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Tamagotchi Got REALLY Weird! | Your Amazing T-Gotchi *Dark Game – Please Read Description*

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Hey guys and welcome to gt not live now known as matpat walks down nostalgia lane for instance our topic for today’s episode uh tamagotchis so there’s this indie game that we’re gonna play called tigachi which is apparently about some like sinister evil tamagotchi because it always is gotta be sinister evil but it’s riffing on the idea of the tamagotchi

Which if you don’t know is like the original like neopets it was a little like creature that carried around in a little plastic egg and you would feed it and you would wash it throughout the day in hopes that it would like a crucial mistake and i think i’ve said this right because no kid wants to like deal with this and hop into playing the game right and

So did i know that setting that alarm was setting that time was the single most crucial mistake it was like a pager anyway it lasted three days before i killed it um how long would it take anyway let’s play teagachi day one huh okay oh we gotta take care of a person this is gonna be bad is your name maddie patty yes it is well please treat me well maddie

Patty i just hope you’ll be better oh no be better than the last guy all right fantastic could you give me a washo oh no oh no what is this oh come on now i want to eat man holy geez okay here’s the food here’s another food oh apple great and then we can take a bath after we eat okay that was pretty good thank you you’re welcome here wash all right nostalgia

Right let’s talk uh your eyes are beautiful you’re cute your eyes are beautiful uh you are cute oh i was gonna talk so um are you going to do that from now on do what uh i’m gonna watch you while you bathe i don’t know i guess that’s the core set gamepl yes uh of course oh right not that i like it too much or anything you’re still alive fantastic oh hey

Maddie patty haven’t seen you in a while yeah it’s been uh i have stuff to do all right oh this is i see where this is headed it just gets a bit boring here i guess i’m here now yeah i i mean not that it’s a big deal or anything oh great here let’s feed you hey thanks for the food okay let’s talk uh you look cool hey manny pay please watch me so i don’t get

It one sec can i talk to you you look great today whoa thank you can we keep talking i like your hair i told you i need to give let me i want to have a conversation with you okay man they’re always just jump in to start bathing them uh let’s see your hygiene is great let’s keep talking uh your eyes are beautiful oh thanks that didn’t raise her mood i wonder

If that makes her uncomfortable uh what is this place anyway uh what place never mind then you are very different from the owners i had you see i never asked for food and showers more than two times so my previous owners just waited until i stopped asking they didn’t feed me at all oh no thankfully you don’t seem that bad great not bad it’s what i shoot for

That is you know mid-tier quality in content and in life that is you know setting the bar at the appropriate level she ran away oh hey peek-a-boo oh cute oh she’s happy this is great this is so much better than a tamagotchi well maddie patty you have left me for too long again but now you’re here so as punishment you have to tell me how cute i am oh great

You are the cutest i love it when you say that well uh it’s good to see you smiley that’s what daddy always says to me though you’re nothing like dad i would hope not i still like you you’re my best friend yeah that’s what i meant i want to keep this solid in friend zone i don’t want her getting any weird ideas we are just friends do you ever feel lonely uh

Sometimes i i feel the same way yeah when you are not here oh oh no this is this is a very emotionally needy conversation i wish you never left me maddie oh man all right no i don’t want to go can i feed no no oh this is bad oh this is oh look at her mood it’s like non-existent and her hygiene’s bad and her food is bad oh this is terrible oh this is really bad

Why i’m sorry there’s nothing here man i know i i’ve been here for god knows how long and there’s just literally nothing to do even daddy’s who is this daddy uh i like your hair oh no are you even there i am how do i know it’s you and not some machine answering me uh i’m here still what does it change you’ll be gone in no time just like the others uh can i

Can i feed no i don’t want to leave even if you want to help which i don’t believe nothing either of us do matters at the end of the day it’s still going to be me against this place i guess there’s just one thing left to do now don’t bother feeding or washing no oh no so i can’t talk what if i pause yeah there it is i gotta do this again i can’t just leave

It at that right does she come back is this a new one so it’s 4 13. um hi i’m sumi okay it’s a new one i at least want to get a different ending if i if she’s gonna die regardless i want a different ending oh you can poke her oh look how happy she is peekaboo so it is going through the same beats well maddie patty you left me too long but now you’re here so

It’s punching you have to tell me how cute i am i’m not going to tell her anything are you there well still i appreciate what you do for me who knows if you didn’t feed and watch me enough we could have ended up somewhere else i guess right so that’s the so this is the game telling me that i should i shouldn’t have done anything on day one oh why won’t you

Watch me because your washing animation makes me feel incredibly uncomfortable i’m just saying i’m sorry it’s just that you haven’t fed me for a very long time now please just some food oh man i don’t like i don’t smell too nice anymore could you wash me no i’m gonna try not her mood is very high i’m starving please give me food please anything okay she’s

Empty across the board so i wonder if she passes away earlier why nothing okay nothing so cut to tragic conclusion yeah there it is okay can’t oh if you press feed it just here i’ll this time i’ll feed her but i won’t wash her which is a very strange thing to say honestly again so no hygiene all food all food all the time hey thanks for the food you’re

Welcome i do i don’t feel so good lately maybe something i ate i’ll just sleep for a bit with you by my side it’ll be better in no time at all hey uh oh sorry i feel kind of funny it’s it’s hot i think i have a fever what can i do i uh oh no oh so bad oh i i’ve made a mess sorry this this tamagotchi thing it’s it’s getting kind of weird isn’t it yeah it

Is i need medicine daddy’s told me it must be some button or something look i know you’ve given me your real name you trusted me this is my real name i know what time zone you live in you speak english that’s true you see i have access to your system i mean those are very top line now give me the medicine or i’m going to delete all of the files i have access

To on this machine you have eight seconds seven can i feed you i just want to keep feeding you i don’t have medicine i have nothing to offer you i have three buttons and none of them are medicine i’m sorry for this i am so plus side she didn’t die i like to consider that a big win so this time we’ll do all wash no food let’s skip right to the important bit

Let’s make sure we’re washing here hey you came back again you know i couldn’t usually sleep before but now when i do i have really strange dreams like about chewing on my own fingers here here’s a wash here’s your daily wash oh what the heck is your problem i’m not some pet you can just stop feeding what do you want a different ending honestly you want

Whoa whoa all right oh no if i oh no no no no no no no no no oh my god oh no i’m not going to feed you after that i’m not going to reward you oh that was terrible oh what a feel-good game there there it is that was uh that was a thing can i talk to her feeder drop malnourished uh sometimes you learn a little bit about yourself in these sorts of games this

One uh i learned that this sort of power dynamic makes me really uncomfortable and if i am not given an option to win in that sort of power dynamic uh it like win in terms of like helping the person it makes me really uncomfortable so hey how about we wrap up this episode pikachu i think that’s a great idea how about we wrap up this episode matt i think that’s

An excellent idea yeah i think for all of our sake and all of our sanity let’s uh let’s let’s end this one so uh thank you guys so much for watching uh remember it wasn’t a live stream but it was a video a video for you take care of your digital friends or just don’t make them in the first place so you don’t have that guilt hanging over you for the next 35 years you

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Tamagotchi Got REALLY Weird! | Your Amazing T-Gotchi *Dark Game – Please Read Description* By GTLive