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I hope you enjoy the video!! 🙂

What is going on guys it’s lauren and i’m back with another main channel video now today we have a try on haul however it’s a bit different i did one of these a little while ago i’ll put a picture of it right here the one i did previously and it is an ultimate sexy booty short triangle which is where i’ll get some of my favorite booty shots at the moment and

I’ll put them in order and favorite to like the least favorite and we’ll rate them we’ll check if they’re squat proof you know give it a little shake that kind of stuff and i’m very excited to bring you guys this video anyway guys some of these shorts you guys will have seen before however that’s not a problem we all love to see it so yeah guys if you want to

Get access to behind the scenes of this video and tons more nsfw content then you definitely need to go check out the links in my description they are saucy to say the least very sexy content on there guys so yeah i have a sale on right now especially for you guys so if you guys want to go see behind the scenes of this which will be posted before the video is

Posted i think i can sign up right now so that you don’t miss any of it you do not want to miss it uncensored yes sir anyway guys i hope you guys enjoyed this video please subscribe and hit the like button i love you guys thank you so much and let’s get into the video okay guys so these are the first ones which you’ve definitely seen before i think these are my

Most recent video but yeah these are some of my favorite ones they’re like the famous like tick tock shorts but i like them they’re pretty shake proof i mean are they squat proof if i squat you’re not going to be able to see because it’s too high up let’s let’s do this okay now i should be able to squat okay they’re definitely squat proof 100 squat proof i like

Them i love them they’re like one of my favorite shorts ever so yeah props to these next we have these ones which are also grey however they’re like the typical kind of shorts you get you know what i mean but obviously you can kind of make it like that but do you know what i mean they’re like they’re nuts i like these ones oh they’re good are they squat proof

That’s got proof and they’re all going to be squat through but we’re going to do it anyway but yeah these are nice ones however they don’t they’re not like tired do you know what i mean so i don’t know whether i don’t think they’d get much of a higher rating to be honest maybe they’re like on the leather scale so yeah they’re gonna be low okay guys these are the

Next ones which are kind of like pj shorts however you can also obviously you know but yeah these are quite nice actually they come with a matching shirt i have the action shirt right now but these are quite nice i actually like these quite a lot but yeah they just need a little bit more rolling up but i like these ones these are quite nice these are nice are

They squat proof of course they are next we have these ones which are a little bit different because they’re like boxes but they’re not boxes they’re from gym shark and the only oh my god the only bad thing about these is um they have like the elastic bit here and i’m allowed it’s like elastic and latex so it doesn’t really work out for me you know it kind of

If i was aware of them for too long it would kind of end badly for me so yeah however they’re actually not bad they’re really nice material if you’re not like allergic to latex or whatever i’d recommend these because they fit really well they’re very stretchy and they are definitely squat proof i’ve never had a chance to actually wear these ones to the gym only

Because i’m allergic but yeah i didn’t realize when i got them so yeah but they’re good and they’re tight i like tight ones okay guys next we have these ones which are also very nice however they still just give you a really nice fit because they’re quite tired so yeah and i mean they’re definitely squat proof these are probably one of my favorites so far we’ve

Gone like the first ones these ones june shark pink and grey that’s how we’re going so far so i’m gonna lay them out next we have these ones which are also gym shark however they’re like tight but i can’t tell if they’re too tight because they’re tight but they’re also really short so i feel like maybe they’re too short do you know what i mean i mean ideally

I prefer if they were like here however they’re a little bit too short for that however they’re not bad they’re definitely not bad i mean they’re quite decent they’re just you know they’re a bit odd know i mean i don’t know maybe that’s just me winging but yeah they’re nice okay guys you can see my thumb through it however these are my second most favorite

Because they’re the same kind of style you know what i mean but these are so nice like i really love shorts like this but these are really nice i love these are they scott proof most definitely yeah oh i hurt my knee a little bit they’re definitely not bad though these are my second favorite then we have these ones which are probably like one of my favorites

Because you can make it like really short and you can have it so you’re kind of like that if you’re not i mean like that works so you can have it like that or you could just have it normal which is how i have it so yeah i really like these ones simply because of that like i love clothing that gives you a choice on how you can wear it yeah i love clothes that

Give you a choice on how you can wear it so these are a yes for me i love these okay get it i guess but yeah these are nice these are really good they’re very nice squat proof of course baby these are probably my third favorite anyway guys that was the end of that video i really hope you enjoyed it i had so much fun filming it i love trying things on i just love

It like i love buying clothes and trying them on and just like you know being confident in myself i just love that i don’t know maybe that sounds weird but that’s just i like that so yeah but yeah if you want to go and see the behind the scenes of this where i’m switching between the shorts uncensored then you know where to go go to the links in my description

And my pinned comments there will be special discounts on just for you guys so make sure you go over there right now not only do i post all the time on my pages you also get behind the scenes from youtube content you can see what i’m doing on a daily basis and talk to me naughty one-on-one so make sure you guys sign up to my exclusive sites which will be down

In the description i would love to see that so uh yeah come and join me over there 18 plus and uh i hope you guys enjoyed the video thank you guys so much for the subscribers recently you guys are insane thank you guys for the insane support as well you guys are one of a kind anyway i will see you guys very very soon for another video goodbye

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