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The BEST Electric Toothbrush! Tao Clean Toothbrush

Tao Clean Toothbrush:

You know what they say brushing your teeth then flossing multiple times a day will keep all tooth doctors away the cat is out of the bag or the rabbits out of the hat what’s the same i don’t know i’m afraid of the dentist let me explain what’s going on here so you’re watching this you’re probably wondering nick why am i watching a video about a toothbrush how our

Toothbrushes don’t tech stuff what kind of tech could possibly be living in a toothbrush for you to want to make a video out of it well let me explain their curious george there’s a whole lot of tech going on in this toothbrush and there’s a lot more tech going on in the base that comes with it this is the aura sonic boomer know that’s a street fighter attack this is

The aura sonic toothbrush it’s 130 bucks and let me explain what you get out of the box you get this the charge base which is this is the meat this is a good stuff we’ll get to that in a second you get the actual handle which is this guy very ergonomic no battery because it all charges through here and then you get three different toothbrush heads there’s a power

Button and two different mode buttons these will increase and decrease how intense you want your brush session to be what’s cool about this is out of the box the toothbrush is programmed to only be on for two minutes because that’s how long you should actually be brushing your teeth anything beyond that and if you brush too hard against the surface of your teeth

You might actually be doing minor damage and harm to your teeth because it’s gonna be eating away at more enamel than it is gonna be helping protect that layer and build wall against all bacteria and any kind of pathogen that exists so that’s why this guy’s programmed to two minutes and it’s broken down into thirty-second increments basically you want to get each

Zone of your mouth in 30 seconds so you want to spend a full minute running back on your bottom set of teeth and a full minute front and back on your top set of teeth and every 30 seconds it’ll stop for a moment so you can change zones and then keep going on i like this thing for a couple of reasons one i’m afraid of the dentist i mean come on i don’t know what

Any of those sharp metal tools are going into my face i never liked getting a free toothbrush and toothpaste to go home as a goodie bag it’s not a goodie bag you had no childhood and the other reason i can kind of just put it in my mouth and forget about it nope i’m not saying that one i can it’s not as manny it’s not a manual brush so you don’t have to you know

Do the movements you can kind of just set it and forget about it but it’s still doing a really thorough job at cleaning your teeth then providing you some good dental hygiene once that’s done you’re gonna want to put it inside of the space and the space is a really big shell design for a couple of reasons because this will protect it from any environmental and

Any atmospheric threats do you know because we’re the toothbrush lives in your household likely is close to something else where once you’re done do in your business things might be floating around in the air the tech that lives in here is why this guy’s 130 bucks because it dries your toothbrush and then it kills 99.9% of pathogens that might be hanging around

On your toothbrush in between use it has uvc ray technology built into it so when you put the toothbrush back into the base it’ll start drying they’ll start killing 99.9% of pathogens and then it’ll also charge your toothbrush as well anyway guys that will probably just wrap up today’s video so thanks for much for watching if you haven’t already please subscribe

Share like the video hang out with me on instagram twitter facebook we can talk dental hygiene and our fears of going to the dentist all day long that’s cool with me or if you want to talk some of the tech or anything like that you know where to find me links are down below i’ll leave it with that though i’ll talk to you guys soon peace

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The BEST Electric Toothbrush! Tao Clean Toothbrush By Nick Basra