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Tub Drain Trip Lever Replacement

Tub Drain Lever Replacement

Well today i’m gonna work on replacing the trip lever for the drain and a bathtub if you’re interested stick around so the reason i have to fix my tub drain is because it’s i think the house was built in 95 so it’s about 25 years old i went to use it in as you can tell it just snapped right off in my hand so in order to get to the rest of the linkage there’s two

Screws that hold the trim lever on you just undo those and take it out so then how the bath tub stops the water is it’s got this linkage in here if i can get it out hopefully i can get it out not a very good performative showcase so you see how this comes out you just come down and then i’ll show you in a second and that’s what actually closes the water off the

The tube goes down out of the tub and then back to the drain and this slides down the tube all the way and it holds it flat and it doesn’t allow water out so in order to fix this you have to replace the whole front cover not just the latch so it’s got a cotter pin which i’ll remove and then you just attach it to the new the new cover now the cover art went and got

Was straight from lowe’s and it was i think ten dollars somewhere in there but anyways they had selections of different finishes i have chrome so i got a crow one i’m sure you can find them somewhere else online cheaper or more in tune with what you really want but i wanted to get this fixed so and it’s sunday and it’s time to fix stuff so let’s get on with it so

You need a screwdriver to take the cover plate off and then you need some pliers to take the cotter pin out and then we will continue on down this road so one minute please so hopefully this is in focus so you take the cotter pin out simply please focus and you just squeeze it together we get the cotter pin out and then you can grab on to it if it’s just squeeze

That closed and get it small enough so that i’ll pass through the hole and then it should come right out and i think the kit comes with a new one so there you go you take that out and then the remainder of the lever fell out so this is what it looks like prior to installation and this is what the lever should look like on the back if it wasn’t broken so as you can

See it’s a very simple setup it’s just you know that’s unfortunate but it broke so let’s go from there the hardware comes with a new cotter pin so it’s nice and easy to get through the hole make sure i put it in the right direction and just start it through there and there you go so it’s through there and then use your pliers to bend this so that it stays on damn

Trifocal gotta get the right there we go so you just bend it up the way it stays on and that’s in the open position down and then when you want to close it it goes up and that pushes it down so so there we go so now you just thread this puppy back down through there so i’m gonna pause this and bend that cotter pin a little bit more alright so i have it back in in

The hardware with the lever comes to brand new screws there is this hole and there’s a hole so those are where the two holes are so you put the plate back up there and screw it in so i’ll do that and you know it’s pretty simple so i reuse the screws actually my other camera actually died the battery down go ahead and switch hopefully everything got there i’ll end

Up reaching it but so there you go was at the $10 fix and you know he saw hard it was simple everyday tools and it’s fixed and you’re good to go from then on so there you go

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Tub Drain Trip Lever Replacement By My Torino