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Tanning Routine | Tips on How to Self Tan At Home (Beginner Friendly!) | Dominique Sachse

Self-tanning is a sure-fire way to achieve a glowy sun-kissed look without damaging your skin. Gone are the days of orange, streaky results with that horrible smell! I’m sharing my favorite self-tanning products and showing you a step-by-step beginner tutorial to successfully apply your tan in a can.

Hi welcome to this week’s video it is about tan in a can yes how to get your dark glow on without spending time in the sun and you know what it is as much about procedure as it is about product i’m walking you through step by step how to get your best glow how not to get streaks how to make it last what are some techniques to avoid those patches what are some

Of the best products out there what are some of my favorites so let’s talk about the main ingredient in sunless tanners most of them in fact it’s dihydroxyacetone or dha it’s derived from a sugar it’s basically what happens to an apple once it’s been cut and exposed to air that’s when it changes color and turns brown same thing happens when this is applied to

Our skin and exposed to air most of the products have it a lot of them are vegan they’ve removed other chemicals inside so i’m really happy to show you an array of product and they all work i’m literally covered in these products from head to toe as i will show you in just a bit uh i’m in a sports bra and a pair of shorts so i will literally apply a different

Product to a different body part and you’ll be able to see how to apply it and how quickly the result starts to show but to me the most important thing about making a self tan effective is the prep work that you do it is so important to have exfoliated clean skin so let me share with you a few products that really fit the bill when it comes to that i find that

Scrubs are just too harsh for me so i go a different route with my face this is a product by beekman 1802 another line that i love it’s called milk glaze it’s deep pore purging lactic acid clay mask it minimizes pores boosts radiance in it even skin tone it’s that 10 lactic acid in here along with the dead sea mud the goat milk and a probiotic extract that really

Helps to not only clean but work as an exfoliator for your face without all of the harsh scrubbing so it feels so good and and cool and calming on the skin so you apply it set your timer for 15 minutes i do it before i get into the shower and that way my face is completely clean and the acid in this is working as an exfoliator instead of a harsh scrub one of

Them is kp bump eraser body scrub with 10 aha safe for sensitive skin it is a real gritty body exfoliant dermatologist tested no artificial fragrance but what i love about it is you get a great scrub out of this so as i demonstrate on my chest i really focus on areas where dha in the self tanner tends to gather on dry patchy areas so really when you’re in the

Shower spend some time i use this product i exfoliate my entire body but i really concentrate on elbows knees tops of feet tops of hands that’s really where the self-tanning product tends to concentrate and where people get frustrated because they get those dark patches so a good scrub is key this to me is my go-to in the shower before i self tan now once you

Get out of the shower you towel dry you don’t put on any moisturizer except and i have a little variant here what i like to do is just take a regular body moisturizer this is jurgen skin firming i like it for me firms tightens skin feels hydrated i take just a tiny tiny pump of the moisturizer and i will apply it to those areas where i get those patches so it’s

Just a protection against getting the dark spots on the elbows knees and tops of feet normally you’re not supposed to moisturize anywhere on your body but for me just a little hit of a moisturizer is just an added protection that i’m not going to get those patches and i always find that it works well for me and i still get the tanning product there it’s just not

As concentrated so that’s how it really helps okay so the first thing that i do is i tan my face and i really love these tanning drops by tanologist and it’s for face and body i choose to use it for my face because you can control it and you mix this product in your favorite moisturizer you can use anywhere from 2 to 12 drops depending on how tan you want to get

So it’s buildable and my moisturizer that i use is the eucerin the redness relief and so i just scoop out a little bit of that moisturizer and then i put in about five drops into my moisturizer and spread evenly across my face until fully absorbed so again make sure you’re getting all of your areas i bring it down also on my neck i use this for my neck i will

Also use other tanning product up my neck as well but i just want to make sure that i am fully covered and i give this some time to soak in the products that we’ll be featuring today body drench quick tan instant tan bronzing spray in medium to dark saint maritz ultra dark tanning mousse bondi sands arrow aerated self tanning foam in ultra dark b10 forever and

Ever ultra long tanning mousse tanned af by b tan in darkest for the face tenologist face and body drops so the first product i want to share with you is one that i found on amazon and it’s by body drench quick tan bronzing spray in medium to dark this one runs about twelve dollars it is an instant spray on tan it dries immediately gives you a wonderful sunkissed

Glow it is tinted so you know exactly where you’re applying as you can see i’m spraying it on my chest it’s a natural sunless tan it develops right away not super super dark but enough if you want a quick hit also if you’re a little hesitant about how dark a tanning product is going to take you i think this is a super safe starting product because it’s not as dark

As the rest even though it says medium to dark it also has orange extract aloe vera seek help chamomile and black walnut a lovely smell not sticky and again just a real easy go-to if you kind of want a spray and go approach i find that after it dries which is within a couple of minutes i can put on my clothes i’m not sticky it doesn’t transfer onto my clothes

So it’s it’s kind of a no-brainer when it comes to a light type of a tan but again if you are a little more fair than i am this could be a darker product for you so it’s one of my favorites and i’ve had it here in my bathroom for quite a while next product on my list is saint moritz this is the ultra dark tanning mousse this one is i want my tan on and i want it

Now well this is your mousse i will say and i don’t know if it’s my particular bottle or not but this one did have a little bit of a leak issue which was a concern to me when i was shaking it but and with all of these products you always use emit never apply with your hands as you’re clearly seeing this mousse comes out dark and the minute i apply it to my right

Leg it is dark it is a mousse that’s actually going to process over four hours as hyaluronic acid vitamin b5 you can get dressed right after there are a variety of shades as well i just went with the darkest because i wanted to show you just how dark you can get right away next one i want to show you is by bondi sands this one is aero it’s aerated self tanning

Foam in ultra dark this is a very lightweight foam again has that color guide you’re going to notice on this one that color guide runs a little green don’t let that be off-putting it does change over time this one takes about four hours to process but it is a very lightweight formula so you can use it and then you can get dressed and go on with your day they say

After about six hours you should shower with warm water pat the skin dry it comes in a variety of shades as well and it is streak free because of that color guide also this one does not have smell the coconut scent most certainly helps with this product as uh with all of them i find that the after a smell or lack thereof has really really changed the self-tanning

Game that was the biggest complaint all along was that by the end of the day you just stank and it was horrible and nobody liked it they’ve really worked hard to fix that so i’m grateful to say that all of these do wear well and by the time you need to rinse it off you know you’re good to go let me also share with you and i’ve got quite a few tanning hacks that

I’m going to share throughout this video one of them is when you apply on your body i always apply first to my mitt you can some of the sprays you can apply on your body first but if it’s a foam you apply to the mitt always start in the largest area so if it’s your leg start in the middle of your thigh and then you can work your way up and down leaving the least

Amount for your knee area so that way the areas that do have the tendency to hold on to that self-tanner and get too dark you’re using the lightest amount there okay so we’re moving on now to two more products they’re both by the very same line b tan like b period tan uh sold on amazon as well quite affordable this is that b10 spray mist that i was talking about

Tanned af it is a instant dark tan its spray goes on incredibly light it’s vegan and cruelty free the price point is amazing it’s like nine dollars on amazon crazy good so i’m going to spray my arm you’re going to see that it comes in sort of a reddish goldish bronzy color and then i take the mitt and i just blend it in so this one not as dark as the other ones

As some of the mousses that you’ve seen but still it processes and it will give you a really really nice dark tan but i love the fact that it is super quick it dries you get that instantaneous glow and you don’t have to wait for a long time for it to process it does take up to four hours but i do like the fact that you spray it on and again you immediately feel

Like you have a nice glow about you won’t transfer onto your clothes and it just has a very airy and lightweight feel to it so i really really love this product i think it’s just killer so the other one by b-tan that i want to feature is is just craziness okay this is b-tan forever and ever it’s a tanning mousse and it lasts up to 11 days okay that’s crazy

This sucker has staying power it is a tanning mousse as well so you see it now applied to my other arm and it is ultra long lasting the b-tan line is great because it’s vegan and cruelty-free no gross fake tan smell no parabens no nasties it’s 100 natural dha you let this one develop for one to eight hours and when you’re happy you just rinse in lukewarm water

No soap and there you go you’ve got your tan that’s going to last you 11 days and you’re going to be super dark and super happy i would do something like this before i went on a beach vacation i probably would start off tanner than when i left which is the ultimate irony but it’s so true so so true okay another one of my great tanning hacks and and you’re just

You’re gonna love this all right so you have one of these which by the way is great for exfoliating if you don’t want to buy an exfoliator you can just take your scrub brush put some soap in it and just scrub yourself all over great for circulation also on the thighs love that but everybody complains i can’t get the tanning product on my back what do i do here’s

What you do you take this you take your mitt you put your mitt over it you take a ponytail holder i have one of those sort of plasticky squiggly ones and then you secure the tanning mitt over your scrubber and away you go and all you have to do is spray on or pump on your tanning product and you now are able to tan every area of your back and you don’t have

To call your husband who doesn’t want to deal with the mitt and the potential orange hands or any of that you are totally self-sustaining and i love that too okay again the tools that you will need and a lot of the tanning products come with it or sold with it tanning mitt for sure i will link everything in the description portion of the video so that you can

Go right to it if any of these products speak to you they make big myths they also make little mitts so you can even use a body tanner spray it on your little mitt and rub it on your face if you want to do that another idea you can get a black beauty blender this one i found at ulta and you can just spray on a tanning product and apply it with a black beauty

Blender and then you don’t have to worry about the pink and the orange ones turning that brownish color so those are all um great little extras to have in your tanning repertoire as you um process and work on your tan that these days i think looks so incredibly natural and amazing and quick and you know if you need a tan for an evening you’re good to go and

I love the fact that all of these products and companies are really working to pull a lot of nasty things out of products making me feel and probably you feel a lot more comfortable and safe putting them on the largest organ of our body which is our skin so i’m so happy to uh share my favorites with you and my favorite application tricks and what works and it’s

You know it’s great i don’t right now i just self tan that’s that’s all you’re seeing i’ve got a little bit of lip gloss and i kicked in like a coral blush and and that’s it so you’re just looking at tan here um i hope this was helpful if you’ve got some favorites as always put them in the comment section below as well as future ideas for videos as we head into

The summer months i’ve got my wheels turning but i know you do too and i always appreciate your additions to the content here social media is where i am during the week and i’d love to have you there as well if you’re not following me on any of the platforms i’m on all of the social media platforms at dominique saksa is where i’m at never end a sentence with a

Preposition and of course subscribe to my channel hit the subscribe button enable the notifications and then you’ll be notified every time i release a video every thursday 1 pm central standard time so with your fabulous glow because i know you’re going to get your glow on go out be bold and be blessed this week i’ll see you next time bye you

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Tanning Routine | Tips on How to Self Tan At Home (Beginner Friendly!) | Dominique Sachse By Dominique Sachse