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Trying out Nosefrida, kinda gross, but not really…

Another episode of A Life of Payne! The kids are sick, so we’re stuck without any projects, except one…

Welcome to another episode of life of pain things can be a little bit different vlog kids are sick so normally when i do one of these i can’t have a theme or something i want to accomplish really there isn’t one of those today so i’m probably gonna do something later i don’t really know what yet but i don’t like idling very much i’m always going to do a project

But today’s gonna be a little more difficult so i’ve been tasked with i’ve been tasked with watching the kids so mom can get caught up as you can see as you can see we got a messy house it’s but that’s just okay we got say kids so follow i don’t know i don’t know what what today’s gonna look like i’m out of work early and i don’t know we’ll just see what what kind

Of trouble we can all get into so i asked mom you know how i can i can help her out she said just have them stay out of my way so i thought okay what better way to do that then hang out and hang out here watch lane and run around just i guess drinking beer that’s what we’re gonna do any time i’m carrying the baby it’s it it’s a must that you need a towel because

She is the julius debated julius drool the baby drools a lot like like this is this is this part is soaked right right here so anytime you want to carry the baby wrap yourself wrap yourself up in in in towels are you having your hair where is that glue in your hair yeah how did it get there from school did you put it there did somebody else put it there so it just

Appeared there yeah i’m here you want to put the baby in that all right think she’ll like it hey baby can you smile for the camera lena why don’t you name him what’s that black one this one right there but the red the red top what’s the white one’s name landa you named him landon which one’s landon you point him out is he in there nope one if he’s over we’re gonna

Try this thing called nose frita i will suck the boogers out of my kids nose not gonna focus on this but it’s a little cut there’s a foam piece in the middle of it so supposedly the boogers will not go up it i don’t know let’s find out put this in your nose on the suck i know i get this jeff what’s out your time okay it didn’t work you’re sorry i don’t think it

Works like that i grossest thing i think i don’t know this product with you frieda so here’s the infirmary is vixx vixx vaporub everywhere right now and some buggers we’re gonna go to bed kind of random video for you guys but we look forward to making it on for you until then thanks for watching a life of pain nobody’s watch you play video game right now okay

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Trying out Nosefrida, kinda gross, but not really… By A Life of Payne