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Trying 3 Leggings From Glowmode (better than Lululemon!)

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Literally the most comfortable leggings for 23 dollars oh my gosh this is an amazing deal hi guys and welcome back to another video with me juliana make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to my channel and hit the notification bell wherever it is ah thank you today’s video is another video with glow mode we love glow mode oh my gosh we have a glomo

Logo on this fit which is so comfortable and i already wore it to the gym so i can tell you it’s very comfortable it’s very stretchy and in a good supportive way where it’s not overly stretchy and it’s not too tight so yeah i’m so excited to share this haul with you guys today and yes okay we love glow mode not only because they’re very affordable literally these

I’m about to show you some leggings that are 23 and they have like 25 plus colors in them they’re so beautiful sneak peek here we go like look at these guys these are some of the most beautiful color leggings i’ve ever owned so just just wait okay yeah i already wore this beautiful seamless set to the gym and it was amazing so can i tell you this one’s a winner

You guys can use my code that’s right here on the screen for 15 off your order on glow mode which you can find on shan i’m gonna link it down below as well as well as everything that i got i did get a size large and everything tops and bottoms tops bottoms all size large so yeah so this is our first look which is this a beautiful ribbed seamless set i’m obsessed

It’s so cute and so comfortable and actually very supportive surprisingly for being what it kind of bra it is and i love the logo on the back very cute like i said very stretchy and actually very complementing so i love that and yeah these are a beautiful full-length legging so comfortable guys like i said they’re just so comfortable this fabric is really

Comfortable guys i just can’t say it enough it’s just yeah it’s amazing available in black as well but i thought the green was just so beautiful and yeah the reviews on it also sold me on it too so this is a great set we’re gonna get into the rest of the leggings as well so here we go good luck because guys this is all stuff you need 23 for a pair of leggings that

Are like lululemon it’s insane to me and why hasn’t a brand done this sooner okay brb this outfit is our second look and it gives me dora the explorer vibes that’s so funny i didn’t realize that until i put it on but look how beautiful these colors are guys this purple is literally gorgeous and so is this pink is like my absolute favorite color this is insane it’s

Like the lulu online pant and then the lulu pants but it also has a crossover waist which we love and these leggings are 23 dollars they have so many colors in them so check them out and this is our second look and yeah that was this beautiful look which honestly this is my favorite color so this might be my favorite look but we’ll see we still have to try the

Other leggings which it can always change because last minute i always used to change the last look but you’re gonna see me working out in these leggings that’s for sure okay i love you guys comment your favorite look down below okay on to the next look we have our beautiful next look this is such a pretty color they have the most beautiful colors of leggings

That i’ve ever seen and that’s literally saying so much it’s just so beautiful they’re so soft they are like butter guys these are like softer than lulu online pants i’m not even kidding they’re literally softer than them i don’t know how they did it better than lulu but they but thanks for 23. foreign i love this look too it’s so pretty i think the pink is

Just my favorite color but i think this purple is just such a beautiful color oh my gosh okay you guys let me know which is your favorite we have one more look all right here we go wow wow this is a beautiful blue i think i have a pair of similar in this color from lulu but this one like kind of overdid it i love this is like such a beautiful color we love the

Crossover waist as always and then it just looks so good i think there’s such happy workout clothes they like literally just make me so happy it’s so comfortable and this was our last look i’m so obsessed guys these are literally the most comfortable leggings for 23. oh my gosh this is an amazing deal you can get five pairs for the price of lulule 11 for the

Price of lululemon pants and yeah i recommend watching all these kind of clothes on cold and hang to dry so you guys can get the best like longest life out of them and that’s just what i do with a lot of my clothes so my little pro tip do that and ah i’m just so happy with these workout clothes they’re so comfortable and i can’t wait to work out with them oh my

Gosh i’m finally starting to work out again so bear with me yeah make sure you guys buy my workout programs and my booty vans i’ll link them down below as well that really helps to support my channel as well yes thank you and i’m gonna list all of my clothes that i got from this haul down below from glow mode we love glow mode so much i love the affordability and

The quality is insane so you guys can use my code i’ll link it right here and down below as well i’ll list it as well and you guys can get an extra 15 off got size large in everything and i think i’m like a size 12 and the bottoms are now so that’s just like for you guys for i don’t know if you’re like my similar size 12 size large does work for me and it’s stretchy

And comfortable and it’s like not too tight but yeah thank you guys so much for watching i hope you guys have a great day and make sure you guys give this video a like subscribe and hit the notification bell so you guys can see more videos from me sorry we’ve been a little consistently we’ve had problems with approvals and just different things and moving across

The country so life’s been a little bit of a hectic rough situation for me so i’m bearing through we’re trying to make it through so thank you for supporting me in the meantime watch my other videos that helps a lot any of that so thank you guys i love you guys have a great day

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Trying $23 Leggings From Glowmode (better than Lululemon!) By Julie Anna Fleming