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TIGHT Leggings Try On | EtherealLoveBug

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Hey youtube welcome back to my channel it’s ethereal love bug here happy to have you back if you’re new hi how are you today we’re going to be doing a leggings try on haul i’m really excited this is the perfect season to be wearing leggings transitioning from fall to winter so let’s get right into it first up we’ve got these really cute pair of galaxy leggings

Which i thrifted um they’re very much like something you would wear in like middle school but like is a look now no it’s mainly just coffee so let’s get it on okay so you can wear them like this very very high waisted as you can see or you could go ahead and kind of do this little folding thing i like to do um now if you fold just like that it’s kind of i mean

Unless you want to see the inseam so i actually fold like this much times as you want to make take more of a low rise look maybe one less and then there you go you can transform them to be a little bit lower if that’s what you would like i just realized this is inside out because the tag is sticking out right here but you know what you know what it’s no

Longer inside out next up we’ve got these red hmm yeah i don’t know like basically red kind of ordering maroon um leggings with black trim let’s get those right on all right here they are on i really like these ones these are like a go-to um when i just want to be cute and comfortable um also good for working out thank you next up we’ve got these gray blue

Um leggings with the amazing butt cinch is that what you call it these will speak for themselves thick warm let’s get them on all right so here’s this pair on as you can see instantly cinched the waistband is thicker and has like more elasticity that like makes it bunge up oh my breath i’m gonna lie taking off and putting on leggings like 30 seconds 30 seconds

Apart from what i just done it it’s so tiring um but yes as you can see these leggings are very nice color i really like them they have a very cinching hourglass look to them and gotta love the butt cinch very flattering um yeah i don’t have a pair of leggings that do it quite like these kids my path is so clear and i’m walking it now i think all the haters

Are starting to doubt while they hate it in the first place it’s hard to figure out where all of that came from on to the next ones these ones are bright beautiful orange peachy color definitely athletic wear nice and strong durable pockets and all that so let’s go ahead and try them on all right so here’s the next pair on i really like them these are perfect for

Yoga for working out in general they are very thick nice material um these are weird i don’t know why these are like upside down pockets on to the next pair these kind of give like christmas vibes even though they’re not christmassy i think it’s just like the pattern um but i really like these leggings so let’s get them on and here’s this pair on i’ll come

A little bit closer so you can see the design um i really like the colors and everything and these leggings and i like the way they feel the material is kind of cottony so yeah overall i like them oh my god foreign we have a simple plain black leggings but a little spiced up with some rips in the front of them let’s go ahead and get them on here they are

On for these ones i actually like to go ahead and roll them down a little bit as well just because i prefer the look of them being a little bit more low-waisted sometimes it’s fun to have them more high-waisted but i’m kind of more of a wasted type person so um yes but as you can see uh it’s spiced up with the ribs which are pretty fun pretty cute yeah i like

It side note though this material is very very thin sheer and probably not squat proof i would say foreign foreign pair we have these very pretty zebra prints i would say um green leggings zebra print and green how much do you see that i don’t see that often these are also athletic wear leggings so they’re very comfy and good for working out let’s get them up

And here’s the final pair on what do you think i’m gonna come a little bit closer so you can see the design a little bit better of the zebra prints i think it’s really cute yeah i really like it and overall these leggings feel really good to realize these ones have proper pockets stretchy too and the fun part i like you can go ahead and make them a little wasted

If you’d like and we’re showing but i’m actually kind of digging the highway stitch with these though these though no thank you so much for watching i hope you enjoyed go ahead and comment down below which pair of leggings were your personal favorite go ahead and leave a like if you enjoyed subscribe if you’d like to see more of me turn on notifications so you

Never miss a video other than that i hope you have a great day or night whatever time it is for you stay safe peace out dump out okay

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