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DORA THE PRO himself casually tried taking a bunch of challenge requests on stream again! let’s see what happened then 🙂

Foreign the chat chat box please work chat box yes let’s go okay welcome to the brand new dora me the challenge request stream say hi in the chat hi youtube anyways the first level we are going to play dude what do you mean double cheeseburger what do you mean double cheeseburger bro okay 100 beef patty regular buff the ram is sponsored by mcdonald’s bro double

Cheeseburger and there is a freaking goddamn awful traders bike at the end of the level that doesn’t make sense at all i thought that this level just basically it’s freaking on auto level thank you for the helpful rash p thank you thank you for that bro thanks scary double cheeseburger dude wave challenge by the way this this challenge is totally unplayable

Goodbye no i actually playable oh my god oh oh oh oh oh oh oh it can be my first level my first completed level thank you thank you the first 100 uncertain today poggers what do you mean korean challenge i i freaking hate every korean level i’m sorry korean gameplay korean gameplay this is how the korean gameplay works whoa dude korean gameplay korean gameplay

Be like so unreadable and there is a bunch of freaking uh it’s game modes dude free skip well you guys want me to freaking free escape dude it’s just a challenge dude another freaking extreme rule that stuff korean level impossible ev w dude this is what eric van wildeman but me my name is eric the dora goodbye we’ll see if this level actually possible hitboxes

Abuse yeah totally obviously go up not working slide on the ground not working at all i’ma just imma just do that freaking you what spam this is actually possible bro foreign oh my god the gap bro oh 2 000 years oh my god yes i did it attempt this level is 100 percent possible layout preview your levels was awesome i like it next lap dude i got i i i i

Freaking i i got rick roll twice following the previous series dude i got a big world again for no goddamn reason bad level pumpkin adventure let’s go play it whoa where am i i’m in the already okay it’s a beautiful world wow one two what is this no pumpkin what is this e e i oh here we go you make the level worse dude what is this transitions go play the

Level five million seven hundred ten thousand six hundred thirty that’s it that’s it coca-cola challenge oh dream travel jump lastly annoying level definitely but i somehow enjoyed practicing let’s go beat the troll level okay go down hit that jump hit that spam conical depression go down hit that slightly wave go up being ufo hit that cube dream travel

Oh wow i never died during this entire freaking jordan dude oh my god i beat the level so fast dude next level challeng the respect can i oh spam way with the four times speed it barely works bro this level is page clearly so much harder than you guys originally expected dude you guys better just go try it by yourself this is super hard since it runs at four

Times speed basically so it bailey works unless you’re god it’s spamming clicks dude i’m literally smashing the up arrow key right now ray my keyboard pray for it it’s the slaughterhouse at 4x speed yeah true pray with big and turkey what do you mean big enter no let me go through there come on i feel bad for making this now toshio how dare you but i’ma i’ma

Just go beat that no worries i’m almost there it’s time for the moment my randomly goes down oh oh hello darkness okay firstly you put the freaking four times speed spin part even though i am so bad at spamming basically and secondly you make the super bad transition into this level and lastly straight flying at the end of the level out of

Nowhere time has come oh finally dude it’s over oh oh i absolutely painful level with the bad ideas goodbye

Transcribed from video