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The BEST Fake Tanning Routine!

I always get asked about my fake tanning routine and you guys know im a fake tan junkie so i have tried every combo of tanning products you can think of! So i thought id make a video and share those tips with you!

Hey guys welcome back to my channel so in today’s video i have decided to do 15 is so in today’s video i’ve decided to do an updated tanning routine because it’s been a hot minute since i’ve done the video where i’m showing you exactly all the products i used to keep me bronzed and glowy busily i’m just going to go through all the steps that i do to keep my tan

Kind of maintained and how to apply it the best kind of way that i know how to so i’m at the sort of person it turns on the regular i’ll tan probably every like 7 to 10 days maybe i like to just reapply but this is kind of how i get the strongest darkest tan that i can possibly get and i’ll tell you my secrets to doing that so it looks natural so its first of

All sell it so accessible at the main thing when it comes to tanning is exfoliation so you really need to exfoliate your whole body you need to get all the dead skin cells off you get with the old panels that may be lingering any kind of roughness on your skin you really need to kind of buff that away and kind of make it softer so that’s the first thing that i

Do i will always get in the shower no matter what i’m doing and i’ll use my exfoliation mit from bondo stones as you can see it’s very well used black sides really kind of rough and a little more vigorous so i’d use that on my knees and around my ankles and elbows and then the blue side is a little bit more kinder to the skin so i use that on the rest of my body

And make my skin look silky smooth like a baby’s bottom so once i’ve experienced it i always go in and shave i know most people tell you not to shave in the same time in italian but i’ve got no time for that i have got no time to plan beforehand when to say we’re not shave all shave when i get hairy was required in the next day this is my hair grow back so quick

Honestly it’s gross allan in a way better quit for a little so yeah but no time to plan when i’m going to when i’m not going to shave i’ll just shave on the same day i do not care as well the tan for me personally never goes into all of my little pits and follicles and stuff so after that i will hop out of the shower i will go in with moisturizer the moisturizer

That i literally love and webber is a double carry a 45 moisturizing lotion it’s clinically proven to reduce roughness and flaking caused by extremely dry a terrible skin so by moisturizing before you can is always just going to ensure that it goes on to nice smooth skin also i put extra moisturizer around my wrist on my ankle but i need elbows anyway this extra

Dry i’ll put another layer of moisturizer there because i know the town to stick to those areas and that is going to ensure that it was your hand is a really dry and pets are us to polyfill to you wash them when you use in those and that’s why tan always goes really dark put hands is because of the dryness so i will leave that to dry for about 30 minutes i normally

Go off and dry my hair and just kind of straighten it or do something with my hands i got the frizzy of hair in the world honestly so once my moisturizer is dry the next thing i like to do is go with the actual tan now i love mousses missed an are my favorite things to use like i just like that easy you can see where you’re applying it because it has like a pigment

Already so when you pass it on you can see exactly where in it so you can see if you’ve missed any spots you can see if you haven’t rubbed it in and out each other me know it’s just easy to use i’ll give two pumps or three pumps for each part of my body now the tan i’ve been using and so many of you guys have messaged me on snapchat instagram asking what tyler uses

So i only use the bondi stand which is australian pan in the color of ultra dark and when it comes down to mix a lot of people kind of look past omit it’s just like admit where actually i used to buy like this the cheesy ones and i thought my child is fine but actually when i started using this one i realized how much time was absorbed from the other myths so you

Know you things to go really darker than these to go like a really gross shade of green it’s because the tan would be absorbed into the foam whereas this mitt won’t actually absorb any of the time and all go straight onto your body and you’ll get like a darker complexion straightaway because obviously the tans not being sucked in to the foam i never have any street

I’m always so seamless people honestly don’t know that i fake tan i always like to apply the pan from the bottom up so i always start of my like feet and legs and then i’ll work my way up i just feel like i’ll get less creative you know and bending over and you get a crimson or some other great thing that i love about what i found is that it smells like coconut i

Love the smell of coconut so the fact that this has size of coconut is just like win win win and i always applied my fake pants in the evening i just find that it’s easier i rather sleep in it i’ve got my fondo fans in boots in the uk because it was really hard to get a hold of before it got socked in boots so if you’re up in the uk you can find it there and they

Sometimes do like deals as well that’s like if there really annoy me i’m socialized on cameras you can hear him but he is so annoying i just leave my face normally as i find it if i put those turn on my face and i normally get spots so i tend to avoid that area and f i know i’m going to be somewhere without my makeup on and now make sure it’s on my face because i

Don’t want to brown body in a white face so yeah so it doesn’t mean match my foundation to my tan and that’s kind of how i get around that way now my secret weapon and for making my tan look even darker and last even longer is the bondi size everyday liquid gold tanning oil this comes out clear and if i’m being honest i thought was going to be good clumsy at the

Tanning oils but i didn’t realize how good it is and because it’s in every day one i thought it wouldn’t make that much difference can i just be one of those everyday things you have to do for two weeks before you actually see a color but no no no no you see this the next day it gives you the nicest color because golden brown it’s so beautiful so when will i apply

This you may ask so pretty much i’ll put on the mousse in the evening i’ll go to sleep and i wake up in the morning and i’ll have a shower just to rinse it off and then that evening and then i’ll put a liquid gold all over my body and there’s cheap in that so it’s basically two nights of tanning but this makes such a difference i can’t even tell you how much dark

And you look once you’ve applied in this is also to keep your car to last longer so say i’ll put this on the second day and then i’ll leave a couple of days and i’ll put another online liquid gold on and the more time you used it obviously the dark you’re going to get but also it kind of revives the mousse so when i’m using this throughout the week i wish you can

Go with my tan wet skin for like ten days to two weeks without having to buff it off and reapply the mousse so this is just like something to help the longevity of your time but also make it darker and again it smells like coconut it’s a win-win it drives super quickly you’re not sticking this fly i’m gonna go crazy this line used to go away if genius this this

Bottle is genie and i just feel like all my fans have got the coloring perfect for a pan it looks natural it doesn’t smell horrible i don’t smell like a digestive biscuit which i’ve told all my friends this combination of pan one of my friends actually went out last week and she had a wedding and she did this kind of combination and she said she’s never looked

As tan as she did in her life so i mean it works honestly it’s one of the best combinations i found for my tan to last long and then also look fabulous alright guys that is this video i hope you did enjoy if you did remember you could let me know by giving this video a big thumbs up and leave me some comments in the comment section and below because i love reading

You through them all i hope this has helped you a little bit and you can also follow me on all other social media platforms like instagram facebook snapchat twitter it’s all a ways megabox i’ve made it really nice and easy for you guys to find you so until the next time i love you guys and i’ll see you soon

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The BEST Fake Tanning Routine! By Amys Makeup Box