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Foreign tours this breathing is for sun moon rising and venus sign we’re going to look into the energies around you right now and their potential implications in the future four cross watchers keep in mind that energies go both ways so please take the messages as they resonate what i’m seeing with these three first cards is that you are into a very strong

Relationship which perhaps at times feels strong and at times doesn’t feel that strong but what we see is that the two of you are stuck into this pattern of pulling and pushing each other away every single time and here i do believe that we will be able to understand why that happens first of all the lovers right here you have the very nature of your relationship you

Can see how beautiful this connection is most of the times and you see how magical uh you feel whenever you are with this person the good part of this card energy is that it really makes you feel in love it enhance everything in your life the way you see things the way you feel about things that maybe you’re not even related to this this relationship it’s making

You almost feeling high high on life and it’s beautiful whenever you’re able to open up your heart and let that love flow inside of you it’s always a very powerful thing to do that makes your life better so right here we see how this relationship at times can really be perfect uh harmonious balanced and here you see how you have this tendency to always really be

Straightforward and honest to the other person because you think that it’s the best thing to do right here now some other times instead what we see this car being is complicated it’s definitely a situation that gets a little complex and mostly because whenever you feel that way a whole bunch of other things kick in being scared of losing this person being overall

Afraid to let them in and be a fundamental and permanent part of you because you know if you ever have to lose it then it can get very complicated to recover from such powerful connection and so right here overall we see a connection that it’s beautiful but at times you get stuck into the fight of the ego you know when you’re merging your soul with someone uh the

Ego immediately comes up and say what are you doing we are our own person you don’t want to let go of every single boundary and rule so that you can merge and be one with someone else and that is in my opinion just are fear alarm whenever for example you put your hand on top of a stove gas you immediately uh get that signal in your brain that you have to remove

Your head and it’s not even something that you’re thinking about you don’t have to think about it you don’t have to think oh wait is my hand on fire on the gas is this going to be uh bad for me no you immediately remove it without thinking about it and to me that alarm system is kicking in right here as well at times and it’s telling you what are you doing this

Is not good for you this is not going to be safe for you keep in mind that with the lovers you’re also mirroring each other’s fears and feelings as well you might be thinking that you are the only one being scared about something but chances are that they feel the same way the two of you here are on the same page even though at times communication prevents you

To know that you are on the same page so around this lovers card i see two opposite energies and here in fact i see the push and the pool that we were talking about oh sorry my heart fail now we have the devil and the king of swords first of all with the king of swords i see those times where the two of you push each other away and here is all about logic you

Have to keep in mind that when you see this card it’s not because someone is falling out of love or maybe because they don’t care anymore the feelings have changed no this is all logical this is someone who is planning to do this who is controlling this completely and the reason being is because the reason why they want to do this is because they are protecting

Themselves by showing you them being distant and by pushing you also away but again the king of swords does this because he thinks that feeling too much is going to take him to a very destructive place in life and so right here it’s all about protection considering the consequences of their actions and choices a choice that right here with the lovers perhaps has

Already been made going for this relationship going for this connection opening up your heart and letting go of the boundaries completely i think that at times depending on what happens between the two of you they go back thinking that this is scary it’s way too scary it’s way too complicated should i really do it and keep in mind that when i save them i mean

You as well we just said how the two of you right now are mirroring each other now this is the push but after that inevitably we see the pull with the devil you see it right here bridge trying to reach out to you trying to grab your hand and pull you back in to that lover’s energy right there regardless of what the two of you say to each other regardless of how

Much time you might spend apart whenever you are in the king of swords energy this always shows up at the end of that cycle we see here in a way that the two of you decide to give in into that fear and just really going for something that it’s clearly very important to you also what we see here is definitely makeup sex and it’s clear how maybe it’s also part of

This connection being able to experience that it just makes you feel alive and it makes you feel the passion deep inside of your heart so with this card we just see you going back together and even if it doesn’t make sense even if it seems wrong at times it’s what it’s what it is right now and it feels as though you don’t have another option so 501s it’s clearly

Talking about conflict and it’s talking about a need to improving communication so perhaps here we are already starting to see how to fix the situation how to avoid the push and just being in the lover’s energy instead even if you disagree even if something is not as you want it to be perhaps there is a way for the two of you to reach to the light and finally find

That harmony imbalance that can last longer than a day a week a month so before getting there let’s see what this person’s intentions towards you are we see of course with the lovers a long-term commitment but how do they see the two of you together in the future let’s see what their vision is right now the empress the queen of cups and the ten of cups listen right

Here it’s clear that this person wants to spend the rest of their life with you even if at times they don’t show that to you um and we see it why we see here that it’s just because they’re protecting themselves but their vision with you is to have a family together to grow all together to have this happily ever after that you always see with the ten of cups right

Here these cards are very much showing families here and it’s really important for you to know this because at times perhaps it doesn’t look like this is these are their intentions at all but right here you know that this person is leading their life with from their heart and at times that can be very beautiful very positive and some other times those emotions

Which maybe a minute before they were beautiful and positive they become dark and hard to handle here we go up to this lovers and the king of swords protecting themselves and now i keep saying them but again every message that i’m giving in this reading can really apply to the both of you at the same time because you are mirroring each other there you are part

Of the same element the same soul and right now what i see here is just that fight for those two pieces of the soul to merge together and be one once again so this is the situation right now and we have seen there with the 501s that communication needs to be improved but we also see a conversation coming up and this to me is going to be very important because as

You see the five is in between these two energies and it can completely change the overall outcome of this relationship so let’s see what this conversation will be about how to handle it in the best way possible so that the two of you can have a successful outcome and we will see the repercussion of that conversation in the near and distant future as well let’s

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Sending out emails and stay tuned for the extended preview coming right up after this welcome back to your extended reading taurus a card wanted to come up immediately okay eight of pentacles in the situation we have seen two people who really love each other from a very powerful place this is a connection that can be really good and really bad depending on how

The energies are flowing we see how this connection is going to be the connection of your life the love of your life but it doesn’t mean that everything will go smoothly actually the more you feel attached to someone the greater the chances to not be with that person unfortunately are unless you’re able to balance the energies balance the situation and communicate

Well and here is your chance we have a communication a conversation coming up which will be the turning point of this connection we will look into how this conversation will impact your relationship in the near and distant future this love that we see here is really powerful and i completely understand how at times it can be frustrating but keep in mind that the

Only uh challenges and obstacles that we’ve seen is the two of you fighting the merging of the souls and trying to be protective of yourself there is no one here who is not in love or who is cheating none of that this is just being afraid to let that person in permanently forever and depending on their love depending on them being there by your side and it’s never

An easy thing to do so let’s immediately focus on that 501s and that conversation that is coming up foreign that’s beautiful because what we see here is a

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