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This Stock Is Going Higher On BIG News! Should You Buy It Now? Context Therapeutics CNTX Stock Price


Hey everyone welcome thank you very much for joining me here on ipo market watch so this stock is sort of exploding today it was uh six bucks yesterday it hit nine something in the early hours now it’s i think uh let’s look at it real quick it is at somewhere at eight eight dollars and eighty cents around there so it could go higher we’ll see all right it is

Context therapeutics cntx is a ticket symbol this is a screenshot of when i did the context therapeutics ipo review because here on ipr marketwatch we review and analyze every company before they go public so ipo review context therapeutic cntx talk was on october 20th 2021 when we reviewed it and uh i gave it a valuation score of two out of five why did anyone

Public for like four or five bucks then right so why did i give it a valuation score two out of five then because it was pretty clinical it was still not preclinical it was still in phase one i think around there i remember and i said that we still you know we don’t know if in the end anything will be approved i don’t know they don’t have any financials they have

Nothing in revenue so far they’re still in developmental stage and all that and for that reason that i wish them the best but i’ll stay out of it which is logical thinking i think right uh but here are the good news right now and very quick right october 2021 they went around there is when they when when i did the the ipo review um and already they got some

Good news right so context therapeutics surged 40 after hours following positive uh results for their o n a xr data in post menopausal patients with uh progesterone receptor positive early breast cancer so awesome and i wish them the best and i hope that they succeed and i hope that this company becomes awesome and they help solve the breast cancer issue so it

Is found that their lead can it significantly increase suppression in tumor cell proliferation right the phase is the phase o open label single arm multi-center uh so salty 1882 it’s so lti uh trial enrolled 10 patients um with negative tumors while no patient achieved a complete cell cycle arrest tumor ki-67 expression decreased in six patients out of the ten

Remains stable in one patient and increased in three patients so this basically indicates a in a it indicates a trend towards enhanced response for patients with high levels of pr expression at baseline the data was expressed during 2021 san antonio breast cancer symposium so those are the news and they’re positive news that are bringing the stock up like i said

It’s in phase two right now everything that they got in phase two they have nothing in phase three going yet they have no financials to look at but based on these news about the breast cancer the stock is going higher and really that’s it will i get into this in the pre-market hours because if you have weeble and uh like i have weebly you can uh trade from 4 am

In the morning will i get into it no i won’t because of two reasons one i fear that maybe it’s uh the the rise that has taken already uh place might have already priced in the news right and then i’ll get in and maybe they’ll dump it when they are you know when the market opens and so on i don’t know how exactly it’s going to behave you might go higher when the

Market opens right uh but just because i’m not sure i’m not going to get into and the the second reason is because i’m saving a lot of money because of a millionaire millionaire maker stock ipo that’s coming up uh four bucks but i feel will explode on day one and we’ll have a video about that later today so that’s that but i wish everybody who trades on contact

Therapeutics that they uh do well i wish you guys all the best take care

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This Stock Is Going Higher On BIG News! Should You Buy It Now? Context Therapeutics CNTX Stock Price By IPO Market Watch