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The Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF! My Favorites from NARS, Shiseido, & More | Susan Yara

When I’m not on camera, tinted moisturizers are my go-to product to help me look put together and ready for the day. They help tone down any redness, even out my skin tone, and there’s also some sun protection. Watch this video to see the best tinted moisturizers – some of them have been my holy-grail favorites for YEARS. Tell me your favorite tinted moisturizers in the comments!

Today we’re going to talk about tinted moisturizers i actually can’t believe i don’t have a video on this already because if there is one makeup product that i just love it is tinted moisturizer so today i’m going to share my favorites okay so before we even get into my favorite tinted moisturizers i want to make it clear what types of tinted moisturizers i’m

Talking about i am not talking about sunscreens that have a tint they are very similar but they don’t give the same kind of coverage so i’m not talking about sunscreens that have a tint i use sunscreens with tint as my main form of sunscreen so i’m leaving that out of the conversation those are you know i i round those up sometimes in my favorite sunscreen videos

I am talking about more like your typical tinted moisturizers that may have some spf to them and also you know products like bb creams and cc creams because in my opinion they all serve a very similar purpose they give you a little bit of a skin benefit so they might have you know ingredients that you find in skin care they give you a lot more coverage than a

Sunscreen with tint to it so they can sometimes replace your foundation or actually be your foundation because they’re giving a coverage like that it just depends on how much coverage they offer and because they get treated like makeup they tend to have more shades there is one product i’m going to talk about in here that does not have a lot of shades to offer

But for the most part tinted moisturizers get treated as makeup and of course they tend to hydrate and moisturize your skin so that is what i am talking about today tinted moisturizers or bb creams or cc creams they all kind of fall in the same category for me another thing i want to make clear is i do not use tinted moisturizer as my main form of sunscreen and

The reason for that is because tinted moisturizers tend to have so much more coverage that i don’t want to put such a thick glob onto my face i don’t want to look like i’m wearing a mask of foundation essentially so i only use it where i need it on my face and i don’t use as much as i would when it comes to sunscreen with sunscreen you guys see me globbing that on

I use enough to cover every every part of my skin that is showing and i don’t do that with tinted moisturizers or with foundation either that said a lot of them offer some protection including four of the ones i’m going to talk about today i like to think of it more as like an added bonus it doesn’t raise the number so if you have like an spf 30 sunscreen that you

Put on and then you put on an spf 30 tinted moisturizer it doesn’t mean you suddenly have spf 60 happening on your skin it just means that you’re just getting some added protection maybe you you know wiped off an area or maybe you missed an area or something you know you’re just basically ensuring that you have some sun protection on but i want to be really clear

About that you are not doubling up the number the spf that sun protection factor by adding another sunscreen on top of your sunscreen it’s just a little bonus you get added protection another bonus about tinted moisturizers is that they can also help with re-application of your sunscreen so if you’re one of those people that you’re like i’m just not reapplying

My sunscreen during the day it messes up my makeup it you know just doesn’t work well for me it feels heavy then you can technically get one of these tinted moisturizers this is especially great if you tend to just sit in an office most of the day so you’re not getting a ton of sun exposure but you know that you might go for a quick walk to go get some lunch or

Something or you just want to be inside the entire day but you want to make sure you have a little bit of protection these work really well for re-application in that case so the reason why i like tinted moisturizer on an everyday basis is because it gives you that more natural kind of like your skin but better look and it gives you a dewy freshness to your skin

All that said let’s get into my favorite tinted moisturizers i’ll tell you the top three have been around for a while they are not brand new but they are my tried and true holy grail tinted moisturizers so number one you guys have heard me talk about this it is still up there at the top of my list of products that i love and recommend and that is waso color smart

Day moisturizer this is by shiseido this is their waso line i love this stuff you have heard me talk about this for a little while now maybe for like two years in a row this has been one of my favorite products to use what’s funny about this is i choose the oil-free version and i tend to find i like it more even though i have dry skin because it works really well

With all of the products that i put onto my face especially if i’m using a hydrating and moisturizing sunscreen if my face suddenly is like dewy and glowy already i want something that’s going to just kind of work with all of those skincare products that i have on my face so this is a really nice go-to this is a tinted moisturizer that i put on because it truly

Looks like i’m not wearing anything this is probably of all the tinted moisturizers i’m going to talk about today this one gives the sheerest coverage of all the ones that i that i have on my list and that’s probably why it gets pulled out so much for me is because a lot of the time especially in this past year i’m really just kind of like running an errand i

Might be you know like going to the park with my kids or i might be just stopping at the grocery store to just really quickly pick something up and i just want a little bit of coverage this is what i tend to put on and it’s just because it looks like i just it’s my skin like nobody knows that i’m wearing anything on my face because of this they also have another

Version of this that comes in more of like a sherbert orangey type tube i actually think that one is really nice but i don’t use it because it tends to be a little bit too much like a moisturizer to me so again putting it on top of all of those hydrating moisturizing products almost feels like it’s too much for me whereas this one feels like it’s just that perfect

Moisturizer for me that doesn’t feel too greasy so this is why i love this it’s really foolproof for me to put it on this also just feels different like you’re using a different type of tinted moisturizer because they have their color smart technology in it and what that essentially means is that when you first put it on your skin it looks like it’s going to be

More of like a white pasty sunscreen and then as you start to blend it onto your skin the little capsules of color break and it starts to adjust to your skin tone the thing i will say is of all the tinted moisturizers i’m talking about today this only comes in one shade it’s the only issue that i have with this is it comes in only one shade and i happen to be

That light to medium skin tone where it blends perfectly on me but everyone that i know that is really pale and everyone that i know that has a lot more melanin in their skin tones this does not work on them next up if you are looking for a step up in coverage but you also still want it to look really really natural i love this one from bareminerals it’s called

Complexion rescues their tinted hydrating gel cream this is spf 30 and what i love about it is it comes in 20 different shades and all of them look really natural again this is another one of those products that is just foolproof to use it’s actually a buildable coverage so the first layer you put on will be really sheer and give you just a hydrated look to your

Skin but because it’s a gel cream and you’ll you’ll kind of notice that’s what i tend to like is again i don’t want it to feel really heavy and i don’t want it to feel like truly like a moisturizer because i already have all of my moisturizing products on my skin this tends to sit really nice on my skin even when i have all those different products on because it

Is a gel cream i really do like that this is a buildable coverage because you can get to the point where it almost looks like it’s foundation on your skin or you can choose to wear it really really lightly on your skin so again if you are just running a couple of errands and you just want to look like you’ve got this just like really smooth perfect skin you can

Just do one layer of this or you can just build it as far as the skincare benefits go this is truly like your hydrating gel cream it has hyaluronic acid in it it has squalene in it it’s a vegan squealing it’s olive oil derived so it just feels like a very nice kind of like hydrating gel cream it really does so if you have oily skin you might put on maybe like

An h a serum or some type of a treatment serum put on a sunscreen and then use this on top of that and really you don’t need a separate moisturizer you might find that this gives just enough combined with your sunscreen underneath it it might be the perfect formulation for somebody with oily skin so this is a really nice hydrating but very light sheer to medium

Coverage tinted moisturizer and i think everyone i’ve recommended this to over the past few years has always come back and said that they love this stuff i really don’t think i’ve ever heard a complaint about this one so the last two i’ve told you about are actual holy grails they’re not new at all i’ve been using them for years and this next one is truly it’s

Like the holy grail it is the tinted moisturizer cc cream that got me started on my love for these types of products that is the it cosmetics cc plus color correcting full coverage cream plus anti-aging hydrating serum spf 50 plus that’s a long one i usually just say the the it cosmetics cc cream that’s what i usually refer to it as this is amazing this is truly

In a class of its own the other products that i’m talking about are all beautiful you know i love them they’re very nice they serve their purpose this is completely different one because it’s a cc cream if you guys don’t know cc cream is it was kind of like the next iteration from bb creams bb and bb creams stood for beauty balm or stands for beauty balm because

There’s still a thing there was this time a few years ago where you know like bb creams from korea got introduced into the u.s market and it was this explosion it was every brand was coming out with a bb cream it was kind of like along the lines of like niacinamide how that became a popular skincare ingredient bb creams were this huge trend where every brand

Could not get on that trend fast enough and every brand had a version of a bb cream i think a lot of them have been discontinued at this point because people have moved on to just your good old tinted moisturizer but cc cream was the next iteration of the bb cream it was that step up where you were getting a lot more full coverage benefit instead of that sheer

Tinted moisturizer coverage that you get but you’re also getting those skin care benefits of a bb cream so it was this hybrid of you know a foundation a full coverage foundation with the skin care benefits of a bb cream so that is what a cc cream is and this was one of those products that came out around that trend of the cc creams it was like bb creams and then

Suddenly an explosion of cc creams and we got this this little number that people have no idea why they love it so much but they do and i’ll tell you why they love it and don’t even realize so first off if you don’t know what cc stands for it stands for color correcting so this is a color correcting full coverage cream so when it says full coverage this is a lot

Thicker than the last two products that i just mentioned it can give you full coverage like a real foundation and i think that’s why people love it too but at the same time you can also just use it sparingly or even put a couple of drops of like a face oil for instance if i put a couple drops of squalene and just blend it together it sheers it out and it looks

Like more of a tinted moisturizer like the ones that i just mentioned it’s really versatile because you can go from sheer coverage to a really full coverage look to your skin it just requires a little bit more work so when i don’t want to look like i’m wearing a lot of makeup i’ll just go for the other two that i mentioned but this one just always makes your skin

Look beautiful you know that you’re getting the spf 50. what’s interesting about it is that it’s the only one in my list today that has both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide in it and you can tell a little bit of a difference because it is a thicker formula and people that have oily skin will sometimes tell me that this is too heavy for their skin type so that’s

Something to keep in mind the other two are great for all skin types this one sometimes just sometimes not always can be a little bit too heavy for somebody with oily skin it can be just kind of like an oil slick on them but what makes this truly amazing is that it had a lot of the skincare ingredients that we now know and love and it had it from day one like

Years ago we didn’t even know we were putting these ingredients on our face so let me tell you what those ingredients are first off it has collagen in it you guys know that collagen doesn’t replace the collagen that you lose and that you make in your skin but it’s very hydrating it’s an amazing humectant for your skin it has niacinamide in it i know they were on

Top of niacinamide way before we were all on top of niacinamide another ingredient they have in this that people are always surprised when i mention it is that it has snail mucin in it snail mucin you guys that has become popular because of korean skincare products they had it in this product way before it became really trendy and popular here what people don’t

Realize about snail museum is that it was always popular in even like european like french skincare products and korean skincare products just asian skincare products in general so they started using snail mucin in this because it has that brightening effect to your skin it helps to hydrate your skin all of it is just really hydrating for your skin you know the

Niacinamide is also really brightening it also helps to protect your skin barrier so just these really beautiful ingredients and then of course hyaluronic acid so again hyaluronic acid before it was this popular ingredient to have in all of your skincare products they have all of those in here and then of course it is an anti-aging cc cream and they have you

Know ingredients like antioxidants they have peptides in here you guys know i love that so it’s just an all-around magic formulation there’s no doubt that people love this you hear people talk about it all the time it has been around for over a decade at this point i would say because i know i was using this when i was 29 and i’m almost 40 this year you guys

So keep that in mind this has been around for a while you know there have been some changes to the formulation they’ve also kind of changed the colors but i have always been a medium just medium that has always been my color it has not changed and it still looks and feels the same way that i have always loved it i have heard other people say that it’s changed

A little bit or they can’t find the right color now because they’ve started to spread the colors out but for me this has been a solid go-to for over a decade alright so those were my holy grail tinted moisturizer cc creams the ones that i have been repurchasing and have been in my routine for years and years like these have truly secured their place and i

Will always recommend them to people the next two are a little bit newer they might make it into holy grail status for me i just haven’t used them as long as these other ones so i want to give them more like honorable mentions because they’re definitely getting up there for me as far as tinted moisturizers that i like the first one is this one from nars you

Guys have probably seen people talking about this already it’s a newer release this is their pure radiant tinted moisturizer spf 30. i’ve only been using this for a few weeks now but i can tell you it feels very similar to my wasso very very similar and when i say similar i mean that the finish it gives you is very similar so you guys know i you know like i

Was saying earlier i love this stuff i love the way it feels on my skin but it’s very very sheer so that satin finish they call it a matte finish but to me it’s kind of like a satiny finish because when i think matte i think like that dry cakey feel that you get on your skin sometimes like it’s just so matte and so dry that it looks cracky on my skin type so i

Don’t think matt when i think of the waso color smart tinted moisturizer i think more like a satiny finish and that’s how i feel about this too it gives a little bit more of a satin finish to it so the reason why i’m really starting to like this is because it has that beautiful satin finish that i love love love with the wasso but it has more coverage to it so

They say that it’s a light coverage but to me it’s more of like a light to medium coverage and it’s also a buildable coverage and while this only comes in one shade this comes in 16 different shades and then the other thing that makes it really different from the waso is that it has vitamin c in it it’s a vitamin c derivative it feels nice on the skin it’s just

Kind of this added benefit that you get so if you’re one of those people that really likes to keep your skincare routine very simple but you do want to get some of the effects of vitamin c for instance that brightening effect then this might be a good way to add that into your routine if you already have too much and then the next one that again i have not been

Trying for very long but i’m starting to like it a lot is this by urban decay this is their stay naked hydromaniac tinted glow hydrator this they consider a foundation so it could be a little bit confusing being in my list today but i think that this is more of like a hybrid it walks the line of being a tinted moisturizer and a foundation there is no spf in this

And that’s one of the reasons why i wanted to bring this up there are some people that want to have that dewy look to their skin but they don’t want to have the added spf again i don’t wear tinted moisturizers while i’m on camera because there are so many lights around me that it can sometimes give like that flashback or just i find that i have to powder down

A lot more because it’s giving more of a of a reflective kind of look to my face so that’s the one downside to me when it comes to tinted moisturizers i am on camera a lot not just you know for these types of videos on youtube but even just being on camera with you know like instagram and stuff like that if i have a serious video to shoot i’m not going to use a

Tinted moisturizer so that’s kind of where this comes into play it has those hydrating benefits and those skin care benefits that you find in the tinted moisturizers but it does not have the spf in it it does not have sunscreen filters this also is medium coverage but i find that it’s pretty sheer if you use it sparingly so it’s one of those where you know when

You put it on it gives you that glowy look to your skin this is very very balmy so for people that love the other tinted moisturizers that i was mentioning besides the it cosmetics cc cream the other ones are a little bit more of a satiny finish they’re not going to leave you looking super dewy and balmy this one does so i like this one similar to the way i like

The it cosmetics cc cream it gives more coverage it gives you a super dewy dewy look to your skin it has marula oil in it it also has a kombucha filtrate in it which essentially just means that it has fermented ingredients in it right and fermented ingredients are great for your skin because they help to brighten your skin they’re just packed with antioxidants and

They feel really good so this has again those skin care benefits it has medium coverage and it makes you just look so super dewy but you can actually be really strategic with it especially if you’re on camera because you can powder down in certain areas but then leave it dewy and glowy in the other areas so i really think this is an interesting tinted moisturizer

That’s called a foundation and also it comes in 12 different shades so i think they can still expand on the range of colors but it definitely gives some options so those are my favorite tinted moisturizers my top three holy grail have been in my routine forever and then two newcomers that i think are going to make it onto my holy grail list tell me in the comments

Below if you have any tinted moisturizers that you love that i didn’t mention i’m always down to try new ones because i just love tinted moisturizers you can also ask questions about any of the ones that i mentioned you can find me on instagram i’m at susan yara and i’ll talk to you soon bye

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The Best Tinted Moisturizers with SPF! My Favorites from NARS, Shiseido, & More | Susan Yara By Mixed Makeup