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Velvet Hangers – Worth It? | MyMakeupPerspective

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Hi guys in this video i am going to talk about velvet hangers which seems like an unusual topic but it’s something i couldn’t find a whole lot of information on online and i actually took the plunge and got some velvet hangers and i’m going to talk to you today about why i got them and whether i like them or not so i remember eight years ago and mal make up by mal

Was talking about velvet hangers or i think there was another name for the ones she got she got those them like jml r qv c style ones and she ordered them and she was raving about them so i heard nothing about them since until about a month ago i think i read about them in a magazine and i had a gift voucher for amazon that i wasn’t using and i said you know what

I’m just going to order a lot of them so i ordered 50 of these beige hangers velvet hangers and i think they were about 20 pounds which was about about 25 euro twenty-seven-year-old maybe and so if you break that down that works out at 6450 five cents a hanger which is not bad at all i’ve also seen these in pennies or ones very similar in pennies or primark so

These are quite widely available online or in-store now what is the big scoop with these hangers they claim to look after your clothes better and keep the shape better as you can see they just look like normal hangers to me i used to use any hangers just basically the cheap ones that you get free with your clothes and pennies or tonnes do i notice the difference

Yes and i will show you an example in just a moment and i will also show you space-saving in my wardrobe these also claim that you can hang a lot more clothes in a lot less space and i was thinking that’s absolute horseshit how is that even possible a hanger is a hanger and my own mother was saying to be like it’s completely possible or it’s a gimmick but i’ve

Actually seen firsthand the difference it makes i’m going to show you my wardrobe in just a moment these cling on to your clothes so if you have like a string top you couldn’t put that on a normal plastic hanger how the straps would fly off these actually keep the straps of your string top stuck i mean like it’s actually sometimes difficult to get your clothes off

These babies i will show an example right now here is your normal average joe camisole top or string top or spaghetti stops bagga-t top or whatever you like to call them if i hang that on a normal hanger and shake it around the straps are going to come off and i’m actually okay with oracles i didn’t even shake it that heavily but i was you know this would never

Work even the ones with the grippy rubbers here still not great so you put this into your wardrobe and you’re going to probably find on the floor of your wardrobe within a few days dr. bra the tire help me help you that’s going nowhere nowhere it is stuck the velvet literally clings on to the material in your clothes no matter how small the contact is and it’s not

In your clothes go anywhere i’ll show you an example with a longer top i have this on a wire hanger at the moment and we all know these are a bit of a disaster these it slides off so easily you can see there yourself it’s sliding off like so easily once i pop this onto my velvet agar it’s going nowhere it’s really actually hard to get this off the velvet almost

Clings to your material and again this is going nowhere now i don’t want it to sound like a complete infomercial because there are cons to i read on the amazon reviews not the black velvet hangers actually can stain your clothes so that’s why i opted for the beige so if i did have to give you a tip it would be to go for the beige ones cause the black ones are known

To stain i am now going to take you to my boudoir to a bedroom and i’m going to show you my wardrobe i’m going to show you the difference between a segment that’s using just these hangers and then a segment using an assortment of others so just give me a second so here we are in my wardrobe and it’s perfectly clear where the velvet hangers have segmented in here

And where the disarray is for the other hangers all along here i’m hoping you can see but basically this just looks so messy scattered stuffed what here looks lovely and neat and as you can see there’s a lot more clothes compressed in here than there will be in the exact same space over here also it has to be said it looks a lot more uniform and neat tidy to have

Everything on the one hanger now you might be saying laura why haven’t you actually converted your entire wardrobe the reason is i only bought 50 of these velvet hangers therefore i don’t have enough to do my whole wardrobe i thought 50 might more or less coverage but with another rail down there nope that is not possible so i need to order probably no more hundred

More of these in order to convert my entire wardrobe but the difference is phenomena like that everything is sticking out but here everything is nice and uniform i can thoroughly give these a thumbs up so i think that these are a great thing and a good addition to anyone’s wardrobe who wants to look after their clothes have everything neat tidy uniform i never

Thought i’d be making a video about a hanger but there you go these get a 10 out of 10 from me let me know down below if you’ve ever tried these or if you’d be interested in trying them i’d be interested to hear your feedback thanks so much for watching and i’ll talk to you really soon bye

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Velvet Hangers – Worth It? | MyMakeupPerspective By LaurasViews