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Hey everyone okay so today we are going to be talking about eye creams and eye serums and the very best of the best so let’s make a start up so the first one is by aurelia lovely company this is aurelia and this is the brightening eye serum with probiotics annika and shea butter okay so as many of you will know who watched me for any length of time will know that

Um aurelia make probably one of the best cleansers ever the miracle cleanser it is an amazing product gives you baby soft skin but they also do the probiotic concentrate which gives luminosity to the skin like never before but it deals with pigmentation and again i know i’ve spoken about it over and over again but just worth mentioning because these are products

That i still currently use and will continue to use because they’re results driven and also it’s worth mentioning that this video has kindly been sponsored by aurelia so thank you very much so let’s talk about the eye serum now this is an eye serum that actually doesn’t just go under the eye it can go around the entire eye contour which is great because a lot of

Eye creams and ice creams can only be applied underneath this can go all the way around dealing with multiple issues that you may have with your skin now this serum reduces obviously fine lines underneath the eyes but also reduces inflammation and that’s really important because inflammation as you would expect is very irritating to the skin and because the skin

Around the eyes is is much thinner than other areas of the face it can show aging faster in that area so by helping the skin to repair itself and be kind to your skin goes a long way and this also has a very very brightening effect on the eye and i’m going to talk about puffiness in a second because that’s something dear to me but this has a brightening effect

So if you have darkness underneath the eyes or if you have darkness that goes around the entire eye contour area this product can really help the arnica in this product can make a a visibly dramatic difference in how in the appearance of that darkness if that makes sense because it’s it can really brighten up those recessed areas but around the entire surface

The eye contour area which is for me i think quite incredible now when i mention puffiness now this is something that i personally deal with and especially as i’ve gotten older and as i’ve gained also some weight back i noticed that in the mornings you can wake up or i can wake up and this the eye area particularly underneath but sometimes also into the crease

Can be a bit puffy this product really really does help with that problem it can really help to reduce and minimize the puffiness under and over the eye in that eye contour area and the first thing about two days into using this i noticed that the under eye area looked way less puffy in the morning and we all know what it’s like especially if you sleep funny

Like i do sort of all hunched up and your face is sort of contorted your under eye area can be a bit puffy sometimes at least that’s how i sleep and it did it makes a big difference to there and i think by applying it all around the eye contour area i noticed personally speaking way less puffiness in the morning to the point where i look perfectly presentable

First thing in the morning which is quite hard to believe but that’s what i personally get from this product while i don’t have incredible darkness under the eyes there is a visible brightening effect but for me the reduction of puffiness is is is quite significant so this is a keeper and you can apply this twice a day morning and night personally speaking for

Me i apply it twice daily just because i like that de-puffing effect that this product has but also because there’s some emollients to this with the shea butter it glides on smoothly so that it fills in any kind of crepeiness that you may have underneath the eye just smooths and goes on gly it glides on very very smoothly and just feels it just feels incredibly

Nice and you just it’s hard to explain i’m just gonna explain that puffiness again it’s hard to explain but the way that it depuffs is spot on okay so next up paula’s choice this is the clinical ceramide enriched eye firming cream has quite a mouthful very very heavy rich thick under eye cream may or may not be your preference but if you find your eyes very very

Dry underneath the eye this eye product can be pretty good underneath the eye area it certainly will reduce any dryness under the area underneath the eye area and does give the skin a nice feel to it absolutely now this is a nice one this is called pravage i think i’ve even i don’t even have said that right by elizabeth arden with an spf of 15 even comes with a

Little metal spoon which of course i’d never use but that’s neither here nor there great product under eye cream works very very well good on the pricey side but it’s still a really really nice product so for those of you who like to wear eye patches as products and there are some of you that do then it’s skin glow london this is the glow mask the glow mask eye

Mask it’s quite a mouthful of some of these brands i’m telling you you pop the meat underneath the eyes they have a brightening effect there’s vitamin c in them very very brightening very very pretty i don’t know i i i go through phases of masks where i’m like oh i think this is great and then i never use it for you know years but it’s still a nice product so

Another really really nice one this is the eye repair cream now this product is again more on the emollient side so we’re not talking so much results driven as with um aurelia but in terms of adding emollient emolliency underneath the eyes helping things to just feel a little bit better this is a perfectly fine and really nice option charlotte tilbury magic under

Eye cream magic eye rescue i’m sorry about that again not so much result driven but more emolliency based and i think eye creams tend to fall into two categories where you’ve got the results based spectrum of things which is dealing with darkness or puffiness or under eye discoloration wrinkles and then you have the emollience camp which is really to hydrate the

Eye area and charlotte toby’s one definitely falls into that category it is incredibly hydrating underneath the eyes um but not so much results driven as some other brands are okay so next up is la roche posay i’m not i hope i said that right this one contains retinol and can be used underneath the eye area but not the entire eye contour area so you’re just going

Underneath the eyes because it has retinol in there’s that kind of anti-aging category to it but again underneath the eyes you can’t go too close up to the lash line with this product for obvious reasons but it’s still a really really nice product and also from the same company is this beauty here and again this really does fall more into the emolliency side of

It but it’s still a really nice product goes on smooth and one thing i think that’s worth mentioning with all of the products featured here is that they all allow makeup to go on smoothly over it so if you’re using this in the daytime you are definitely able to have the makeup glide on much much smoother than it would without if that makes sense because you’ve got

That extra slip to the skin there you go that is my favorites of eye creams and as you saw on the screen but worth mentioning uh nice gorgeous code there it is look at that code it’s not even swirling around it’s just on the screen so i don’t know why i’m doing that so you get an absolutely delicious discount on this product and take my word for it it really does

Make a big difference big big difference to the eye area and it’s certainly one that i’m going to be continuing to use there you go that is my delicious favorites thank you very much to irelia for sponsoring this video i really do truly appreciate it thank you for your support i look forward to hearing all your comments links discount all down there and i’ll see you all soon bye

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