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This Stock Will Be The Biggest EV Player In India Tata Motors

Tata Motors puts India in the age of electric cars

Everyone welcome thank you very much for watching this video so we’re going to talk about tata motors and it is making india go all electric now you’re saying india who cares um from the united states i can’t take part in this and so on you can either the stock is trading on the new york stock exchange also so you can’t take part if you want to and you feel that

This company is worth investing in so tata motors puts india in the age of electric vehicles right the indian controlled car maker tata morris has was thrilled uh has world i’m sorry investors uh as soon as it announced its partnership with major foreign investors to grow the electric car industry in india now india is a huge country right 1.6 billion dollars 1.6

Billion is the population if i remember correctly nonetheless it’s in the billions and they are really really big big big market if you thought china was an incredible market india is the same also so the owner of jaguar land rover because this company tata morris owns jaguar land rover if you like those vehicles they’re made from they’re now they they were bought

Long ago from tatum by tata motors so the owner of jaguar land rover reminder investors of the great prospects of the indian electric vehicle market which is still in its infancy thus this could be and very very interesting stock for the long term right we could possibly be making a lot of money investing in a stock now the tata family is one of the most powerful

Business families in india it started its business in the mid 19th century and currently controls a number of subsidiaries in various sectors of the economy around the world in the new york stock exchange ttm is the ticket symbol of the stock trading right on the nyse tamo in mumbai and it is the group of it is an automaker group it was founded in 1945 it produces

A long or through joint ventures all kinds of vehicles so either alone or through joint ventures it produces all sorts of vehicles in fact some of their suvs or pickup trucks are really awesome looking really cool cars so from small cars circulating mainly in india to jaguars land rovers and much more all over the world now the stock ttm is the ticket symbol it’s

Trading on new york stock exchange it’s 33.79 now as of yesterday when the news was announced it has popped as you can see a big straight line upwards this is the max chart of the stock since it went public new york stock exchange it’s up 268 since it went public so had you traded how you bought uh the initial public offering you’d be up 268 holding all these years

Now it has over 30 production facilities and research centers around the world with most of them located in the uk and india it employs about 79 000 people and last year sold more than 950 000 vehicles with a turnover of close to 44 billion dollars until a few days ago this company did not occupy much in the international market for many months tatamore’s stake

In the new york stock exchange had been between 20 and 25 dollars right and now it’s at 33.79 uh investors preferred uh to deal with various of its competitors around the world tata morris has not had significant achievements in this area as its main market in the electric cars are few and far between so in india there’s very few electric vehicles now as tatamar

Gets really into this i think that they will be the dominant ev sales uh company in india i believe let’s uh let’s see uh although jaguar land rover is committed to producing only electric cars by 2030 this is not enough to excite investors when audi porsche mercedes volvo and bmw have similar goals right so when last wednesday it was announced that tatamores would

Set up subsidiary that would develop the electric vehicles that will bear its name the market was impressed not so much from the creation of the subsidiary as from the fact that two large investors will pay about one billion dollars to acquire a stake in this so these two large investors are going to take a stake of 11 to 15 percent firstly because this capital

Injection greatly amuses concerns about tata motors ability to make the necessary investments in order to uh not miss the electric train but they they’re not gonna miss it that’s for sure secondly because the two investors are very serious one is part of the abu dhabi state investment fund the same one that invested in lucid motors also and the other is the tpg

Rise climate fund the green part of the powerful private equity group tpg very powerful equity group and so you got two really really really big important investors taking bringing in one billion dollars to tata motors the announcement the announced plan includes the launch by 2025 of 10 models of electric cars in india and the cooperation with tata power power a

Subsidiary tata motors to create the infrastructure right that will facilitate the mass circulation of electric vehicles in india now the electric car market in india is at a very early stage in 2020 less than 5 000 private passenger cars were sold for a country that has billion over one billion in population right so the refueling stations were in march passed

By only 2200 while in the us it was about a hundred thousand right so it’s very very very in its infancy stage and that’s a good thing for investors looking for really great opportunities and i think tata mars will be great long-term opportunity it is obvious that the market growth potential is very huge in india in um in 250 000 electric tricycles 130 000 electric

Uh scooters were sold in 2020 indicating that indians have no dislike for electric vehicles right here’s the big opportunity for tata mars as its two big two biggest competitors in the country which is maruti suzuki mahindra and mahindra do not seem uh ready to take that big step citing the low disposable income of indian citizens that will make it difficult for

Electric vehicles and so on so really that leaves tata motors to be the only player in india so tata mars currently holds 70 of its admittedly uh very small market electric car sales account for only two percent of its total sales in india but management aspires to reach 20 by 2025 the presence of strong partners and tata power will help uh the company uh a lot

In the effort while it is almost certain that the two new partners will be able to contribute capital again so really these are just some thoughts uh to think about there’s much more we can talk about a lot more uh at the beginning of october the increase reached 50 as it was preceded by the announcement of quarterly results and so on uh we’re talking about the

Stock uh it is not ruled out that we will see a decline in the stock in the coming days but it is a fact that after the latest developments tied to motors is probably a really really good long-term investment i believe it is so it doesn’t matter what happens right now with the stock if it goes a little bit you know downwards and so on long-term wise another five

Years to hold i believe i if i invest in this five years down the road i’ll have another 300 percent return that’s just my personal opinion of course uh please let me know in the comment section below what you think i think that with tata motors getting into this game and becoming the most powerful electric vehicle seller in india for now will give them a great

Great great long-term opportunity thank you very much for watching this video wish you guys all best take care you

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This Stock Will Be The Biggest EV Player In India 🔥Tata Motors $TTM By IPO Market Watch