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THE UPGRADES that YOU DESERVE! | Toyota Vios 1.3 CVT | MUST-HAVE CAR Accessories Part 2


Foreign well if you’re like me i think it’s just about time we need to talk i truly believe deep in my heart that every man deserves to be happy to be loved to be taken care of and to be valued as this has been the main advocacy of this channel and it’s undeniable that there are a lot of men struggling with these well today is the day that you should

Consider treating yourself and check out these upgrades that you surely deserve today let’s talk about the part two of the best accessories and gadgets that every car owner must have and of course it must always come with a balance because only those who are treated right are mentally healthy and truly happy can treat others with the best of this ability when you

Receive good you will give good i know that you have your own taste i have my own taste everyone is very free to express their own selves through their cars others like to customize others like to keep it simple so i would like to know down in the comments which team you belong to but either way i believe that both sides can understand each other or can meet halfway

Because i believe either teams are awesome in their own ways so like i said during our part one these things that i’m i’m gonna be talking about is more on customization modification beautification of your car i’m just going to give you ideas that you might like that could be similar to your taste and then you can go ahead and find things that are similar to your

Unit or to your model and don’t forget you might find similar items from the links in the description below so without further ado let’s hop right into the video and i hope you enjoy this one let’s go thank you foreign just a friendly reminder that let’s date our wives first and most important item on the list i believe and this is very important dip dish

Mating install this is how it looks like over at the back tunnel or in the saga balsa feet and i love it it’s just really fit perfectly and the tournaments are front seat driver’s side and might attack videos it’s gonna be covering all the way up samara pedals and then the paddling install this advantage long is uh so just be aware of that but for me it’s not a

Deal breaker again links in the description friends relatives loved ones season this is really handy just take note when you receive it and shipping it will really look like it’s folded but again it looks good to me just put it under the sun when you receive it and it will look good for your car now let’s go here at the back side let’s focus here because simple

And you know but this is where i put all of my uh decorations we’re gonna start here with the rear step sales or groceries next let’s go here uh below this what we call a rear diffuser i know that but for me i like it since i’m planning to do naman um i change my exhaust in the near future now let’s go here to the gr badge that i added in my vs represents the

Gazoo racing which is very nice addition to your car and now here this chrome silver shiny thing over here i don’t know if it’s just me but with black cars i really find it really attractive to see this chrome garnish that they put on black cars next is this underrated addition to your car for those who want nasato long and parang simply spoiler this is the one

For you you don’t want to punch holes in your car yet just like me definitely get one of these ads elegance in sportiness as well to your car plainly my favorite addition now we’ve talked about the rainy seasons here in our country we don’t want rain pouring down all over our windows especially you know when we’re trying to see the side mirrors so definitely you

Need to get one of these rain visors the good news is that i think most of the cars have these available as an accessory so check it out it adds beauty to your car now let’s go here to the side step cells as what we call it it has the name vs on it looks good at you know beauty to the car and some kind of presentation when people get into your ride so this is a

Good addition and production as well for the paint on that area moving on if you own a sedan it is one of your desires for your chunk to open up right away you’ll definitely need one of these little guy right here it’s a spring that helps you open your trunk automatically when you press the remote control of your car we’ll get back to this beautiful key right

Here and that’s how it looks handy you should also get one of those compartment chunk boxes guys storage box that’s where i put my tools and you know some of the useful stuff that i have so this is how it looks when you apply it you’re just gonna like hook it up you have a hole right there in your car and then i just put some carbon stickers and so brandon apart

Nothing so what you’re gonna do you’re just gonna you see this clamp right here you have a bolt in the nut you’re just gonna you know use some tools on it make sure now and then to put some kind of like a protection for the paint in that area right there i just used you know a couple of the lazada plastics that i receive so yeah this is the beautiful key that i was

Talking about guys i just used this big right here it’s very easy you can buy one link in the description uh make sure to duplicate your key right here this is the original just be careful when you open it you’re just gonna transfer the chipset from that key original and then this is the the new one i’ll make sure like i said to uh go to the nearest like uh store

For duplicate keys and then you’re just gonna transfer the chip and then you’re gonna have one of the best keys ever now let’s go to the bonus round um the simply very affordable microfiber towels to dry your car when you wash it when you use this pressure washer right here definitely get one of these you’ll find yourself saving money from car wash now last

But not the least i just want to share this very important equipment that every car owner must have this is the portable wireless air pump any legit driver here knows how difficult it is to change tires in the middle of the road the middle of nowhere so we’re gonna do a quick unboxing here you just saw the manual and the wire for the charging of the main device

And you’ll also see some pins there is also the hose for the device itself going to your tire by the way those pins are you know it also has a pin for like a basketball for those who wants to play sports and this is how it looks like a nice design uh this where you can see the main panel or the display that’s how it looks like when you press something and that’s

Where you were able to take advantage of the hidden features of this very amazing device and here you can see the buttons and if you’re gonna try to turn it on like press the power button this is how it looks like and then you set it to the ideal tire pressure which is 32 and at the front and 30 at the back per hour vias and then when you’re done just turn it off

And then that’s good so after you have finished putting the air in your tire you gotta just cover it with this gr sport tire caps it is a perfect match for the emblem at the back and then there we also have an offering for the steering wheel just check out the links in the description now most of the things here might have given you some ideas enlightenments and

Realizations for your decision making in life now if you click this next video right here i’m pretty sure that it will even guide you even more in your direction in life so i hope this video helped this has been running with project gentlemen reminding you that whatever state you’re in in your life right now you’ll definitely get there see you in the next video ciao

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THE UPGRADES that YOU DESERVE! | Toyota Vios 1.3 CVT | MUST-HAVE CAR Accessories Part 2 By Project Gentlemen