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The NEWEST avidlove lingerie releases – #tryonhaul

Well.. I’m addicted to lingerie. (Obviously lol). Which outfit is your favorite ?!

Hey y’all welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is carrie don’t forget to subscribe let’s get right into today’s video coffee and lingerie name a better combo i’ll wait just kidding honestly um it is a good combo though try on haul video um from avid love yay i love them so i’m just gonna quickly show you what i um got from them for for this haul

And then we will try it all on yay so first of all this beach cover-up dress well i don’t it’s honestly could be worn as regular just dress but it’s i think it’s like meant to be i guess a beach cover up but i love it super comfy and cute i think it’s really like just unique and bright um and it’s always like nice to have like stuff like this that you can just

Like throw right on after the beach or before the beach especially for summer and vacation i’ll see you guys at the back yes this is from avid love too and then i’ll just kind of go over what we’re gonna try on today this is like a white lacy lingerie set i actually just got um the same one in coral for my last try haul i love this style i’m excited to see it

In white um let’s see this is a burgundy color bodysuit so pretty i have this exact bodysuit from them in a bunch of different colors but not burgundy yet so i’m excited this is another bodysuit that i got from them too for this haul i think this one actually is like a choker at the top this bodysuit is just so cute i think with like a pair of jeans yes i’m

Bad i’m excited i love that like eggplant purple color and then we have this set it is a size small and it comes with the garters attached which i think is really cool like the leg wraps to it so i’m excited for that i love this peacock blue color i also got the exact same one in black just because i was really excited to try a set like that this is just like an

Orange crop top sheer crop top cover up and you can it ties in the front i don’t know why but i’ve just been really into orange and i thought it’d be nice to include this in this try-on haul and we also have a couple more things this like this is like a red pink red slush pink color dress beach cover up so much what i’m wearing now then this is another bodysuit

Just bright neon pink because i love neon pink and then last but not least i have this um crop top it’s kind of like a fishnet vibe obviously it’s pretty sheer so i’ll either wear i’ll probably show you guys from behind or something or maybe i’ll wear my pasties who knows anyway let’s just get right into it i’m going to go get changed um right again this is look

Number one almost didn’t quit my job scared of failing out what i love forgot that okay so this is look number two this is another beach cover-up i kind of like this it’s a little bit loose on me but i definitely like that loose vibe for after the beach especially after swimming and stuff so i don’t mind um i do like this fun color it’s really pretty i like

That it has these like side um i don’t even know what the name for this is but like you can tie it so you can make it tighter and shorter at the top or the around here if you want um i do really like the color a lot and i do kind of like a loose fit so i’m not i don’t know i kind of like this what do you guys think let me know a lot okay guys i’m gonna change

Into you and i’m gonna okay guys i’m gonna change it to in the next look i’ll be right back so our next look today is this bright pink bodysuit i actually really love it um it’s so fun this is one of my favorite colors i’m sure you guys know that if this is your first time watching me on youtube then you might not know that but i love neon pink neon colors in

General but neon pink is like probably my favorite color um but i really like this i love the fit and the style it’s just super cute i like everything about it um very me piece of lingerie to wear so love it for me okay i’m gonna change it to the next one because we still have a couple more to do yay i’ll be right back and also i really like how um this bodysuit

Is adjustable and stuff like that there’s you can make this way tighter or looser however you need so you can really get it to fit your body perfectly this is a size small but it fits me pretty well that’s always a bad i’m gonna change and be right back super pretty super like girly romantic vibe this is like nice like wedding vibes to me in a way but i think

It’s cute what do you guys think i’ll like insert a clip of the coral one that i also have i love them both i really like the style a lot i’ll show you guys the back i love how most of these come with a song so like it’s nice to have the matching thong with like this like baby doll cover art with baby doll style i guess lingerie over it it’s the mood but yeah

I really like this one a lot i don’t know i love both of them this one and the coral so you guys gonna let me know if you like the white or the coral which i’ll insert the clip up here okay you guys i need to start wearing more coral colored things because i love it i’m obsessed um this is so pretty too i like that you can see my sunflower with this one on i like

That sheer in the back and like the girly front is my favorite very princessy like fairy vibes to me better because they’re both super cute okay anyway i’m gonna get changed into the next look and i’ll be right back okay so this is our next look okay i kind of love this color it’s like a eggplant purple super cute nice bodysuit i love their bodysuits because a

Lot of them look really good with jeans or like a skirt um so that’s always nice so you can wear them like you know in your regular everyday life if you want or and like with a variety of different outfits so that’s obviously ideal this is super pretty show you guys the back too um but yeah i think the fit is really nice on this too that’s such a weirdo yeah

I also just wanted to mention i love like the lace-up detail right here on the back it’s so pretty it looks really nice and this bodysuit is just so cute and i think it’s like a pair of jeans yes a vibe okay on to the next one on to the next one crazy i know but honestly we’re going to move on to the next look so hold on i’ll be right back we have one more body

Suit today like then a couple other looks so don’t worry buckle your seat belts grab your popcorn we sell a few more but still i’m just saying the last bodysuit we have today is this burgundy one i’m obsessed with it it’s so cute and pretty i just love it um i love the lace detail i love the diamonds on it it’s just super cute and very like flattering on me

And i feel like it could work on a lot of different body types i like the double straps a lot too fun fact one of my first pieces of lingerie i ever bought like two and a half years ago i mean i had some before that but like not regularly now i own like a million thousand things um was this body suit but in a different color i think it was in white or pink or both

Either way though i love this so beautiful so pretty good all right we’re gonna go on to the next look let’s go the next look we have is this really pretty like peacock blue color um two-piece it has like the built-in garter set which i love so fun so pretty i like this set a lot i feel like it’s a size small so i feel like an extra small which i don’t think

They have in this size or in this they don’t have that size in this style but would have been better for me but it’s still really nice and i just think it’s a unique piece of lingerie and it’s like really cool and i like the way the garters are set up a lot um what do you guys think yeah i really really like this and i love the color okay let’s change real quick

Into the black one which is basically the same thing but black i just really wanted to try this in two different colors because this is a new item i believe for their store and i hadn’t seen anything like it before so yay okay i’ll be right back okay so last but not least for like full sets we have this black one again it’s like basically the same exact set as

The teal one but just in black such a vibe i like wanted to include a black one because i don’t wear a lot of black lingerie because i don’t know why i just always tend to go for colors but i do like black and i really like this style and i thought i would be the perfect thing to show you these two tops with this is a fishnet top obviously um we can put it over

This so we can really get an idea of what it looks like i don’t know if i’d wear it with this like but like for now like just to show you guys because it’s a little bit revealing for youtube standards but it’s cute right i’ll show you guys the back and then now let’s try on this orange top i love it like this like orange vibe pop of color i think this is super

Cute um i’m probably gonna take a time off of this though hey so yeah i love it what do you guys think which one’s your favorite which look from today i mean um do you like the orange or the blue with this particular set please comment and let me know i think that’s all for me today thank you so much i would love again i’m gonna have all their links below

And everything that i tried on will be linked below as well i hope everyone has a wonderful day and thank you for watching i’ll talk to you soon

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The NEWEST avidlove lingerie releases – #tryonhaul By Kerry Renee