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-Tirta Challenge-

Hi welcome to peng peng beb yo come again with peng peng peng and this time i got a shipment from phillip automotive, you know, right now, if we live in big city areas, the pollution is extraordinary, isn’t it that bad? and coupled with us, if we open the window in the car , it already smells. the air is like that, so syphilis gives a challenge, so the pure front is kwak,

This tool is called a measuring particle in the air, if the level reaches 999, it means that the air condition is already dangerous to inhale or enter the lungs, so one that can causing it is cigarette smoke you know if someone smokes in the car or because of ad a person smoking in the house has a dangerous taste, but after that we will see that it looks like a tumor. a

Device is like an air purifier, if ordinary people say, or something like rp. review, the product is from phillip automotive. compare if without the tool the cigarette smoke is concrete how many minutes does it take to use the tool how many minutes does it last now we immediately asked my aspri to blow away the pudut weevil smoke. i immediately knew the recipe, the closing

Sound immediately sir ah i didn’t bring my tongue. well, we’ll see that it won’t circulate for a second. yes, it’s beeping. let’s just wait for a few minutes. it’s quiet. immediately use the instructor from the film from his cubicle, try this now from phillip niala from phillip, how much does it cost, sir, 1.8 million? wow, if your car is good, it won’t affect you. try it,

Try opening it first, it’s okay, it won’t disappear later at school. magic, okay, keep on giving more and more, bro. until the lungs are drained. can phillip’s automotive remove the letters, so that it’s finished? you know that there’s nothing wrong with the social gathering. red it’s not wrong with soto, 79. let’s wait how many minutes, usually before . yes, let’s see, i’ll

Just let you guys see, it’s down, not yet, i still want to fight with the car plug, mas, another problem your question is rhetorical, looking for this face really wants to. that’s why if you want to give it, it becomes a famous person who owns a car. it’s not a motivating factor. enng appeared pm2 1999 woi woi woi woi woi yt wow, not magic, not magic. wow , this automotive

Penis is actually used in cars – phillip’s car claims he said that in the car, if we open it, we want to open the glass, cigarettes will let the pollutants in. now, if we bring this in our car, how come it can be verified, it can be filtered, right, and it says how many special filters are there? w109, in 2 minutes i was nervous earlier, head marketing eko damn if it fails,

The dog will immediately be fired. so what standard should be green? the float does n’t choose how to do it within three minutes and 11 seconds of the experiment already s finished it turned out to be dual under under 30 and this is good and this is useful for when you are in a car so put it in the car right and this yes there is a price there is a way the tools are good

Yes the price is 1.8 million and this can sterilize air with a room measuring three to five meters to 10 m2 which isn’t much more than that, right, bro, it’s like a room like that, you can, for the sake of appearing at jcc jakarta, this presenter’s eyes are suitable for cars or you want to eat or you want blade to teach children, that’s good. i got four of them, take each

Dut, the first one is bruce fish, 1.8 million hi, the name is gopur style car air sanitaiser, there’s yupi, yupi knows what ultraviolet light is because it claims to kill the activity of viruses, so do you want to fight, so this is proven, right? this isn’t magic, it’s not magic, and this really means a drop, which means it’s according to what you can see, and thank you ,

I really choose automatically tomorrow, to jogja for a fashion event to receive on my car i took one of these pellets for mazda, this for jaguar, this for mini cooper or in the room, it’s complicated. yes, i understand there are a lot of cars, so i need a lot, why do i have a lot of wa, so i need the 45th, it’s pretty much free, subhah. see you next automotive for thailand syahrini

Transcribed from video