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The Barkbag | Laurie Laino

Thank you so much for watching. Here Is a virtual hug to get you through the rest of the week *hugs you*. Whatever you’re going through you can make it, believe me. (damn you hug tight)

Hi do you wear backpacks good when you wear your backpacks to your shoulders hurt because your backpack is too heavy and it’s too full of capacity when you try to put one little thing in your backpack and you try and you push and you push it is not going in but you try again you push and you sadly ended up breaking young glasses you decide that your back is a piece

Of and you throw it away because there is no more capacity you sit and you cry unless you have the brand new book back it is so versatile it is basically a bag that birds it is amazing we gave it to this one contestant she had no idea how to use it until we told her she was deciding whether she should use the bag or the bark bag she was looking choosing to back

To back to back to back to bark the back the bark back the park the back to park the back and she ultimately chose they walked back she decided to put it over like that and she decided to go off to put it on some test it went through some vigorous testing such as big and it’s more spinning happening to test the bark bags ability to spin and also spin the other way

Because spinning one way was not enough don’t spin too much or else you’ll get sick like this sad excuse for a human is almost thrown throw up you’re ruining the infomercial oh but she’s all right she’s a survivor you can go down you can go up and the bark bag moves nowhere you can go down and almost drop your bark back but you put a bat up and into new and no one

Improved place and you go down and you jump and you almost drop it again but it’s okay with you and you decide to check it for a little run around town and it’s amazing you go back and four and you go back and you go full and you stopped because you are a lazy piece of human also your american so that just sucks i don’t know what to say you just pop them into the

Other ship then you just flip over your backpack and it transformed into a bark machine which is also known as it doc it is very very versatile you can spin and the support bag also sometimes bites but it’s okay because it makes imported linear models include jack russell pitbull bulldog shih tzu and others of your choice the bark bag will love you when you want it

To but it will also love you when you do not want it to the bark bag is very good at listening from commands from its owners but it is better at protecting them from the dangers of this one is 94 years and she stopped linda bark back out now at your local convenience store hopefully please go buy it go buy it go buy it go buy it please go buy it i need the money to

Bring my family back from russia so yeah that was that video um yeah big thank you to my special special puppy come here call me monkey did she help me with this cuz she’s a little camera-shy she’s very very pretty good cute all right i’ll let you go ok fine ok i hope you did enjoy this video my dog is very lovey today because she’s a la because she’s a dork she

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You could follow me on instagram twitter tumblr ahead snapchat again thank you guys so much for watching and until next thursday never getting rid of her my goal is to be the beyonce of president hahaha i’m gonna kill myself vote for me kids

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The Barkbag | Laurie Laino By Lauraine Laino