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Sono arrivati i nuovi Echo Dot di 5a generazione e in questo video, oltre a vedere tutte le novità, lo confronterò con l’Echo Dot di 4a generazione. Lo trovi su Amazon:

Hello everyone from bodara che welcome back here in a new video dedicated to alexa we have in the brand new echo dot with a fifth generation watch in our hands that we will also compare with the fourth generation one to see above all the differences why why as a package you see they look the same even in terms of design they are the same thing changes a little thing especially

For the one with the clock ah i tell you right away a new more consistent led matrix wider so the time what is shown you will see in theory more so much they said but it’s not that the customers are confused and in my opinion they then put this label in post- production i don’t know if it can be seen to differentiate the two devices because that is not the only improvement

They have made to the matrix there is also a few more novelties such as the temperature sensor and theoretically also an audio and we will deepen all this in this video we put the echo dot with old generation watch aside and let ‘s see the brand new fifth generation echo dot easy opening unboxing smr ca n’t hear anything i haven’t heard let alone you let’s open and see

What we find i like the fact that finally no plastic let’s see oh maybe really no plastic incredible always less plastic this time i chose a different color not always the usual ice white we have this kind of oh god i don’t know what color this guy is he accepted my ignorance about the colors comparing them with the dimensions they look like the same ball now i’m going to

Connect the power supply no what the hell guys i was about to put the power supply i realized but how come this echo dot has a hole and the old generation one has two they removed the audio jack i hadn’t read this i discovered it live with you they removed the audio jack so you can only connect now with bluetooth a step back be careful but see mo everything else will be

Worth it let’s hope here now the positive side is that you are no longer wrong before you inserted the power supply into the audio jack connector now you can’t do it anymore because there is no audio jack anymore we were thinking but this battery of old due to the old ecodot it can no longer be used no guys it can no longer be used because that is oh god you can but maybe

Breaking the plastic no so also all the accessories are all incompatible now this one could really keep it on the left so that at least it could use my battery we are positive let’s see here a nice comparison understand if actually at least the audio aspect has been fixed we have as a novelty among other things here in the surface ok when the alarm sounds when there is

Some action to do it will be enough to touch with your hand plus press keys this is a new sensor that have included a useful one that is now i can not remember if i have before buying it indicated autoconfigured wait wait device is ready to setup it’s ok alexa and follow instructions device crash in progress oh it’s connecting by itself device is in progress it’s updating

But i didn’t do anything i opened the app and enough let’s see now it’s being updated cute beautiful beautiful i published a video many have said look that podere they are also green with tonic guys or for you it is yellow or green this is because i have seen green it is actually greener than this i see yellow you as you see do you remember that facebook photo where the

Dress was not clear if it was gold or not here’s the same thing according to you it’s green yellow this color i compare them to you on the fly as you can see actually it looks much better then because there are more pixel then probably when we scroll through notifications with maybe music you can see the text better than maybe the old model as you can see every now and

Then you see these things coming out here the bell doesn’t come out on the echo equipped with the fourth generation another cool novelty that i’ve read is the fact that because this device can now be exploited to be used as a wireless repeater unfortunately only with the hero system that amazon there allows you to become a 100 megabit extender per second thing that will

Arrive anyway they said as an update also for the fourth generation echo dot when you don’t know i won’t even tell you because the other time i got it said then the update arrived after 5 months another change the driver on this device we have an improved driver and therefore the music will be heard i hope better later let’s do a test indeed soon 44 mm unlike the fourth

Generation ecobot which from 41 mm i’ll show you the application because there is some news especially as regards the touch display led controls as always pos we are adjusting the brightness so don’t mind that maybe this one looks brighter than this one simply because here in the application it was maybe set differently we can also set the automatic brightness of the

24-hour clock on the contrary, let’s put 24 hours so it’s nicer then going down we also find temperature calibration which, as always, lasts for a couple of hours to have the correct temperature only at the beginning then don’t worry it continues to go correctly the very cool thing is the fact that we can use it then for routines we have the air conditioner we have

Thermovalves here according to the temperature as on eco now we also have it directly on echo dot this function and start routines accordingly there is amazon kids among other things we can activate something new for parents this limits the device for functions that can only be used by children in this way we prevent them from happening unpleasant things against touch as

You can see there is touch controls touch to check that if we put our hand down what happens snooze the alarm end calls make a call drop then accept it but there is also this other button touch to check advanced which i enable as a flag but at the moment nothing can be done so probably a function that will arrive let’s pretend maybe they can put i don’t know if you press

The bedroom led lights up or if you press eh i activate a routine here this is an interesting function here is this function for example of the touch with the fourth generation codotte you can’t do it except by replacing a key that i don’t know the activation key to call the voice assistant becomes a key to activate something here instead there is just this touch sensor

Which is disconnected from the four physical keys in the while it is updating every time in the videos mi how do you a keeping the light always on is not my fault since i don’t have all the echoes connected 24/7 o some i have them just to show you in the videos when i connect them they update and that’s why they remain constantly charging i connect now with bluetooth and

Let’s hear the audio of the music if indeed it has changed volume to maximum volume to maximum perfect ok we put 10 out of 10 let’s hear how it sounds i play ok ok yes i remembered more or less this was the quality now i log off and i want to see the quality on the new ecodot i don’t know if you will hear the difference in the microphone but you will have to trust my

Words let’s pair with lego dot again ok if it is connected let’s see we hear the same thing ok ok ok then in terms of noise level i mean they seem more or less the same but actually better bass can be heard on this fifth generation ecodot the improvement is there now i doubt but will be able to compete with eco let’s see why i repeat we need a complete complete comparison

In my opinion not in my opinion eco is still an excellent device the music but let’s check this aspect too in my opinion oh well media let’s hear stop still no there is no comparison not yet no no i was seeing the doubt i was doubting it goes no no no no no no no no no no no no no obviously guys echo remains echo definitely the new echodot to that improvement more you can

Hear above all the sharper bass more deep respect eh the fourth generation one but echo remains here so nothing to say guys discovery scoop it has arrived now while i am recording both on the fourth and fifth generation echo dot look the ultrasonic motion detection has come out practically now these devices work as a sensor movement both the ecodot him and him cool we

See in the routines what can we do more in the fifth generation one one i show it right away practically we can go into routine when this happens smart home second generation ecodot so he fifth generation fifth generation you see temperature but new presence i.e. i can say alexa can detect when people there are people who are near the ‘eco cool cool and oh well there’s

Also the temperature sensor practically you can tell when there’s a temperature that goes from 2 degrees up to 35 you do things like turn on the air conditioner turn off turn on the valve in short, this is like on the old echo that we already know but the thing of the presence is a novelty that has arrived for both at this moment conclusions on these new fifth generation

Echodots are certainly very interesting for the audio there is an improvement especially for these basses not something incredible echo always remains eco, however, compared to the fourth generation echo dot, the change is felt only p for this i would go directly to the fifth generation product too bad that thing about the jack that i hadn’t read um i found it like this

But remember now almost everything connects with bluetooth the audio jack actually i never used it again after doing those tutorials not so long ago we have this new led matrix compared to the old generation that allows you to see the time better but more like information like have you seen the notification symbol maybe the amazon music writing in short, certainly cuter

Compared to the old generation, this sensor touch that allows us to activate certain institutions or turn off the alarm yes it is not a function that i was saying wow poor what a cool thing but it is there and in my opinion it will be implemented very well in the future we have this temperature sensor that allows us to turn the air conditioners on and off thermovalves

Without having to buy an eco which is definitely more c tough now on an ecodotta we already have a temperature sensor and it’s a great thing especially for routines so it’s up to you to decide what you think below in the description you will find all the links to buy these devices ehm please leave a like and subscribe below c ‘is the group dedicated to amazon’s voice

Assistant as always and we’ll see you next time bye

Transcribed from video