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Trip Lever Cover Bath Tub Drain Replacement 1 of 3

Okay guys we’re here in my bathroom because here’s the problem i got a the tub won’t ring usually because i can’t get this lever to stay down and the reason i need that lever to stay down is because inside the pipe behind the wall there there’s a plunger that comes down it’s on a chain and it comes down to block it so if you want to fill the tub up it’s in this

Position it won’t stay down in this position in order to drain so i want it to and it won’t so i called a plumber friend mine i’m not a plumber by the way i called a plumber friend of mine who is a master plumber and jim’s like yeah you come over fix that but you could probably do it yourself then that thing here is called a trip lever this is the trip lever and

Trip lever cover and he says they just wear out over time he says once we get these screws off you’ll be able to move it off and we’ll see a cotter pin that’s holding the chain to the plunger so this hasn’t been moved in a long time you can see i really struggled to get this screw to move here and it was a bear so fortunately i’ve got these screwdrivers which have

A really nice little feature here where you can put a wrench over top of it to get some more torque and that’s what i’m gonna do now in order to get this to move so lefty loosey or anybody right so we’re gonna hit this thing off of here and my friend jim says these are pretty standard so i’m just gonna run up to the hardware store grab another one see if we can

Do this ourselves if not we’ll call jim back in he’ll come over of course because that’s what he does now since jim was nice enough to tell me about this i will buy him a gift in exchange for his advice because i basically should pay him for his knowledge they take it a school would be a master plumber and he’s not actually doing the work but he did tell me that

I could do this myself do that he could come over here and charge me whatever he charges okay this one’s coming out real nice very cool and this one on the right i believe that in just in case that helps to stabilize it sometimes if you take one screw out before the other i don’t know about what this particular symbol but sometimes just put undue stress on the

Other screw and then that becomes difficult to unscrew it so sometimes it’s good to do these things gradually that’s been my experience get this thing off here and see if we can see he’s talking about it he’s talking about cotterpin and here’s the cotter pin right here so let me uh get up here so i can zoom right in on this for you and see if we can i can show

You what we’re talking about here so there’s the assembly there so this is a cotter pin hey why are you there this is the cotter pin this thing here that loopy thing the thing has the loop on it right there right so we’re gonna take that pin out somehow i guess with pliers or something we’re gonna make sure this does not fall back into the wall and there i’m

Sorry i’ve got to off-screen they’re dying yeah so we’re gonna make sure that doesn’t fall back in a wall so heck do i get this carter pin out of there i guess i don’t know i guess i’m just gonna um cut it somehow well i’ll figure that out anyway that’s how you turn that off so what we’re gonna do is once i get this thing off you’re going to take this faceplate

But to the hardware store and we’re gonna get a replacement one and hopefully there’ll be a gasket behind it there’s no gasket on this one probably been eaten away over the years and then we’ll screw it back in a wall and yeah and we’ll go from there and hopefully the thing will work so that’s step one i’m gonna end the video here cuz i gotta take this part go to

The hardware store and when i get back i’ll let you know what happens

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Trip Lever Cover Bath Tub Drain Replacement 1 of 3 By XplainD