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Tamagotchi Music Star

Hello everyone again today i am doing a video on the tamagotchi music star v6 and i’d like to say that i have a new website that’s up and running called tamagotchi museum dot it’d be great if you could stop by and visit and maybe sign my guestbook and today i can show you a review of the v6 so starting off we have the icon the scale icon there’s just so

Many features on this one it’s probably gonna take me a couple minutes to get through and so you can see there’s a star ranking right now i’m the pretty much the highest star reeking i can get there’s the classic date and time then the number of fans so that’s a new feature it’s pretty cool and so at first when you hit the scale button you see there’s a player in

Band button on the player button you can see my character i’m iv and you can see the classic congaree happiness and now there’s a stress meter and you want to keep the stress meter as low as possible in order to keep your tamagotchi happy and now the points skill points you want to get our tone rhythm and original and you get these each by playing the three games i

Will show you and my john rrah is latin music there’s also classical music and rock music there might be one other one that i can’t remember at the moment and you can actually make huge amounts of money on this one you get pay like a million dollars per paycheck which is kind of cool and i’m already on my fourth generation alright there’s also the band button and you

Can see your band you get to have two other characters that are chosen for you and they develop with you and you can also from the screen choose different instruments so let’s say that i want to have a trombone or maybe a drum and let’s just choose a harp and depending on the type of instruments you play your band or music java connects also change so this one is

Absolutely jam-packed with features if you don’t have this one i strongly recommend getting it you can see here is the meal you can buy all your different classic meals there’s also the snack there’s nothing new there but when you start off you have a certain time kind of meal which is the baby bottle and make sure no it’s baby food and then for the snack there’s

A baby bottle and you can’t just keep feeding it the baby food or the baby bottle you actually have to make sure you make enough money because if you don’t then the food meter won’t go up past a certain level and on the screen here you can see that i have a toy and also an instrument of choice these stay with you since you hatch your egg and there’s a certain toy

That makes your tamagotchi happy and so here’s the music game and there’s singsong music notes and sound block and these are the ones that advance your skill points here you can choose your instrument this is also a place where you can choose your instrument or toy and this one you have to make sure you pick the right toy for your tamagotchi character all will get

Upset i know that the doll house is my favorite toy that will make your stress go up if you choose the wrong toy and so now you have the shop and the away and the pc you choose the away first after you get to be an adult and have your own band you can actually on top of making money when you do concerts you can also choose to make some extra money by doing either

Apple picking or this one which is like a factory game and this one here helps you advance your your music skill so you don’t make any money on this particular one so what happens is you end up and make it hurry up here you will see some notes going across the screen and you have to push them in the right order so that would be the bottom bottom now hopefully i

Can purposefully lose this okay so he returns home and this one there are when you actually go to your here this is the discipline button you can also have there’s a practice and a play button timeout and pray so now there’s two new ones on here so these are going to be your classic timeout and praise but now since you have the practice one you have to make sure

That your tamagotchi practices so makes your skill points go up if you practice too much it raises the stress level and also play this is to make sure that the stress level isn’t too high and you can see that she’s playing with her doll house and this makes her happy and also the treasure chest is jam-packed full features there’s the special here there are so many

Things that you can buy you can buy little shops now you can buy all kinds of ones that are from other times so i have a music shop and you can make money here i guess somebody had had bought one of my items in and this one there’s a little costumes which are really cute i can show you so you have ufo i have a toy shop even i can make it look like a little kitty

Cat so he’s going to stay looking like this cat for the rest of the day until he falls asleep and then we except then the cat costume will be gone and you will have to buy a new cat costume and then here is the your memory so you have your lords so from your past generations you can pick the awards and concert let’s just pick this one and you can see this first

Drinking award and i can choose to play it records what song you had gotten in first rank which is really really neat so you can see i’m playing it there and there’s a song for each trophy so you can see that there you have your friends and then your memory and so they took away the antenna it still has the infrared you can communicate back and forth and then

There’s also the pc which is all new website i’m going to show you really briefly

Transcribed from video
Tamagotchi Music Star By Erica Griffin