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The Best Tools to Make Your Own Creative Cocktail Ice

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Welcome back to vlad licks i made this video how to make clear ice at home three ways and you guys loved it in today’s episode i will explain to you what kind of tools you need to work with ice so you can increase your quality of cocktails and presentation before you hit the like button i wanted to mention that this episode’s sponsored by skillshare okay you

Can do it now what do we do when we have sponsor on the episode exactly i’m going to give away three shakers but that’s not it three spoons and also three ice scoops for a chance to win one of these mini sets for me all you need is to be subscribed to this channel and also let me know in the comments what kind of skills would you like to learn this year any

Skills put it down below and i will choose random winners let’s go first on the list is a regular ice crusher it’s pretty simple to use fill it up with one scoop of regular ice and start turning the steel handle kinda loud but does job really well it’s all made from plastic but actually i’ve been using it for few years and had no problem with it it’s also not

The fastest way but produces really consistent crushed eyes i’m using this type of ice when making cocktails such as mojito or cacarina and any other where i’m modeling fresh fruits also in all my tiki cocktails and of course in all the cocktails whenever i’m using swizzle and method oh yeah and you need to make quite a lot of it this portable machine is not the

Only way to make crushed eyes though you also can try mullet and ice bag this is how it works put inside couple scoops of ice and start smashing it on top of the table or any flat surface the reason i have both is because let’s say ice crusher always produce consistent ice and using this method i actually can control how small or big pieces i can make the only

Thing that i don’t like about using it that it’s actually even louder than ice crusher and also you need to put some effort to make just couple cups of crushed ice but on a good side if anything could happen over time with portable crusher these two things will last forever and since most of you have citrus squeezer what you can do take this small crushed ice

Put it inside squeeze it like it’s a lemon or lime and start making incredibly beautiful cocktails where you combine fire and ice if this is too extreme for you and you don’t want to try that’s okay you also can use this ice bowl as part of the garnish for cocktails you just simply put different berries or flowers inside and it looks pretty cool well hope all

Clear so far but if you have any questions just ask me in the comments if you guys watching this channel for a while you know that for clear ice cubes i use true cubes tray so far is the best way i found to make clear ice cubes at home and when i need a large ice block i freeze it in a small ice cooler this is my favorite type of ice since i cut it on all kind of

Small pieces and make variety of cocktails with it and to do so you need sharp eyes cheaper like this one i usually place ice block on cutting board or towel so it wouldn’t slide easy and start cutting it depend of what type of ice you need personally i like to cut them in large cubes and let me show to you what you can do with them to make further adjustments

In this ice piece you need to have a large sharp knife it’s up to you you can hold ice with towel but for safety and convenience i would recommend to use gloves then you start shaving slowly on each side and with little patience and practice you’ll be able to turn cubes into ice sphere or if you can’t afford real diamond for your girlfriend you can just make her

This one well it’s definitely a really cool way to serve premium spirits for example i poured this one to my dad during father’s day and he felt really special next let me introduce you to japanese ice press well this is fastest and easiest way to turn ice cubes into spheres the way it works it uses gravity and thermal conductivity of aluminum to shape ice cube

Into sphere and some of them can shape it into perfect diamond let me show you how it works from beginning you take clear ice cube place it right in the middle put second part on top and wait usually it’s a pretty quick process but while we wait let me introduce you to our sponsor skillshare platform so skillshare is an online learning community with thousands

Of classes from which you can learn all kinds of creative and entrepreneurial skills i use cliche to improve quality of content i make for you guys and stoked that getting positive feedback on my work if you’re planning to start your own youtube channel i highly recommend to check out class from super talented sorel amore youtube success build authentic channel

That’s worth the follow she’s a youtuber videographer photographer and truly incredible person that inspired me to become a better creator okay the yearly subscription is less than ten dollars a month but if you want to use it for free use my link in the description skillshare give two months for free for first 1000 people who will use my link and i’m sure you

Will be able to learn a lot of new things in that time and as i announced i’m also working on my course that will be available soon on skillshare i’ll see you guys there perfect timing so our eyesphere ready let’s check it out it always comes out smooth without any imperfections and just ready to go it’s a great tool for ice no doubt but for some reason it cost

Trillion dollars so if you can’t afford it just grab a knife ice cheaper and start practicing how to make a spear next is not the most popular tool you keep at your bar it’s actually a drill bit in just a few seconds you can turn ice cube into shot glass and no skills required it totally can replace regular shot glass and it feels more natural and cool when you

Use it in a cocktail such as jagerbomb well but if you are too cool for school and prefer to keep drilling a garage not an area where you’re making cocktails you can make different shot glasses from ice using this ice mold and they could help you to stand out during different occasions such as valentine’s day well i’m not going to wait until valentine’s day this

Type of ice mold we also use to make spheres and coolest part about them that you fill it up with water put it in the freezer for two hours then put it upside down and hold it there for another hour you need to make sure that it’s not frozen completely then take out all the water from the inside and now it’s our specialty glass where we can serve all kinds of

Cocktails and slowly roll into eye stems this is actually inexpensive tool that can significantly enhance your cocktail presentation i chose love and heart symbol to show how much i love you guys for liking this video works pretty similar to ice press all you need to do just push it down and hold it steady for a few seconds you also can order custom ice stamp

With your name or name of your company but obviously they are more expensive huge thanks to all of you who left a comment on our instagram page next level bartending and this time winner is costas gazillions as always never be afraid to make something new and i’ll see you in the next video

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The Best Tools to Make Your Own Creative Cocktail Ice By Vlad SlickBartender