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These Stocks Are Exploding Right Now Due To Bitcoins Rise! MARA stock, RIOT stock, HUT stock, ARBK

Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. operates as a digital asset technology company that mines cryptocurrencies with a focus on the blockchain ecosystem and the generation of digital assets in United States. The company was formerly known as Marathon Patent Group, Inc. and changed its name to Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. in February 2021. Marathon Digital Holdings, Inc. was founded in 2010 and is headquartered in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Hey everyone welcome thank you very much for watching this video i wish you guys a good morning it’s pre-market hours right now i hope that your whole day goes well that you’re happy and healthy that’s the most important thing so watch out for these stocks let’s get real quick to what’s going on in pre-market hours if you haven’t noticed you probably did but if

You haven’t noticed uh bitcoin is exploding it was at 60 i think yesterday it’s a 66 thousand dollars right now people feel like it’s headed for 70. it will eventually hit 70 for sure there’s no doubt about that it will eventually hit a hundred thousand dollars maybe all of this will happen by the end of this year but stocks are going up right now related to

Bitcoin marathon digital and we tend to forget about the stocks uh at least here in ibm market watch we have a long time talk about these stocks and last time i talked about marathon digital when i first talked about marathon digital on this channel it was at 11 us dollars and right now it is on pre-market hours at 70 dollars and 18 cents let’s look at it when it

Closed yes on friday on friday closed at 63.82 cents and now it is at 70 dollars so it is going up the reason why is because of bitcoin like i said it’s a 66 000 as i’m doing the video so on november the 2nd 2021 marathon digital the company also announced its bitcoin production and mining operation updates for october 2021 it produced 417.7 self-minted bitcoins

In october increasing its total bitcoin holdings to approximately 7 453 bitcoins that is insane that’s a lot of bitcoin to hold with a fair market value approximately 457 million dollars it also ended the quarter with 20.9 million dollars in cash so it has also received approximately 42 381 top tire asic miners from bit main year to date with 4 331 delivered

To a com to a compute north facility uh with an additional 3285 asic miners currently in transit so we’re constantly increasing their capacity riot riot the ticket symbol right it is at 34.17 what did it close on friday it closed at 31.49 so 3149 on friday now at 34 17. hot 8 mining was i think at 14 bucks on friday it’s at 15.66 probably maybe it’ll head to

16 17 euros dollars today hut is a ticket symbol argo blockchains at 18 us dollars that’s slightly up from what it was on friday at 17.49 ar bk is the ticker symbol there’s many more some are also betting on um what is it sos is the ticket symbol i don’t know i it’s it’s struggling and it’s a chinese stock that you never know i mean you never know it might it

Might explode i don’t know but because of what’s going on in china how they ban bitcoin i don’t know i would rather go with argo blockchain marathon digital riot block riot those are more secure things some news what’s in store for riot blockchain and q3 earnings that was three days ago on zak’s well we all know what’s in store positive news there’s no way

They’re going to report something negative they’re going to report everything is better than what it was better than q2 i think uh with the rising prices and bitcoin and so on so i think positive news is mara stock a buy as its bitcoin mining power grows yes it is my opinion that’s just my opinion marathon digital increases bitcoin production by 23 in october

Hot 8 mining to release q3 2021 results and host conference call on november 11th so hot 8 mining is another stock that a lot of people are looking forward to they really like it november 11th they’re gonna be they’re gonna have their q3 results i think it’s gonna be positive so those are some stocks to look at at pre-market hours i’m not saying that you should

Buy them free markets that’s up to you if you’re going to buy them or not it’s your money but thank you very much for watching this video i hope that you guys are doing well take care you

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These Stocks Are Exploding Right Now Due To Bitcoin's Rise! MARA stock, RIOT stock, HUT stock, ARBK By IPO Market Watch