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Upgrading my Setup with a FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk

Today we are taking a look at a height-adjustable desk courtesy of FlexiSpot. Our intention is to upgrade a gaming/WFH setup to have better ergonomics while still maintaining its aesthetic appeal.

Hey guys dan here with device enforcer and today we’re going to be assembling and taking a look at the flexi spot komar all in one standing desk now flexispot did send this to me for review so i just want to disclose that and get it out of the way at the start here so uh take that as you will but first things first i’d like to show you the current setup that i’m

Going to be putting this desk into so you can see why it’s in need of an upgrade so this is the setup that we’re going to be adding the flexispot desk to as you can see it’s it’s okay it’s pretty average but it could be a lot better so there’s a few things that i’m hoping to address with the addition of the of the new desk so first thing here you see we’ve got this

Um what do you call it it’s the ikea alex add-on unit and that’s being used as a monitor riser which is fine because the monitor is too low by default with its stock stand but it’s also taking up a pretty good portion of the depth of the desk which makes it a little bit more cramped using the mouse and keyboard also the system and wallpaper i guess you can tell

Haven’t been updated since december it’s still in a christmas theme so i’m gonna change that and uh the chair here it’s an amazon basics uh task chair which is fine for short uh sitting periods but for things like working from home now and uh my girlfriend uses this setup for her college sometimes which her last semester is starting uh this next week here so

Hopefully we can get this standing desk in and then she’ll be able to use this much more comfortably in either a sitting or standing configuration instead of being forced to sit something else i’d like to address is these two monitors you can see that there wasn’t really room in the this part of the setup over here for this monitor with the add-on unit so they’re

Sort of split uncomfortably far apart and uh i’m also going to be adding a monitor arm and we’re going to be uh slightly downgrading from this 32 inch aoc monitor to an older i believe it’s a 24 inch lg ips monitor and i want that to be mounted vertically beside her main display here and then the final thing i want to change is just these lamps here because uh

I just think that they’re okay but they don’t exactly match the white table top so i’ve got some other lamps that i think would fit with the setup a little bit better oh and one other thing i forgot to mention is that this desk here i think is a little bit too long so i’m going to be taking this desk which was formerly the main desk in the setup we’re going

To be moving that to the side and then we’re going to be putting the flexi spot desk where that one previously was so the next step is to build the desk so i got all the parts out of the box and it actually looks like it’s going to be a lot easier to assemble than i initially thought there’s only four main parts of the desk you’ve got the desktop surface with

The electronics already built in then this is the lifting assembly and legs and then it’s just these uh feet for either side and a power cable and all the hardware came in separate little bags that had the part labeled in the same way that it’s labeled in the instructions so i think this is going to be pretty easy to put together so let’s get started well i

Don’t know if you could tell from the video but that was actually super easy much more than i was expecting it to be it legitimately took me less than five minutes to build this desk i think it was like four minutes and 30 seconds really all you have to do is put in the 16 bolts that came with it and then plug in two cables and you’re pretty much done so now that

It’s assembled let’s take a look at some of its other features so the one thing that i see that differentiates this desk from a lot of other standing desks is this built-in drawer right here which i think is a nice feature to have especially since in the setup behind me we’re going to be losing the two drawers in that alex add-on unit so that’s going to be a great

Alternative you could store something like if you have wireless peripherals and they’re slim enough they would fit in here or there’s like a little tray for pencils in the bottom of the drawer just anything that you might need handy at your desk there’s a convenient storage space for it that other standing desks don’t seem to typically have as for the controls on

This side you’ve got a little lcd display up down four presets that you can save heights to and two usb type a’s one usb type c and a lock button so without further ado i’m going to show you how the lifting mechanism works so say you want it to go up just hold your finger on the up button the lcd display shows the current height of the desk in i believe it’s

Centimeters and then when you take your hand off it slowly rises to a stop and something else that i noticed with this is that it’s incredibly stable even at like its max height i thought there would be some side to side shift considering there’s only two legs but you really don’t get any of that so if you have presets saved like i saved a normal sitting height

To the one preset you can just touch it and take your hands off of it and it’ll move to that height then the usb ports they’re really just for charging like if you have you could charge up to three devices off the desk at one time the lock button they call it a child lock button in the instructions so i guess the intention is that you would lock it when you don’t

Want your pets or your kids to be able to change the height of the desk and potentially injure themselves but i think it’s a little bit weird that the easiest button to press on the whole desk is the lock button because all you have to do is press it again and it’s unlocked there are safety features built into the desk of course too there are safety features built

In so if it’s going down and it encounters something that’s preventing it from lowering further it will actually stop and let you know that it has bumped into something so i’ll demonstrate that here so if my hand is here and it lowers down into my hand it goes back up a little bit so it doesn’t uh crush anything that’s under here but yeah so so far i’m pretty

Happy with it i guess the only thing that’s left to do is to put it into the setup and then i will show you how it looks well it’s the next day now it took me way longer than i thought it would just to get everything transferred over from the old setup to the new setup mostly because of cable management and obviously the difficulty of managing cables that need to

Have enough slack left in them for when the desk raises to a standing position but i hope you agree that this is much better looking than the previous setup pretty much everything that i’d hoped to accomplish was accomplished by switching to this desk the only thing i’m not too happy with is the monitor arm i feel that it’s positioning the monitors a little bit

Too far out from the wall just because of how much i had to bend the arms to get them close enough together but that’s something that i can easily change if i decide it’s too annoying in its current configuration but ultimately the real question at the end of the day is would i recommend this desk the flexispot komar all in one standing desk i believe um and i

Guess the answer depends on what the actual retail price is supposed to be because the website it says 500 but every time i’ve checked it over the course of uh dealing with the company and setting up the desk and making this review it’s always been reduced to 360 dollars so i’m not sure if it’s supposed to be 360 and they’re just trying to make it look like you’re

Getting a good deal or what at 360 dollars i guess it’s easier to recommend because it does have features that you can’t really find as easily on other standing desks like the built-in drawer it seems to have pretty good functionality with the usb ports the lock button and then you can save the heights but for 300 dollars you can even get like bigger adjustable

Height desks from other companies they just they don’t have the drawer they might not have quite as many features so it really depends on how much you value specifically the features of this desk i would say that for five hundred dollars it’s probably not worth it for most people but at 360 dollars i don’t have any problems recommending this well that’s about it

For this video if you enjoyed it please be sure to leave a like and subscribe so you don’t miss any future content i’m going to leave you with a b-roll montage of the newly updated setup thanks for watching so you

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Upgrading my Setup with a FlexiSpot Comhar All-in-One Standing Desk By DeviceEnforcer