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Tamagotchi – ProJared

Remember to flash the toilet.

Tamagotchi was one of the biggest fads ever in the 90s and it was purely a fad its popularity lasted less than a year but good god during its height it was in demand for the uninitiated tamagotchi were these little keychain lcd electronic toys that basically serve as a digital pet they go to sleep need to be fed bathed and play games with in real time all day it

Was released by bandai toys in japan in 1996 and everywhere else in 1997 and of course they exploded in popularity as this was hot off the heels of the original pokemon games those things were more in demand than amoebas are these days it was insane so they made a gameboy version of it less than a year later i honestly never knew anyone who had this by the time

The game came out everyone had already moved on and forgotten about tamagotchi so did i in fact i found this while cleaning the closet this game is our first taste into the lore of the tamagotchi you see one fateful night a spacecraft carrying the beloved tamagotchi was flying through space and it crashed onto earth and that’s it i guess the gameboy version of

Tamagotchi expands quite a bit over the keychain tours such as being able to take care of three tamagotchi at once with that many available i chose to do a sort of controlled experiment with them the first egg is a tamagotchi that i’m going to take care of to the best of my ability named jump jump the second egg is a tamagotchi that i’m going to make as fat as

Possible and constantly feed them things named gloves and finally the last tamagotchi is one that i’m going to completely neglect until his inevitable death named pbg let’s begin jump jump and gloves are borne as tiny black blobs and ppg is born as a little white blob taking care of a tamagotchi basically means keeping all their little meter things maxed out like

The sims and to the game’s credit it expands a lot of what the keychain originals offered for example instead of only a single food option to feed them with you have three bread meat and a vegetable and the tamagotchi now have different favorites and dislikes it also changes how fat they get i fed jumped on the healthy amount of his favorite i fed gloves as much

Meat as possible and i gave pbg nothing they’re also now two different snacks you can feed them instead of just one ice cream and cake i don’t really know the difference between them other than they make the tamagotchi happy and even fatter without filling their food meter i force-fed gloves a bunch of snacks since they make them happy and that way i don’t have

To play with them that’s the other major part of taking care of a tamagotchi playing with them the video game version retains the exact same game that the keychains had a rousing game called left or right tamagotchi will look either left or right you have to guess what it’ll be that’s it that’s the tamagotchi idea fun from whatever stupid planet they’re from it’s

Completely random and no amount of timing or prediction can help eventually i just mashed a single direction in the a button to get it over with as fast as possible then hope for the best if for some reason you don’t guess at least three of the five times correctly your tamagotchi gets super pissed and you sorry i can’t read your mind jump jump this stupid game

Is the only way to raise their fun meter aside from snacks the other games fill their other stats body and iq the body game has the tamagotchi hopping back and forth on rocks to catch following baseballs it has three difficulties basically increasing the minimum you have to catch to succeed and this is way harder than it looks you actually have input over this

Allowing you to make them jump but you have to be so precise and catching the baseball there are numerous times where they clearly make it in time and it doesn’t count and when you go from one end to the other you have the tiniest window of success it’s really obnoxious aside from raising their body meter this game also helps tamagotchi lose weight this means gloves

Didn’t play this game at all the iq game tests the tamagotchi with solving math problems and they react as how anyone would when faced with basic arithmetic they go into a complete panic increasing the difficulty makes the math problem slightly harder but still basic enough that any second grader can do it i’m not entirely sure you can help your tamagotchi during

These i kept pushing the direction the right answer on the d-pad but i really don’t know if it works or not that doesn’t always translate when there are a ton of answers on screen whatever sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t aside from all of that there’s one thing about tamagotchi care that is rather infamous something that you have to take care of rather

Frequently poop several times a day your little monster thing will poop this was hilarious when you’re like 10 years old and a tiny virtual monster poops on your keychain oh who am i kidding it’s still funny now when they put you select the toilet button to flush everything on screen clubs pooped the most on account of constantly being force-fed all the time and

Despite having zero actual food in his system pbg also pooped rather impressive i must say during the first day because of his great care and excellent life jham jham did it he evolves he goes from being a little black blob to a slightly larger white blob okay this is pretty much the main draw of tamagotchi before the internet existed people kept playing these to

See what kind of creature the tamagotchi would eventually evolve into that’s also part of this experiment i want to see what difference is in evolution there would be with three different levels of care but then it happened the first tamagotchi died shockingly it was gloves i think he got a stomachache or something from all the snacks he was eating and i didn’t

Cure it in time when a tamagotchi dies the game forces you to watch as a heart meter sound comes to a halt jesus game a little don’t you think go little angel wings bring globs is toby but to the sky where he will be forever remembered on this graveyard screen next to whatever kid had this before me gonna be honest though i’m kind of glad globs died the game

Becomes way more manageable with two tamagotchi instead of three when i had three i was constantly switching screens and frequently making sure that they’re doing all right and since i was always in menus or mini-games the in-game i am barely progressed it takes about five real minutes for an in-game hour to pass getting through the first day took twice as long

As it normally does because of the constant switching in menus three time i gotchu was simply too much even two is a little more than i would like well one and a half you know because of the neglect and all still i’m rather shocked that one my tamagotchi died on the very first day oh well one of the smartest things this game allows is the passage of time at night

Rather than having to wait five minutes per hour at night just to play again you can skip ahead when all of your tamagotchi are asleep this was pretty much necessary as no game boy can last through a day and night on for double-a batteries so good on them for that and when the morning sun came tragedy struck once more there was another tamagotchi death and this

Time it was peabody and he died as he had lived surrounded by his own poop also for some reason when he died db g’s name got changed to be bg um with only jumped-up remaining this is when the game is most manageable with just him time can pass at its quickest to get the next days and i’m barely in mini games or menus the trade-off to this is that it’s boring once

Jumped up his maxed out on his care i can’t really do anything else until he needs something again this means sitting and watching for anywhere from three to ten minutes hoping he needs something from me so that i can you know play the game in fact this makes the game boy version worse than the keychain 1c with the keychain version you can check on it whenever you

Want throughout the day rather than having to set aside time just to check on your pet with the gameboy version though you basically just have to leave your gameboy version on and stare at it waiting for something to happen we stood in my batteries huh this game isn’t very fun is it almost immediately in the morning jung dum evolves again no he’s a kirby despite

Evolving jump dum isn’t any better the different minigames although sometimes he gets a c and i have to scold him which somehow raises his deed meter whatever that means i wasn’t sure what else to do at this point but thankfully the professor is here to give you some advice when you need it and let me tell you it is worthless he doesn’t explain anything choose

Meals wisely praise or scold depending on behavior remember to flash the toilet well this is where i discovered that you can send tamagotchis into contests once they hit their third stage and unlike the minigames i know for sure i have zero input on these contests you really have to hope for the best having grown legs i figured jumped-up would kick ass at racing

I was wrong he took second don’t act like this is my fault jump jump i got really bored so i drew a new background that’s it since the racing contest didn’t go too well from my figured jump jump is a handsome enough alien thing to do a beauty pageant this has tamagotchis do a randomly selected pose and they get scored off of it from completely unknown criteria

Jham jham took center stage and chose to go with the same face i make when i poop look oh that’s weird jump jump that didn’t make you win despite his failures i still took plenty good care of jump jump and it was worth it because by the end of the day he once again began to evolve this time becoming a sperm how did this happen where did i go wrong how’s that he

Somehow lost appendages true to life if you can’t be athletic if you can’t be pretty you might as well try to be smart there’s only one contest i haven’t put jump jump into yet and that’s knowledge i figured we’d actually study up for this and i had him do some math minigames beforehand to start and it seems like a good thing i did as that’s the entire contest it

Has two matches the first is a bit easier which jump done was able to get all of the answers correct in the second half jump jump once again managed to get every answer rice so yes in the knowledge contest jump jump chuck first this actually does something to winning any contest unlocks as sound test is so much fun you guys from here all i can really do is keep

Taking care of dumb-dumb i keep feeding them playing with them putting them into contests wait what’s this home option i don’t remember that being there before does this bring you back to the home screen or wait what what is well whoops i accidentally shot jumped on this verb off into space on a rocket i’d like to think that he somehow managed to land on the plan

Of haven and heart where he goes on to father john john jr yeah sure that’s cannon now i’m kind of bummed that i accidentally ended the game early but at the same time this is the best possible send offer of john john if i would have kept playing i would have just kept doing the same boring stuff over and over again until he probably died and i wouldn’t really have

Any fun doing it that’s why my final rating for this game is a piece of tamagotchi poop out of 10 the areas that they expanded upon are great more food options more games the different contests that’s a great way to flesh out the original idea but putting it onto the game boy made the concept worse i didn’t feel like i had a virtual pet that was with me every minute

Of the day i had a virtual piece of crap i’ve stunk up the place and i had to take care of it the whole thing didn’t translate over very well if i take time out of my day to take out a gameboy and play with tamagotchi i want to be actively playing tamagotchi not waiting around all the time for something to happen so i can push like forward but it isn’t engaging

Enough to be a video game and frankly it stinks and to be fair this endeavor wasn’t a complete loss or anything i got a nice story out of it and i got to do something that most guys can only dream of doing i shall spurn into space hey wow thank you so much for watching if you want to see more videos when they come out be sure to cook up my homemade subscribe

Button up there or if you want to follow me on social media for immediate updates be sure to check out my twitter and my facebook i also recommend watching the video did on haven and heart now what you can learn more about the adventures of jump jump i am there for jung jung junior see you next time you

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