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The BEST Compression Socks for Travel (and why you need them!)

If you travel on airplanes for hours at a time, you might benefit from compression socks. Even if you’re young and healthy, the positive impact on circulation can make a huge difference for discomfort while travelling on a long-haul flight. Check out this video for more about compression socks and some tips on where to buy them.

What up nomads in this video i’m talking about one of the least sexy accessories for travel but one of the most underrated compression socks i’ll cover what they do when you might need them and the best brands on the market let’s go first off let’s talk about the science of compression socks they do exactly what they say they apply a slight pressure to your lower

Legs this sends blood back up towards the heart and improves overall blood flow and circulation this helps get a healthy amount of oxygen circulating in your whole body which helps everything from your mental clarity to organ health to preventing things like varicose veins practically doctors will often suggest compression socks for athletes for faster recovery

And preventing lactic acid buildup they’ll also recommend it to pregnant women with swelling in their feet and legs people with heart conditions diabetes or circulation issues the elderly and people who stand a long time as well as those who sit a long time hikers can also benefit from compression socks don’t think any of this applies to you if you take a flight

Longer than three hours you might benefit from compression socks blood clots and deep vein thrombosis can actually be life-threatening so better be safe than sorry plus when choosing your travel day socks why not pick the ones with an added health benefit there are typically two types of compression socks graduated and uniform as it suggests graduated means there

Is a tighter pressure around the ankle that eases up as the sock goes higher these ones are particularly helpful for circulation uniform on the other hand are all one grade of compression and are used mostly for muscle support for athletes when shopping for compression socks you’ll notice that a measurement is used and it’s called mmhg which stands for millimeters

Of mercury this is the standard way of measuring pressure and what you’ll want to look at first when dipping your toes into compression socks light is 8 to 15 mmhg mild is 15 to 20 medium is 20 to 30 and firm is 30 to 40. light is perfect for every day if you’re on your feet a lot if you have no other health conditions i typically recommend mild to medium for travel

Use the firm ones are most often used for specific medical needs when picking a size go with your regular shoe size first if those feel too tight around your calves you can try a lighter grade of compression or a different fabric compression socks can come in a variety of fabrics from cotton and wool to synthetics like nylon light compression socks can be as thin

As trouser socks and pretty nondescript my favorite type is the merino wool variety that add extra warmth and comfort how long can you safely wear compression socks if you’re in good health you can wear them all day it’s not recommended to wear them at night or when your legs are elevated though when i took care of my elderly grandmother in her later years she

Would have two to three pairs in rotation and i’d remove them at night hand wash let them dry and put on a fresh pair in the morning one of the reasons i like merino wool compression socks is because they dry super fast and they keep my feet comfortable and keep them from smelling as well alright where to buy the best compression socks well the great news is they

Are sold tons of places you probably have seen them around and not even noticed the first place i would look is your local pharmacy or drugstore since these are a common medical accessory you’ll find them with things like knee and wrist braces shoe insoles and foot care department stores will also carry these in their sock or pharmacy sections target has some as

Does walmart the best ones i found have been from specialty sock brands though notably sockwell bombass and comrade next you can also get compression socks at places where nurses uniforms are sold like figs you can get them from sports stores or athletic brands like lululemon or under armour you can also shop maternity brands like hatch or stork and lastly travel

Oriented stores or e-commerce shops are also a great place to find compression socks i’ve left all of these links in the description box below to help you make a selection thanks for watching another capsule suitcase video and happy travels thanks for watching this video until the end for more content like this make sure you subscribe to the capsule suitcase and

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The BEST Compression Socks for Travel (and why you need them!) By The Capsule Suitcase