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The Anti-Gravity Treadmill: Running, Injury, & Rehab with AlterG

Defy Gravity with the Anti-Gravity Treadmill. AlterG is proud to present its new feature video! The video presents a range of patients with different diagnoses using the AlterG:

Dalton he is hands-down changed my life and will be back on the streets you know what i love there to do using the older g has been a really key tool in my battle with parkinson’s the other g has helped me recover quickly and actually a more competitive now my physical therapist recommended the ultra g as a solution for you all of the physical challenges that i

Deal with during a race i hyper-extended my big toe while i was running i couldn’t sleep at night because even sheets touching my toe just hurt so bad this couldn’t do anything the breakthrough of my recovery was when i hopped on the el turkey and just being able to walk at a vigorous pace was something that i hadn’t felt in a couple months injury at that point

Forward i knew that that was going to need anything for my recovery and i find it amazing that i’m able to reduce my body weight but still have my same run gait and fluid motion as if i were just running on the track it just changed the way that i perform at this time i’m fully recovered and looking to compete in ironman texas when i was diagnosed with parkinson’s

Disease the neurologist said the thing i could do to help myself with it to work on balance when i’m on the alter gee i feel really safe and supported and i don’t have to worry about balance i can look ahead and just move and it just feels normal thanks to the older g i can walk to theaters i can walk to restaurants wait using that rhythm that the alter g is sort

Of planted in my brain so a little less than a year ago i was in foot pursuit of a robbery suspect i was run over by a vehicle the first thing the doctor said was that i sustained a severe crush injury to my right ankle and foot and he told me that there was a very good possibility that i wouldn’t be able to get fully recovered back to 100% when i first started

Using the alt ng i was actually about 40% of my body weight i was able to walk comfortably with a even stride best way to describe walking in the eldridge is almost like you’re walking on the moon immediately call my wife on the way home and told her i think this is really gonna help my recovery and speed everything up and now i’m back on the streets i’m doing what

I love life is good i have a weight issue and one of the most valuable things for me to do in controlling my weight is to be able to move i never ran in my entire life until i got into the older g and that feeling of flying on your feet is just astounding for the first time in my life i understood how people get addicted to running i’ve been able to strengthen my

Knees i’ve been able to strengthen my hips and it’s allowed me to have the confidence that i can climb mountains and one of the things that i wanted to do was see the mountain gorillas in rwanda and i don’t think three years ago i could have done it honestly the ultra g has completely changed my life in so many ways for the better you need to experience it at least once

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The Anti-Gravity Treadmill: Running, Injury, & Rehab with AlterG By AlterG