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The Worlds Strongest Umbrellas? The Blunt Umbrella Range

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In today’s video we take a look at blunt umbrellas some of the world’s best umbrellas that are beautiful and made to last i’m mad from rush faster and we do guides and walkthroughs bringing you better gear and better ways to carry so if any of that sounds good to you and you’re new to the channel please consider subscribing let’s dive right in and check out blunt

Umbrellas a little while back we did a product walkthrough on blunt umbrellas but since then they’ve updated the range so we’re going to go through each of the different changes as well as talk about what’s so special and what’s so revolutionary about blunt umbrellas if you want to check out the product specs of these umbrellas as we go through them in the video

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Subscribed to the newsletter as well as the channel so in today’s video we’ll be taking a look at the blunt exec the blunt coupe the blunt classic the blunt metro and the blunt sport okay so firstly what makes blunt umbrellas so special what sets them apart at least visually the first thing that sets blunt umbrellas apart is the fact that they have blunt tips on

The edges of the umbrella canopy so you can see it’s not like your traditional umbrella that’s usually quite pointy at each of the corners of the umbrella here we have a nice curved corner on the umbrella the benefits of this curved or blunt edge is threefold firstly it sets this umbrella apart from any other umbrella out there that’s a bit of a superficial reason

The second one just helps reduce the hazardousness of those pointy edges it doesn’t make it entirely hazard free but at least you won’t poke someone in the eye or poke someone in the face with a sharp edge but thirdly and most importantly it contributes to the structural integrity and overall performance of the umbrella when a blunt umbrella is deployed or the

Canopy unfurls the blunt tips at the edges of every corner actually open up like miniature umbrellas within the umbrella itself so here we have a little custom pocket here hopefully you can see each edge has a custom pocket in which the blunt tip actually opens up and what that actually does is it transfers all the radial force around the entire canopy very evenly

It makes the overall tension in this canopy really strong this reinforces the umbrella’s aerodynamics and overall strength in an area where traditional umbrellas typically fail so with traditional umbrellas where it has just a singular prong and then it’s attached on by the fabric of the canopy that is an area in the traditional umbrella where there is a lot of

Point loading and where they typically fail but here in the blunt tip there is incredible strength here at this point on each of the ends of the umbrella making it really strong another area in which the blunt umbrella performs really well is in these double struts here hopefully you can see these double struts here when the canopy unfurls expands out these double

Struts actually push out an incredible amount of tension within the overall canopy so combined with the tension that’s caused in the blunt tips these ribs have a lot of strength inside them making them incredibly resilient to strong winds all these engineering features underneath the umbrella complete blunt’s radial tensioning system it is a far superior structure

Than what we’ve typically seen in traditional umbrellas and an overall superior performance that can withstand some of the most trying weather conditions in fact blunt umbrellas have gone to the extent of field testing their umbrellas in extreme circumstances they’ve tested it against a fire hose a paintball gun and even in a wind tunnel of winds of up to 70 miles

Per hour so no doubt blunt umbrellas are really strong they have that radial tensioning system to back that up but a big motivator to the reason as to why blood umbrellas are so strong was because that they were sick of seeing cheap umbrellas littering the streets and rubbish bins after heavy rains they wanted people to have an umbrella that they could rely upon

Be confident in and not worry about having to get a new one in case it broke so blunt umbrellas come with a global two-year manufactures warranty a really key part of blunt’s sustainability is their repair not replace value so if you own a blunt umbrella and for whatever reason something goes wrong you won’t have to throw away your umbrella rather you can actually

Just send it in to blunt and they’ll repair it and fix it so that it’s good as new another part of their sustainability is that their packaging is an entirely recyclable packaging so this is a cardboard carton that if you’d have no use for it later you can just simply put it in paper recycling so taking a look at each individual blunt umbrella here we have the blunt

Metro it is a compact convenient and collapsible umbrella it weighs 386 grams its folded length is 37.7 centimeters and its diameter is a hundred centimeters it also comes in a little carry sleeve with the blood metro you’re most likely carrying it with a backpack or something like that so when you do use it and it does get wet you want to pack this into a little

Carry sleeve so it doesn’t get everything elsewhere the blunt metro also has a little hand loop here so you can wrap it around your wrist and it also has a quick release button for it to eject the canopy and as with every blunt umbrella we have a rubberized grip so you can always hold on to it with a firm grip whether it’s wet or dry and there is a little velcro

Strap for you to cinch up the umbrella next up we have the blunt coupe which is slightly smaller than the blunt metro but it’s not a collapsible umbrella it’s a stick umbrella its length is 73.5 centimeters and its canopy diameter is 105 centimeters so just a little bit smaller than the blunt metro the blunt coupe also has a little wristlet so you can hang it around

Your wrist it has a rubberized grip it’s got that velcro synth strap but to open the umbrella you actually have a push-pull runner here which moves along really smoothly against the rail of the umbrella next up we have the original blunt umbrella the blunt classic this is more of the traditional umbrella it weighs 660 grams or about one and a half pounds its folded

Length is 84.2 centimeters and its canopy diameter is 120 centimeters so it’s your more typical stick umbrella again most of the features are the same it’s got the velcro synth strap it’s got the push pull runner it’s got the rubberized grip and it’s got a slightly thicker wristlet next up we have the blunt exec which is a more elegant umbrella in appearance it’s

Slightly broader as well and it’s perfect for the working environment its weight is 910 grams so 2 pounds its length is 95.4 centimeters and the canopy’s diameter is 137 centimeters everything is mostly the same but the wristlet here is a leather wristlet so it’s got a slightly more elegant touch there the blunt exec also comes with a carry sleeve so you simply

Put the umbrella through the sleeve and the water is able to drain very simply through this little hole but there is also a little shoulder pad so you can carry it around his shoulder and you have that option there finally we have the blunt sport which is the biggest umbrella that blunt currently provides it’s perfect as its name suggests for any sport activities

Golfers sideline coaches its weight is 948 grams so 2.08 pounds its folded length is 99.1 centimeters and its diameter is 146 centimeters now i believe it’s the only blunt umbrella with the blunt branding on the outside here and it doesn’t have any wristlet but it does have a slightly sculpted grip blind sport also comes with its own carry sleeve very similar to

The blunt exec well everyone that is some of the world’s best umbrellas from blunt it is the perfect blend of form and function it has a really unique design and a really intelligent engineering underneath it all that will stand the test of time so if you’re interested in getting any of these umbrellas there are links in the description below as well as a qr code

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The World's Strongest Umbrellas? The Blunt Umbrella Range By Rushfaster