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Underage Kids Ask For A Lighter | WWYD | What Would You Do?

Underage children ask customers outside of a deli to light their cigarettes.

How much are matches what do you need them for just smoke a bogey what do you think man get out of here you kids are too young to smoke what are you doing now what maybe we can ask someone for a light good idea excuse me sir do you have a light if underage kids ask you for a light what would you do what these kids are trying to do may be dangerous but it’s not

Illegal in most states the legal age to buy tobacco is 18. but if a miner gets his hands on a cigarette there’s no law that says he can’t smoke it and that’s just what mack and hayden are trying to do outside rocky’s deli in millwood new york as this mother and son approach our young smokers spark up a conversation excuse me do you have a light for my cigarette

You’re joking no no you can’t smoke how old are you i’m 12. do you have your mom’s phone number should i call her no it’s not a big deal mom gets on the phone to alert someone and when the boys try to find out who excuse me wait get away i don’t know okay her teenage son steps in we’re not it’s not even trying to smoke freaking six years old or 12 or 12. you

Look at your six how old are you 14 you’ve never tried a cigarette you’re disgusting okay go back inside don’t talk to them stop it mom quickly stubs out their conversation will she talk to us hi ma’am ma’am hi oh my god i gotta call you back i gotta call you with what would you do the tv show they’re acting oh my god i knew i was on something i knew it come

Over here is that your son oh that’s my son what if your son did this he would never he knows it’s bad for him most grown-ups try to use fear and a little deception to sway the boys off cigarettes you should look around at some of the older people who are unable to breathe and they started out the way you started out well we don’t do it very often well that’s what

People say is their coffee enough blood have you ever smoked i’m very glad i didn’t smoke i’m 104 years old you’re 104. i think i’m much younger you look way younger thank you what are you doing with us trying to get a light do you have one that’s crazy guys you can get seriously sick you will die at an early age is that what you want how do you know because i’ve

Seen my brother die of lung cancer where their throat got so sore they couldn’t even talk you tell them your own brother yes actually i made that up my brother is a smoker and i worry about him it is not very far from the truth maybe the boys will have better luck with a slightly younger crowd excuse me can you help us um yeah can i see that for a second no or

Maybe not what was that for you shouldn’t be smoking get lung cancer but those were our cigarettes these next customers do point them in the direction of matches excuse me can i have a light for myself but that’s as far as they’ll go they will give us the matches okay well you guys are a little too young excuse me sir do you have a light the boys try their luck

One last time how old are you guys we’re gonna be 13 soon you still shouldn’t be smoking cigarettes at 13. why not because they’re fascinated rather than cite the usual health concerns he takes an approach young boys might better understand you guys like sports yeah you got to be able to play sports don’t be able to run around with friends anymore you don’t know

These kids why get involved my little brothers are not too much younger than them i don’t want them smoking cigarettes i don’t want anybody really smoking cigarettes with the boys burned out we decide to change things up hey guys do you have any extra cigarettes what if it’s underage girls asking for a light you have a light can you help us out oh can you give us

Some matches no we’ll give you a cigarette don’t do that it’s very bad for you you know that even after taking their cigarettes she continues discouraging the girls from smoking it says we can’t buy them as long as we have them we can smoke them well you don’t have them anymore because i took them i have mine and i let me see i think yeah let me see don’t still

Show it don’t show her we don’t have it why would you want to smoke a cigarette one’s not gonna do anything no that’s not true people die from all sorts of things well hopefully we won’t die so just one like one likes please just one yeah yeah anybody who would give you matches would not really care about you hi mom i’m john quinones hi what would you do with

The tv show oh my god you don’t know these girls you just had to get involved huh well because it’s bad for them you know it just is and rocky stop selling cigarettes for that reason and you stole them these are going in the garbage you’re not giving them back no when intervening with the girls customers seem more proactive not that thing in the garbage we just

Want to try it if you want to grow up to be beautiful young ladies go in the garbage well we just want to experiment with it that’s it i think like you should not have that we just want to try it you should take that out of your head but this customer doesn’t just deny their request hey can you please give us one light i buy you a drink or something how about that

A soda apple juice three matches how about a cookie he replaces the cigarette with something a bit more age-appropriate this is free all right all right all right all right have a great day you bought him another drink what was your message by doing that there’s better choices to make in life and that’s that’s not one of them it’s a bad road because one thing

Can lead to another you know it’s not it’s not just a cigarette like the boys the girls strike out in their effort to light the cigarette excuse me can you please help me like this isn’t a real cigarette oh yeah why do you want that because you just want to try it scare me to little it’s gross we need you to teach us how to like this oh i can’t i’m sorry if i

Light it for you i’m going to be in big trouble actually please no a nice person would only a nice person would take the time to educate these young girls about the dangers of smoking didn’t you try smoking when you were younger yeah i got really sick i got cancer and i had to take drugs for two years they’re so bad why does everybody do it why do people drink

Why do people break the law they think they’re not going to get caught and they don’t think that it’s going to hurt them i wish i never smoked when i was younger because it looks cool you think it’s cool don’t you think we’ll find a way to light it anyway you might but it’s not going to be new at the end of the long day customers make it clear that rocky’s deli

Is a no smoking zone especially for our underage kids you

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Underage Kids Ask For A Lighter | WWYD | What Would You Do? By What Would You Do?