have to say this morning i just ordered another pair of black in these are yes are probably my favorite velvet

Of all the ones we did because you do saloon leg yes i’m wider leg or wider they’re full but this one is almost like it’s not a legging but it’s very very slim and so i carry my weight in my hip and thigh area so i wouldn’t wear this if it was a tight-fitting legging and there you can see it’s velvet done right it’s like liquid velvet have gorgeous velvet which

We will explain we do this does have a buy more save $4 so if you want to buy the black pair then we’ll talk into another color we need these black going quickly we’ve never done this with a buy more and all the time we’ve shared it with you we do have easy pay on everything graver on air online all day long and wow that’s perfect i love that with a cold shoulder

Top yeah these these colors look you they they actually are exactly you know they work together this is a little bit deep purple velvet you need this and then get this top because that’s what you’re wearing i mean we’re gonna live in these two pieces alright so okay this is called egg 10th but look down way to size dark brown why not wear this with a white shirt

Pretty chocolate brown velvet with a white shirt and you’re done i mean you’re gonna wear this you’re gonna live in this it goes in the washing machine and dryer okay it’s velvet that has it’s like liquid velvet like white liquid the inside is a slippery slinky shiny tyrael which glides over the skin so you could put this over your opaque hose we also do serge

Seaming details so goes in the wash machine and dry it that’s amazing together path we just showed this top earlier so if you missed out oh my goodness together it’s amazing alright but there’s more colors and here’s anna navy blue hard to find you know you can shop and shop the stores in a navy-blue velvet pant that’s figure flattering i mean you don’t have to

Shop anymore it’s right here and then how about again you do that darker beautiful blue with the cold shoulder this is a gorgeous technique these are going quickly the black is completely sold out you’re kidding okay women are getting these because when you get them home you’re gonna be like you’re gonna want to wear them everyday pat chose to wear them you look

At the morning the black because these fit order your true size they’re slim legs so they’re not a legging yes you don’t always i don’t wear a legging right what there you can see so the slim leg i actually have an ankle strap you on the shoes thank you how they from can be see they are i don’t know limb leg here i’ll show you yeah here we go it’s y’all point

Now my girlfriend’s yeah so right here and i love that you said that it’s not a legging it’s a slim leg it’s a proper leg it’s not a it’s like the best choice to make this is again what you’re gonna wear instead of a legging or instead of yeah gorgeous instead of like something like shiny and no suit like satin you know some women wear satin pants in the holiday

Time i’ll reveal it all the time well in velvet you don’t have to be like when we grew up velvet was something you strayed yes no more no more you could throw on a pair of blue jeans with oversized top with this well let’s hit brenda because she’s and she’s i mean brenda’s really tall oh you’re wearing the navy the blue you’ve soaked oh my goodness well she looks

Gorgeous in everything she now you’re looking at different heights we only have one inseam 28 inches so i’m 5 foot 6 but here 5 4 and 1/2 or 1/2 brenda’s 5 8 and 1/2 but it’s again it’s an ankle on pan so you can actually she’s wearing with a high heel i have it on with the little shoe boot you could wear it with anything and i love that you’re wearing with a nice

Little pint i mean you’re gonna wear them you’re gonna enjoy them and you can even put a boot over them because they’re not thick and they’re not heavy i’ve done that study i love that and i love velvet is huge you’re gonna see more and more velvet this year more than ever it’s a big fashion trend i’ve always loved velvet i love the plushness i love that it again

Has that little bit of a luster without too much with this liquid knit top and the chocolate brown pant why not i mean how gorgeous does that look together and it’s 90 polly tens laband x yeah so it has stretch and recovery machine wash tumble dry now does not wrinkle does not stretchy dog and cat here beauty it’s that piece that you’re gonna be so happy you own

This because it’s dresses up anything you already own you could put it with like a white button front shirt you could put it with a peach skin big button front shirt and then the velvet pant is everything i mean that is here’s the la creme and it’s the lines of the body it’s that most suitable shape i adore 1200 already ordered we have that beautiful navy blue

That’s what brenda was wearing and that will go quickly with the topic x i love them together beautiful together here i’ll hand oh thank you okay and then the brown is still available brown really really pretty i love the eggplant is the most limited so the eggplant we’re down to fewer than 200 stay in your true size there’s no reason to go up or down that has a

Flat elastic with a lot of forgiveness yeah if it fits like no other panting in velvet it’s my favorite velvet all right we’re going right to this one because this is one of those november must have the bold shoulder we have bold never offered this with three easy payments that’s the way i think about it your total cost that would be the price that would be any

Tax is that in you know is involved in your state where you order from or your shipping and handling you take the total price three even bytes you get it home in the normal shipping and handling time you’ll work it into which one of the seven major credit cards that we accept or you pull out your qvc credit card and you shop that way and you don’t have to pay any

More if you pay the bill when it comes yet you didn’t miss out on your opportunity i saw how fast those pants went and we probably won’t see those again until next year next year will take a year but no this is actually dyed to match you can see that you know this is so perfect together that’s the holiday party that’s going even if you know thanksgiving you’re gonna

Look stunning you’re like the life of the party this has can you see this these are multifaceted they’re heat press so again you can literally wash this right on and they just add a little bit of sparkle and shine not too much so as you can see it’s kind of like that gunmetal darker tone this is just kind of like you’re wearing a tank top and then your arms are

Totally covered that’s what i love about a cold shoulder and they never look good on a hanger but i don’t look really pretty on the colors you interpret the cold shoulder beautifully this is the navy you know the black black black limbs and they’re beautiful they’re kind of like studs line they’re beautiful look at and they catch the light and this is actually a texture

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