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Trying the Darkest Self Tanner on the Market | b.tan

Testing b.tan Too Tan to Give a Damn self tanner + my self tanning routine! I’ve been using this tanner for the last year and I am OBSESSED!

Hey guys i am jenna and welcome back to my channel so um today we are talking about one of my favorite topics i don’t know favorite but we’re talking about self-tanner in high school i had no idea what self-tanner was uh freshman year and then i think i found out like going into sophomore year and there was a um a drastic change um i looked like this and

I thought at that point i had found like the self tanner looking back i would i i i was very orange i embraced it like you know but since then i’ve been testing so many different tanners in all different price ranges trying to figure out what like is the best for me and i think i have found it now i’ve talked about this brand before it’s called be tan um i

Think my first video mentioning it was over quarantine oh also i just got this fake tanner called be tan saw that tic tac i bought it i am obsessed with it then flash forward now btan actually did end up sending me some items so let’s go over everything okay so i have quite a few items here btan sent me the two tan to give a damn which is the insanely dark

One hour self-tanning mousse seriously not joking this is it the darkest of them all this is the one that we are trying today i did put a poll on my instagram follow me if you’re not already asking which tanner you wanted to see and this was the winner then they also sent me the be tan forever and ever ultra long-lasting self-tan moose scrap your weekly tan

Routine and just be tanned forever and ever and ever well up to 11 days anyway if you’re curious about how this looks and holds up over 11 days comment down below give this video a thumbs up and i will try it for you documenting the whole process and then on my own i did purchase these tanned af bottles this one’s empty and this is a new bottle and i actually

Did already go through a whole bottle of too tan to give a damn so when i got this one sent to me i was so excited and then also i had gotten a mitt called i don’t want tan on my hands tanning applicator mitt i used it already spoiler alert i do have a layer on me right now we’ll get to that we’ll get to that anyway super nice mitt i highly recommend i guess

Today technically is like a trying the darkest self tanner on the market this is it the darkest one of them all i actually think that this is the darkest self tanner on the market now don’t quote me on that but from my experience it totally is if you want to see how the tan looks and turns out and like holds up keep on watching okay i’m keeping this part short

And sweet because i don’t want to look like this on camera for too long let’s put hair up and let’s test the darkest uh self-tanner on the market oh my goodness i forgot what those words were so as you already know because of i’m filming a separate intro whatever you get the point i have the i don’t want tan on my hands mitt and then i do use just a makeup brush

To apply it to my face i just showered i shaved my legs i exfoliated i did all of that i didn’t moisturize or anything yet so let’s just jump right in and start self tanning for reference i don’t have any tanner on right now okay we have the mitt um i normally start at my ankles and work my way up i did just make part of a tick tock using it on my stomach

And my arms i feel like this is going to be chaotic now i will fully admit so i do this by myself and to get it on my back i like put it on the mitt and then i like start stretching it and then i go around the other way and then i put it on the back of my mitt and then i do one of these but it is a whole yoga lesson in itself i’m gonna off camera actually

Like you know clean it up and make sure it’s all even and i didn’t miss anything i like that this has like a tint to it so you can see where you’re putting it and it makes it easier to like not miss giant chunks or small chunks i’ve had some tanners that are just so splotchy when it comes to my face i put it on i have this elf brush it’s ultimate blending brush

Yeah it was a couple dollars i put this on and then i just apply it to my whole face and i blend it into my hairline too and don’t forget your ears because it’s not a cute look you will not look cute while you’re doing this like there’s no hope for that you you will look gross i always do this right before i go to bed that way i shower and then i do this and

Then i go to bed and i lay on sheets that i don’t care about because they’ll have a body print on most likely anyway i’m gonna go ahead off camera and finish doing this and i let it air dry it dries like to the touch pretty quickly doesn’t stay too sticky wait at least one hour and then shower i never wait one hour and then shower i usually put it on go to

Sleep wait a day and then shower but it also says if you want crazy dark double coat it leave it on for four plus hours until you’re tanned as yeah so that’s what i’m gonna do hey guys it is now almost 24 hours later i haven’t showered yet and i want to show you the progress of my tan i’m definitely noticeably darker so let me show you okay so like i’m wondering

How much you guys can really see on camera because in person i am so much darker like when i was putting on makeup earlier um my makeup like didn’t match i had to like mix a darker shade that makes sense i feel like i did a pretty even job it’s not perfect i know that and like i didn’t blend it into my hands that well but like little things like that if i took

The time to really do it well it would be totally even and i do have makeup on but i feel like my face does look pretty good too i’m debating if i want to put another coat on so it’s like really really dark but this is me one day after putting it on and i will shower and then i’ll put one more on sure why not i typically put it on like three coats and then i’m

Like at my like desired dark level for whatever event or thing that i’m doing well okay so i have showered a few times and i did my first layer of tanner which you saw and then i did just like a really light layer after my neck shower and then after my last shower i got another quick little coat of tanner so i wanted to show you guys how it looks now i have

Makeup on my face but i think it looks so good i love this tanner some tips that i have for perfecting your fake tan that i personally don’t always follow my own advice i know that when i’m in a hurry things like my hands start to look a little rough only because i don’t like actually take the time and effort to make it look good but if you put in a little

Bit of effort it ends up like looking fine so definitely like exfoliate shave in the shower and then i recommend putting it on right after the shower and then wearing it to bed overnight and then showering like the next night again just to get that like layer off when you’re in the shower a little bit might like you you might see come off you but then the nice

Thing about this tanner specifically is that you’re still left really glowing where a lot of other tanners it’s like you have to start all over again so i definitely like the like longevity and this isn’t even the long lasting one this is just the regular one for hands and feet i always recommend using the mitt after you’ve done you’re like done applying it and

Then just like lightly go over it you can also put lotion on like your knees your hands your feet and then put the tanner on to make it like stick glass and then after i tend to find that i just take like a kind of damp ish towel more dry than damp just like my used towel after i’m done like drying my hair with it and i just like wipe off my hands and like in

Between my fingers and like my ankles just like buff it out i also like to like buff out the my hairline wipe off my eyebrows make sure like my jawline looks good i love self tanning definitely helps me in the winter feel more like put together and normal anyways thank you guys so much for watching don’t forget to subscribe and i’ll see you guys in the next one goodbye you

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Trying the Darkest Self Tanner on the Market | b.tan By Jenna Scaccia