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Using Olaplex No. 3 & Aphogee Protein Treatment | Repair Damage Natural Hair | Shiblaqbri

Hello, Lovelies! Welcome or welcome back. In this video, I will be showing you my hair restoration routine. I fell off my routine for a bit, but I am back now lol I did confirm with an Olaplex rep that you can use no. 3 before applying a protein treatment. Since Olaplex no. 3 isn’t protein and does not contain any protein ingredients, it’s safe to use. Olapex no. 3 works from the inside to repair your hair bonds. For my protein treatment, I am using APHogee’s two-step protein treatment. I recommend doing a protein treatment once a month, no more than twice. If you are low porosity, you still need to use protein to keep your hair strong and balance all the moisture you’re putting into it. If you have any questions, leave them in the comments 🙂 #olaplex #aphogee #proteintreatment #restorenaturalhair

Hey so today i’m going to be doing a olaplex and protein treatment so olaplex is not a protein treatment and it is not a conditioner it is a hair bonder i did do a review on this before so if you want to check that out i have it linked up below but um yeah we’re just gonna get into it here this is the second time i’m using this i have not used it since that

First time so i’m just being real here it’s like a 28 bottle for 3.3 fluid ounces so i’m gonna make her last okay because we ain’t got time i’m just going to go ahead and put this on use one time per week for damaged hair use two to three times per week that ain’t happening with this bottle apply on damp towel dried hair apply a generous amount from scalped

Ends until hair is thoroughly saturated leave on for a minimum of 10 minutes longer if desired rinse from hair shampoo and conditioner as usual so after i shampoo then i’ll be going in with the effigy protein treatment which i’ll show you guys later but that is what we’re about to do so i’m just gonna get that on on the website of olaplex it says that you can

Use this and leave it on for up to 30 to 45 minutes 45 minutes is the cap of like the ultimate time that this will read this full potential in your hair so we’ll see how long i actually have it on do all right so i just rinsed out the olaplex and i shampooed with the design essentials sulfate free shampoo from the almond and avocado lime you know

The one i’ve mentioned it several times that you can get a first impressions on it so if you haven’t seen that go ahead and click that video up above after you finish this one but now i’m going to be going in with the aphrodite two-step protein treatment and we’re gonna read the directions this isn’t my first time using this but it has been a while since i’ve

Used this specific treatment protein treatment okay so it says shake well before use gently cleanse hair with apogee shampoo for damaged hair eye cleanse with a design essential shampoo apply enough effigy treatment to thoroughly saturate hair and comb blend through with a wide tooth comb for even distribution leave hair uncovered do not use a plastic cap and

Then sit under a medium heat dryer with air flow and or you can use a hand dryer so i don’t have like an overhead dryer so i’m going to use a handheld hair dryer well let’s get on into this let’s get on into it i just want to show you how my hair is looking after using the olaplex treatment so so okay so protein treatment is in my hair and

It is quite hard so i’m about to wash this out so i can do my wash and go routine okay so i just washed out the protein treatment and since i don’t have any more of the balancing moisturizer which is the second part of the two steps i’m going to use the niche beauty indulge moisturizing deep conditioner instead i’m just going to leave that in for about i’m

Going to leave it in for about 15 minutes but we’ll see how lazy i get and then i’m just going to go into my regular haircut routine so let’s see how my hair looks wow she looks pretty um she always looks pretty but we’re just gonna see how my hair looks after my regular wash and go but i did just want to show you what i was doing for my hair strengthening

Treatment for my hair because i had one person asked and joe just in case anybody else asked i recorded it that is going to be the end of this video i just wanted to show you what my hair stream cleaning routine was but if you are interested in seeing what my current wash and go routine is or my styling routine then let me know down in the comments and i will

Be happy to record that for you i will see you guys next time and i hope you have a wonderful wonderful day you

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Using Olaplex No. 3 & Aphogee Protein Treatment | Repair Damage Natural Hair | Shiblaqbri By Shiblaqbri