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The Untold Sad Truth About Water Purifiers for Preppers – Prepper Water Purification

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In today’s video i’m going to tell you about a pretty common mistake that a lot of preppers make regarding their water purifiers and filters that they have for after shtf i’m also going to tell you what you can do to prepare for it right after the channel intro welcome this channel is all about prepping and self defense while still maintaining our integrity and

Honor so subscribe to this chimp to learn how to feed and protect yourself and your family after the system collapses so i have been seriously prepping for numerous years now and i have actually tested out my water purification systems that i’ve got actually using dirty green lake water and making sure that they do actually work but one of the things that i’ve

Noticed is that a lot of these companies will tout how their water filter or their water purifier will filter or purify x amount of thousands of gallons of water before you have to replace the elements or replace the filter but what a lot of preppers don’t realize is that many times when those companies are saying that their purifier or their filter will purify

Thousands of gallons of water that is when you are purifying relatively clean water to begin with if you are purifying or filtering out water that comes from your faucet from your tab or you are filtering out stream water that is pretty darn clear or if you are purifying or filtering out well water your water purifier or your filter will actually clean thousands

Of gallons of water for you however once you start filtering out after like say after shtf and you start filtering out water that’s from a nearby lake or water that’s from a stream or a river that’s not so clear once you start filtering water like that that gunk will clog up your purifiers elements or your water filters filters a lot quicker if you are running

Water like that through your systems you will not get that same amount of thousands of gallons of water that the company boasts that it will do so let me repeat that if you are filtering or a purifying water that’s already relatively clean then your water purification system will do the thousands of gallons of water that the company boasts the again once you start

Filtering dirtier lake water or river water or something like that you will not get anywhere probably will not get anywhere near that amount of water so you just have to remember that the dirtier the water is that you are running through your purification system then the sooner that your system will stop working for you now with many of the black carbon or the

Ceramic filters and/or elements many times that you can use a scouring brush to clean the outside of those to extend the life of them but again if you are running dirtier water through your system that will still clog up the inside of those pores again not giving you the thousands of gallons of water like the company has boasted so what some of my recommendations

On this my first recommendation is to figure out how many replacement filters in or elements that you think that you would need for after shgf but figure out how many that you think that you need and then probably double that number and then if that’s going to get pretty pricey for you because like the murky elements run a little bit over a hundred dollars for i

Think a set of two of them if that gets too pricey for you then you can always go with something cheaper like the sawyer many and i think that runs about twenty bucks and is supposed to filter out i think a hundred thousand gallons of water now if you’re interested in checking out the sawyer or many then i will put an affiliate link down below in the description

Box but while the sawyer mini is not as good as the like say the berkey it still takes out a lot of the bad stuff that would make you sick if you were filtering water after sh t f and then what i would personally do if i were using the sawyer mini is i would probably add some chlorine a little bit of chlorine to the water before running it through the through

The sawyer to help disinfect it to help kill off extra bad things and then i might even boil it too but the sawyer again while it’s not as good as the berkey we just you know we’ve got to face the facts which is there are a lot of hikers out there that are using it now and drinking water from streams and stuff like that and they’re not exactly dropping like flies

So again if i were using the sawyer mini after shtf to filter my water with what i would probably do is i would use the high strength pool shock to make homemade chlorine and then add some of that to the water before i actually ran it through the sawyer but i would add that chlorine to the water switched it around give us some time to kill the bad stuff in there

Then i would run it through the sawyer mini before i actually drank it and again that might be overkill again there are thousands of hikers out there that use the sawyer mini on a daily basis and again they’re not dropping dead on the hiking trails personally for me my main water purification is the berkey and then for backups then i have the sawyer mini and then

I also have a ceramic filter on top of that and then of course i also have plenty of the pool shock and storage to the high-powered regular pool shock that i would use to make chlorine to treat the water before i you would even run it through one of those purifiers or one of those filters so what’s your thoughts on this subject did you already know that if you

Were filtering lake water or stuff like that that did you already know that you would not get the same amount of life out of your filter like the companies tout that you do or was this a complete surprise to you and if you would like to learn just how easy it is to make your own homemade chlorine high-strength pull shocked how just a five-pound bag of the stuff

Will allow you to disinfect like 50,000 gallons of water they click on the video that should be appearing at the top of the screen just about now to see step by step how to make your own homemade chlorine for water disinfection after shtf and if you would like to see a torture test that i put the burpee through how i took dirty nasty smelly green lake water and

I ran it through the berkey and i turn it into this crystal-clear water that was safe to drink and i also drank it on video then click on the video that should be appearing on the left side of screen just about now to learn more about that anyways folks if you made it this far hey thank you very much for watching and i pray that you have a good night you

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The Untold Sad Truth About Water Purifiers for Preppers – Prepper Water Purification By Ethical Preparedness