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Time for me to look for an It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better Foundation replacement! In this video, I do an 11hr wear test on this and Tarte’s new HYDROFLEX Serum Foundation. Let the showdown begin!

Hello everyone today i’m going to do a comparison review on the new tarte foundation called the tarte c hydroflex serum foundation which i got from sephora by curbside pickup yesterday and the foundation that i’ve been using for the past eight months which is the it cosmetics it cosmetics your skin but better foundation the reason why i wanted to compare

These to foundation is because when i saw the description for this item here it sounded awfully similar to this foundation even the way that they’re naming their shades are kind of the same because the shade that i got for it cosmetics was i think it’s light neutral 22 or it’s n22 and for the c tart i got 20 n which is also light neutral both foundations

Are marketed as having medium coverage and natural finish their marketing ingredients are also similar both contain hyaluronic acid and vitamin e which help to hydrate the skin as well as minimize pores and promote better looking skin in the tarte hydroflex serum foundation it contains a hydroflex technology which is trademarked and it helps even skin tone

And blur appearance of fine lines wrinkles and pores essentially both of them as you can see are awfully similar so i wanted to do a comparison review because i’ve almost finished this bottle and it was time for me to get a new foundation anyways i didn’t want to repurchase this one even though it’s very good because there’s just so many options out there

And i’m excited to try out new items and also because i’m filming on youtube so might as well try new things and share with you my thoughts on the new products these two foundations are definitely going for that skincare inspired makeup as part of their marketing strategy so yeah let’s see how these two work i’m going to start off with the primer and today i’m

Going to be using the tatchas silk canvas primer i’ve already used more than half of it so i’m just going to apply onto my face both sides i’m going to apply even amounts i’m going to use the maybelline corrector to correct some dark circles here’s the foundation i’m going to squeeze a little bit onto my hand and i want to show you the viscosity of this it

Cosmetics versus the serum foundation i’m going to open this up comes in like this little cute tube looking component um at the back it says shake well even though it looks small but there’s actually 30 milliliters of this product in here and so does a foundation bottle here both of these contain the same amount of product and in canadian dollars this one was

51 and this one was 52 so there’s not that much price difference okay so here it is so it’s not super liquidy it’s kind of slowly sliding down my hand um let’s take a look at the tarte foundation okay so here it is i also need to take a look at the colors first of all the colors are not completely the same because they’re different products but um this one

Has like a more of like a yellow undertone to it versus this one has more of a neutral beige undertone um the tarte hydroflex is much more liquidy than the it cosmetics foundation oh so today my face is gonna look really different this side i’m gonna apply the it cosmetics foundation i’m gonna dab it grab it with my beauty blender and then bounce it on it’s

An awesome foundation because it doesn’t dry out my skin it’s actually very long lasting like i can keep it on even without using setting powder or anything and it can last me for a good five hours before it starts kind of showing that oil seeping through but yeah it’s a really good foundation and that’s how the side looks with the it cosmetics foundation i’m

Going to apply this side with the tart foundation as soon as i grab the products with the beauty blender it just instantly absorbs into the beauty blender i don’t know if it’s because i’m using like the body part of the beauty blender instead of the bottom but it’s getting absorbed way too quickly so i have to continuously dispense product dispense more product

In terms of the application i feel like my pores still look a bit smaller on this side of my face where i apply the it cosmetics foundation and um it’s pretty easy to blend out because it is quite watery quite liquidy i mean this side of my face seems lighter and a little bit more yellow because like i said when i did the comparison on my hand it was a little

Bit lighter and yellower um and also because there’s the window over there in person this side of my face is not that much lighter than the side of my face i mean like i could still kind of tell the difference but it’s still a pretty good match to my skin tone this side of my face with the tarte foundation it looks like it has a natural glow to it and it’s

Not because there’s the lighting coming from this side this side was applied more evenly like you don’t see any noticeable small pigment patches if you know what i mean there’s kind of like these powdery stuff loading on my face so i would have to use a beauty blender to tap it in and after i do that it kind of disappears um but honestly both of these are great

In terms of the initial application it does dry down a bit quicker than this one this one was slightly easier to work with but then i feel like to achieve the same effect i had to use a little bit more of this due to how quickly it got absorbed into my beauty blender but if you’re someone who likes to use your fingers or your brush maybe that’s not like a deal

Breaker it’s not a deal breaker for me either but that’s just an observation i have all right i am going to apply the rest of my makeup and i’ll be back and i am back i applied some blush mascara eyeshadow eyeliner and a little bit of contour and that’s it so this is how my face looks right now um it still looks pretty fresh except this side does have a little

Bit more glow compared to this side um and it’s not because of the lighting that’s coming in through the window and even though on my hands they did look pretty different in color but right now my skin they do look pretty similar i will be doing a little bit of filming throughout the day and then i’ll maybe run out to do some errands and after eight to ten

Hours i will come back and give you my final thoughts on um this new foundation okay and i’ll see you in a little bit bye hello i am back 11 hours after i put on the foundation i was still in a meeting so i had my air pods on and i could only do a silent video of a check-in on my skin so i’m zooming in right now showing you the side where i apply the tarte

Foundation it’s still keeping up pretty well but the places that i’m pointing to oil has seeped through which is completely understandable because you know it’s already been 11 hours and i have naturally oily skin never did any touch up or use blotting sheet throughout the day so all the oil you’re seeing here is basically a buildup from the entire day in terms

Of performance it has done a very good job throughout the day it is on par with it cosmetics after filming this video i used the foundation two more times and i gotta say i prefer it over the it cosmetics one because it makes my skin feel more lightweight and it gives my skin a better glow i definitely recommend you trying out this foundation the only downside

Is if you’re like me who prefers using a beauty blender when applying your foundation then just be aware that a lot of it is going to get absorbed into the beauty blender so when dealing with this foundation it will be better if you can use a brush or your fingers to apply that’s all for my review if you have any questions leave a comment down below and remember

To like comment and subscribe for more content like this thanks so much i’ll see you next time

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