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The Pocket Screwdriver Youll Actually Carry | Bit Bar Inline

Bit Bar Inline Kickstarter

So welcome back everybody my name is taylor martin this is the best mbdc and today i have something that i wanted to share with you guys for quite some time i’ve known about this for a long time like probably well over a year at this point or something close to it i don’t remember when chad and joe told me about or first showed me this thing but it’s

Been a long time but i’ve been carrying this prototype for over a month every single day this has been in my pocket every single day i’ve used it a ton i have really put it through its paces and i’m excited to finally be able to talk to you guys about this this is the bit bar inline from big idea design and it is live on kickstarter today so with that

Said let’s do the damn thing so you guys are probably pretty familiar with big idea design now i’ve talked about them a ton and honestly since i first discovered them three years ago i’ve rarely ever gone a day without one of their tools either right nearby or in my pocket i bought the tpt three years ago right at the beginning of the channel i did

A video on it one of the most popular videos on the channel and i’ve carried this thing ever since i fell in love with the tool and i think it’s just super handy and i love it and then they came out the tpt slide and i liked it so much we did my own version of it which is available in my store right now and then we have other pocket tools from them and

Pins i’ve carried these two pins the ti pocket pro and the ti click edc i’ve carried these i would say 50 of the time for the last three years like i just love them they’re really really clever in how they’re designed because they take so many different refills and then these pocket tools right here i think what we’re really going to focus on right now

And these are more like tool bag kind of things the ti edc wrench this thing i don’t use it a ton haven’t used it a ton but the few times that i’ve reached for it saved the day there have been times where i’ve not been able to fit a normal wrench in a place and this thing has saved the day but this stays in the tool bag it’s you know tightened down uh

The leads on a battery in my car before when that came loose like this thing is just coming clutch several times before let’s focus on the screwdrivers that big idea design has made the very first screwdriver they designed was the bit bar and i got this thing a long time ago they sent it to me the black one a long time ago and i carried it for a while

In my pocket and it was just a little too bulky for the pocket and it’s got some caveats like i think the design is really clever you got eight bits stored in the handle pulling out popping in the end and you have a really handy pocket screwdriver problem is a lot of the time especially with the way this is designed you ended up needing an extension

And it does come with one and extensions aren’t expensive but it’s one more thing you’ve got to carry so that’s something you have to consider is a lot of the time if you’re not dealing with a flush screw then you’re going to need an extension with the bit bar and that’s why i normally just kept this thing in a tool bag or my backpack or the center

Console in my truck or something super handy especially when like going around the house doing things easy to throw this in your pocket and have a screwdriver but it’s not something i carry every day because of that big flaw needing an extension and not always having one really cool tool really great design it’s even got a bottle opener right here if

You take these middle bits out this works as a bottle opener like they thought of everything and it’s a really cool tool but for everyday carry it’s just not exactly ideal this is more of a bag or desk tool and then i guess it was last year or 2019 they came out with the eds and this thing is just really cool you have a titanium frame lock screwdriver

With magnetic detents like it’s really cool and you can flick this thing out if you want to shoot the bit did that in a past video not going to do that again because almost broke a light and there is a little bit of a fidget ability with this thing it does flick and it does have there it is there went the bit across the room no idea where that went

Very very cool pocket screwdriver that solves the the extension problem right you’ve got a little bit of a an arm on this one if you’ll call it that it’s got a built-in extension i guess is a better way to put it that’s not much bigger than a bit like any extension you try to use is going to be at least this big and then you have at least a little bit

Of storage for bits in the handle you still get a phillips a t8 and a flat head this fits in the pocket much better it’s smaller it’s more compact but the problem is that it’s thicker which uh isn’t a horrible issue but it was definitely noticeable in the pocket it’s chunky it’s chunky but it’s very very handy and this one again just kind of ended up in

My backpack i didn’t carry it for that long but i found it super handy in certain situations so i liked having it nearby and then they showed me this i’ve had this in my pocket every day for the last month a month and a half i’m not sure but i’ve used the crap out of it and it just feels totally natural in the pockets this is the bit bar inline and it

Is kind of like the middle ground between these two so it’s as long as the bit bar it’s as narrow as the bit bar it’s not chunky it’s got a little bit of a a little more girth to this here so you might still need an extension sometimes you have bit storage in the handle but this thing feels and operates more like a screwdriver than the other two tools

And it reminds me a lot of the screwdriver that my grandpa used to carry he carried one in his shirt pocket every single day used to work on radios and stuff and he always had a screwdriver on him and this is what that reminded me of immediately i mean it doesn’t look anything like it but in in functionality it’s very very similar it’s very similar to

Some cheap screwdrivers you can get at like lowe’s or a hardware store like it’s very very familiar design but better it’s made of titanium it’s strong it’s durable and it’s it’s kind of fidgety it’s cool it’s got really cool acoustics and sounds like it’s got really good sound it sounds very like gun like when you’re using this thing but you have other

Ways to use this you have an offset t-handle so when you get some tight spaces you can still get a lot of torque on this thing if you want maximum torque that t-handle is really really awesome i really liked using this when i needed to make sure that i was putting a lot of pressure on something when i’m doing like knife maintenance this thing has been

Great you throw this t8 on here put it in the t-handle and go for your pivot and you you don’t have to worry about stripping out that screw because you get so much downward pressure that you’re not always going to have with a a driver that you’re pushing in you know laterally you can put the palm of your hand right in there and just push while you’re

Turning i have absolutely loved using the screwdriver and it has stayed in my pocket every single day so all of that is to say that if you’re looking for a nice titanium pocket screwdriver that you will actually carry every single day this is it because i’ve tested it i’ve put this thing in my pocket every morning and i’ve used it quite a bit i don’t need

A screwdriver every day of my life but when i’ve needed one having this in my pocket has been great so really quick before we go i want to talk about some of the things i like and don’t like about the bit bar inline one super easy for pocket carry really really great for pocket carry because if you look at the size compared to the other things that i carry

Every single day such as the oklahoma dc-0 and the ti pocket pro it’s right in the middle on of these in terms of size it’s it’s actually deceivingly compact when you see pictures of it it looks bigger than it really is and i was thinking that when i saw pictures from chad and joe but when this thing arrived i’m like oh no that’s that’s quite small but

It’s not so small that it’s too small it’s still very very useful it’s a good size and then the other thing is you do have three bits i do wish there were more but three bits is i think enough to get you through most situations it’s pretty standard i think uh i i don’t really know what the third bit i would choose is this comes with a t8 so you have a

Phillips flathead and then a torx t8 i need like a torx t8 and a t6 i can’t carry both of those unless i get rid of like the phillips or the flat head but those are two very very common so run into the issue of what the third bit would be four seems like the perfect number then you run into the issue of it needing to be longer and then you run into like

A totally different product it’s more of the ti click length than the ti pocket pro maybe there’s a bit bar inline xl in the future i don’t know that could be cool i want royalties on that one chad and joe just saying and the other thing is that a lot of the times with these really narrow screwdrivers like a typical screwdriver you’re going to use at home

Has a big grip these narrow ones sometimes you can’t get enough torque on them which really really sucks i think one like this is is pretty close to what i’m saying like you can get a good bit of torque on this but not a ton because you’re really only able to grip it with like two fingers three fingers but with this you can switch it over to this t-handle

Position and you can really wrench down on some things and then the offset you don’t get as much torque with the offset t-handle because you’re not you don’t get as much force downward force on it but this one right here i feel like you can really just go to town on some stuff with this and that right there is what makes this tool incredible is that

The t handle and offset t handle positions and the con is that you’re giving up some quite a few bits in the handle i think again four would be a really good number but then you get into something that’s bulkier it doesn’t fit in the pocket as well which is really what makes this thing great the other thing is that swapping bits on this can be a little

Fiddly i mean i’ve used a lot i’ve got a lot of practice i’ve used it almost every day so i’m much more familiar with it now but it took a little bit of practice a little getting used to and even now i’ll still like drop a bit when i’m trying to swap and it’s just something that you have to concentrate through even after you’ve done it a lot you you’ve

Still got to you know pay attention make sure you’re lining the bits up right sometimes they don’t want to go down and they’re quite right because the tolerances are pretty tight on the storage uh but i mean that’s just kind of the nature of the beast if you’re storing three bits in a very very slender thing like this you’re just gonna have to deal

With it being a little bit of a fiddly thing and then the last thing that’s i think a little bit of a con and it’s just the nature of the design here is because of this being a little bit wider than the eds you can fit this in much narrower places and you don’t need an extension nearly as much with this one as you will with this one because uh while

It is better than the bit bar the original bit bar in terms of reach and and fitting in tight places uh the eds is the best for sure but you’re still gonna need an extension with this one it’s better than the bit bar not quite as narrow and easy to use as the eds for tight places but you do have the added advantage of that t-handle so you can reach in

Places and still get a lot of torque but you’re definitely going to find instances where you’re going to need an extension and in fact i did several times taking the door panel off my land rover i needed an extension and even then i struggled to reach but i think that’s more of the land rover than the bit bar inline still this being as wide as it is

It’s wider than a standard bit extender i think and uh again while it’s a little better than the bit bar it’s just something that you’re gonna have to consider but but i think this is a really cool uh like natural progression of the bit bar and the eds it’s a perfect middle ground and this is actually something that i’m gonna carry in my pocket maybe

Not every single day ever but more so than the the bit bar and the eds i’ve carried this in my pocket and not had any issues with it being there it just feels natural in my carry and i really like it a lot that is going to do it for this video guys if you enjoyed it and found it helpful be sure to hit that thumbs up button down below and subscribe to

See more stuff like this in the future and hit that notification bell so you’re notified when i upload new videos if you want to support what i’m doing here there are links in the description down below some of my favorite edc gear if you do purchase anything using those links i do get a little bit of a kickback but also you can go to forward

Slash best mdc or where you can buy this shirt and other merch and gear directly from me also be sure to follow us around the web you can find us in most places at best mdc with that said and until next time carry on so you

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The Pocket Screwdriver You'll Actually Carry | Bit Bar Inline By Best Damn EDC [Taylor Martin]