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Tub drain pop up removal and reassembly.

Removing a stuck push pull top drain stopper and strainer.

A recent drain cleaning job on our bathtub in the master bedroom made us realize that we couldn’t fit the snake down in through the drain so we had to remove the pop-up now this pop-up is a push-pull type currently it’s in there loose but last night we couldn’t get it to budge so what we ended up doing we took a shop rag in a box or a heavy-duty towel or rag will

Work fine we use some slip joint pliers channel locks are the most common name the ones we have our rigid plumbers slip joint pliers we grab the knurled knob protecting the finish with that rag just squeezed and turned until the knob was loose then we unscrewed it by hand and pulled the pop-up out in a way now we need a special tool to remove this piece you see

The cross pattern there we need a special tool that’s going to grab those arms of the cross and turn it now this tool i picked up probably it a fifteen or twenty years ago at ace hardware you can see it’s made of cast aluminum and it has on both ends a large small it looks sort of like a castle turret sort of thing and those slots go over the bars now there’s

Two sizes you have a small size and a large size and if the large size doesn’t fit just flip it over and put the small size in now in this particular one the large size is the one you want to use drop it in place and make sure that the bars are engaging in the slots use a socket extension and in this case it’s a half inch socket and a half inch ratchet set the

Ratchet to counterclockwise rotation give it a couple of quick turns and then just unthread it the rest of the way with your hand once you finish removing the old piece you perform whatever operations you need to in this case i had to clear a bunch of gunk out of the tub and then screw it back down by hand making sure that the gasket is evenly sealed as you go

You don’t want one side of the gasket to squeeze out and the other one to be rolled under roll it in by hand as tight as you can and then just pop the socket and ratchet back in set the ratchet to tighten and just make it snug enough i don’t know exactly how to describe it i grabbed the ratchet by the head and then turn until my wrist then you just hand tighten

The pop-up test and there you go and that’s it there’s really nothing more to it alright folks this has been dave with dave’s workshop and border sport outdoors and i wish that you get out to your shop be busy be productive but most of all be blessed and i’ll talk to you later

Transcribed from video
Tub drain pop up removal and reassembly. By Wildersport