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Tutorial Bathtub Overflow Gasket Replacement

An easy fix to a nasty problem. The gasket I used was a Danco Overflow Gasket #88350 purchased at Home Depot. The cost was under $2.00

Hi it’s michael and today i’m going to show you how to replace the overflow drain gasket in your tub shower now i have a situation here we just had a we had a remodel job in our condo and i had a very interesting situation occur i was downstairs in the kitchen and my wife was taking bath and what she did is she filled up the water all the way to right below the

Overflow drain and of course the purpose of the overflow drain is to empty out the tub so it doesn’t overflow if you overfill it so when she got in the tub her body weight caused the water level to rise above the bottom of the overflow drain and the water was going out of the overflow drain just as it’s supposed to i was downstairs and all of a sudden i heard flowing

Water in the kitchen coming out of the cabinet and i was horrified to find a literal waterfall of water coming out of the cabinet and i ran upstairs i said what is going on and i saw that she was in the tub so long story short i needed to take this cover off to find out what was going on because we don’t have a rear access panel unfortunately so in order to take

Off the cover you just usually it’s a phillips screwdriver that you’ll need then sometimes you have just a center hole other times you’ll have two screws but just remove that cover and here’s what you’re going to find and what i found was that the contractor never installed a gasket that was not that the gasket was crooked or loose it’s just there’s no gasket there

Whatsoever so the other thing i noticed is that the pipe is actually a little off-center so it’s it’s really cut too tall it should be probably about a quarter inch shorter and therefore i don’t know whether this solution that i’m going to try to do is going to work or not but basically i went to home depot i bought this danko overflow plate beveled the gasket and

This was only a couple of dollars i think it was like a dollar and eighty-one and basically this is a beveled gasket so you’ll notice that it’s thicker on one side than the other and that is back in the day most tubs had a slope this isn’t almost a vertical tub here this is a bhoots maui cast tub and this is a situation where actually the bevel is going to work in

My favor because they have all the space here that they need to sort of fill up with this gasket so installing this gasket is really supposed to be pretty easy now you if you’re watching my video you may have seen some other videos where they recommend that you actually put a thin layer of vaseline or petroleum jelly on each side of this gasket and i’ve been told

By some other plumbers that that is not a good idea because that will actually degrade this much more quickly and it’s probably not necessary whatsoever so i’m dispensing with that i’m not going to put any petroleum jelly on here now you can see i have a little bit of side-to-side movement here and you should also be able to push it back a little bit now you are

Probably going to be in a situation where you need to remove the prior gasket maybe your gasket is so old it’s just disintegrated so you do need to push this in a little bit and probably grab that gasket and just pull it out and then using a paper towel or cloth you want to make sure that this area is clean and if you can get in there try to clean off the backside

Of it as well so once we have that clean that’s really a simple matter of orienting the fat end towards the bottom now some people will tell you you want to orient it to the three or six o’clock position because if you don’t have a slope to top it really doesn’t make much sense to have a whole thick bottom on it in which case oriented to the three or six o’clock

Position will probably give you a better result but i’m putting it towards the bottom because of the which we just talked about so really you just have to push that pipe back a little bit just sort of work this in this is a very soft foam it’s not a hard rubber so it goes in here fairly easily but still it takes a little bit of work and i’m not going to make you

Suffer through this so let me get this in here and i’ll be right back so there we have it my gasket is firmly seated and let me try to get you a little bit of a close-up on that so you can see that the gasket is the hole in the gasket has been placed around this area here and there just making sure that we don’t have any bumps or kinks in it that it’s not being

Compressed unnaturally now what’s going to happen is once i insert the cover back on it’s going to pull the pipe and therefore compress the gasket next to the tub and that is what is going to give you the hopefully watertight seal so let’s do that now now that’s is where you do want to tighten it up firmly but you don’t want to over tighten it because especially

If you have a plastic fitting like i do you don’t want to potentially crack that so you want to firm it down nice and snug but just don’t go over for it on that and that will and i’m also making sure that the drain holes are perfectly at the bottom and not twist it too far so that should do it and i guess next time i’m in the kitchen and my wife is taking that

Bat they’ll know whether i was successful or not so there you have it if you have any questions leave a comment i’ll answer it if i can otherwise thanks for watching have a great day

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