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This Is Why You Should Get New Blender Bottles in 2022

Lo breaks down whether or not you should upgrade your BlenderBottle to the Classic V2.

Why would you choose this one over this one hey everyone in today’s video we are actually doing a comparison of the old blender bottle versus the new one i don’t have the whisk in here right now in either of them because who really uses them i mean if you do i’m not going to judge you i personally don’t like to use them because it’s just one extra dish to wash

But we’re going to talk about them without or i guess with and without the whisk so first things first this is the old blender bottle design right here it has a little loopy thingy that allows you to grab it or hook it onto whatever it has the cap that closes with just a simple push down twist top pretty basic but you’ll notice that this bottom is flat it’s flat

Then we have the newer style of blender bottles so this one still has that little thing that you can hook onto easy to open closing might be a little bit more tough depends on the person again twist top so you can easily fill it pretty basic but what you don’t know is the bottom so the bottom as you can see you can see it it’s rounded another thing i noticed

This is there’s a little like cutout right there can you see that focus but why would you choose this one over this one well if you are used to blender bottles you’ll know that sometimes when you shake your drink powder gets stuck here in the corners not great wasted product you feel like you’re not getting everything you’re sitting there trying to shake it the

Entire time never works out so they invented the rounded bottom and actually this is even better because if you were to use the whisk which again i don’t use it actually allows it to go all the way around the bottom and scoop everything into the that’s in the corners because again there’s no corners actually with a round bottom and the big reason for this is if

You put in the dishwasher because i said it’s dishwasher safe the water will not get trapped here it’ll actually spill out of this little cutout so this cutout is actually really important to the design i’ve been using this blender bottle i actually have well this is nyx bottle mine’s purple i have this size as well and he also has a gray one like this and we use

Them like all the time it’s rare that we will pull these out unless we are lazy to do the dishes which we’ve been lately but it’s okay because it still kind of works we still use it for different things and more bottles more is better right don’t have to worry about doing the dishes every day if you don’t have to or run the dishwasher as often so if you guys are

Wondering if it’s worth it i actually did a comparison i put two of the same products into my blender bottles one bottom was flat one was rounded i shook it up and compared it and i’ll go ahead and insert that for you as b-roll so you can see there wasn’t much difference the only big difference that would probably make is if you’re using very very fine powders

Such as protein what we were doing what we were using it didn’t really make a difference also i really dry these cups before we use them so again if you pulled it out of the dishwasher it’s more likely to get stuck in the corners because it’s going to have water trapped in those corners it’s up to you if you want to invest in these bottles again if you do want

To invest go ahead and use the links down below and again it supports me if you want to try these vitamins with me which i love and i’ve been using since august then go ahead and use my links as well alright thanks take care peace

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This Is Why You Should Get New Blender Bottles in 2022 By Lo-oxygen