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Tips On How To Brush With A Sonicare Toothbrush

My name is sarah and i am a dental hygienist and i am here today to show you how to use the sonic air electric toothbrush so there are many different types of electric toothbrushes going on are on the market that range from a variety of prices as well so one of the other competitors is the oral-b or the braun electric toothbrush now that toothbrush is a little bit

Different than the philips sonicare because when the brushing when the patient is brushing your teeth the brush only circulates where the sonic air when you’re brushing your teeth it circles but then it also vibrates at the same time so you get that extra massaging of your gums which is why i tend to like the sonic here better i’m recording this or dr. berman because

She tends to use the oral-b toothbrush and i intend to use the sonicare toothbrush so i would like to show you and give you some pointers about the sonicare toothbrush now just a few side tidbits about the sonic air as i said before they come in lots of different price ranges so you can get a $250 sonic air or you can get a sum of these dollar sonic air they all

Pretty much do the exact same thing it’s just more of the bells and whistles of what you’re gonna get so if you want the extra carrying case if you want extra brushes that’s kind of where they vary but overall a $70 sonic care toothbrush will do wonders for your mouth so the kind of sonic air is time for 2 minutes so that you will brush your teeth for that entire

Time and then it also pulses so that you know when to move around the mouth it divides the mouth into quarters or as a cross so that you can get the upper left the upper right the lower right and the lower left and each quadrant that they like to would divide it into you’re supposed to spend 30 seconds in each one so today i’m going to show you how to turn on/off

The sonic hair how to use the sonic air with and within the mouth can get more familiar and comfortable with using your sonicare so the first thing is that there is the an off button this is a newer model some of the older models had different brush heads and they have different you can see i’m going to turn it on real quickly and you can see they have different

Types that you can brush with clean gum care polish or sensitive so you can kind of see the sensitive tends to be not as dramatic of a vibrating so if you tend to have some sort of teeth that might be an option for you and i would recommend it they also come with different brush heads they have sensitive brushes they have soft brushes we always recommend using a

Softer brush and when you are brushing your teeth or the sensitive because that will also help with that and they also come with round brushes so this one is a little more rectangular they come with round brushes that you can buy on their children’s toothbrushes but they still fit i’m the adult tooth brushes which i’d highly recommend those do a really nice job of

Brushing your teeth and getting around you tooth i gave it to my grandma children’s brush sign and care brush which she could better brush those areas with the round brush head okay so we’re going to go into the mouth and i’m going to show you demonstrating on the lower right side how to brush your back teeth so i’m going to turn on the sonicare they’re gonna go

Towards the back and you always want to place the brush at a 45-degree angle and kind of turn it around each tooth so i’m going to demonstrate that for you now so see how i kind of turn the tooth up towards the the away from the go but sitting on the gum but then also on the tooth and i moved it around so it can contour the tooth because our teeth are curves

And the toothbrush head is not so that’s an a better way to get each area around the tooth another area that can be kind of challenging is on the bottom in the front area towards your tongue that we get a lot of buildup there so for a recommendation for that area is you’re going to turn on the sonicare and then you’re going to point it up towards your nose so that

The brush head can cut individually brush all those teeth on that bottom i’ll show you you’re gonna point it up towards your nose and again moving around like each tooth can get vibrating and the same thing for the top you can do the exact same thing pointing it downwards and the sonicare you don’t need to add that extra brushing but people tend to do because

They’re so used to using their manual toothbrush but the sonicare toothbrush you hold it you let it do its thing and that’s it and dr. mermin likes to term it adds holding it like a t-rex or with your fingers so very gently just holding it and letting it do its thing at a 45 degree angle around each tooth so i hope this helped you learn how to use the sonicare it

Give you a little tidbits of how to use it at home so you can improve your mouth and gum health if you have any questions or concerns please leave it below and we’ll try to answer it as soon as possible thanks for watching

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Tips On How To Brush With A Sonicare Toothbrush By Murmann Dental Health