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Vivian Tries All The Miniature Appliances from Walmart

Vivian Tries All The Miniature Appliances from Walmart

This is a pop to you nostalgia didn’t give me my little hello you guys and welcome back to another vivian tries on this vivian tries you guys voted for these miniature little appliances if you’re not following me on instagram you should be because that’s where you guys got to vote number one miniature chocolate dipping pot when i saw this i thought crock pot like

A little mini crock pot for queso dip and all kinds of stuff not just for chocolate i think they rolled these out for like valentine’s day or something because they’re just too damn cute and for your lover cook for them make them something nice chocolate strawberries cherries all kinds of fruit can be dipped in here you know what it also reminds me of it’s gonna

Say potpourri but nobody uses potpourri but one of those wax melting things is it kind of like that i don’t know oh it’s too little it’s too little you guys know i can’t handle uh miniature things this is not enough for even two people this is enough for one person but i can’t this company nostalgia hashtag not sponsored but i’m collecting my coins so go ahead

And send me a check we make chili for one maybe so i’m not going to melt chocolate or queso we’re going to do these candy melts we’re going to start a catering business miniature everything imagine starting a food truck called minis you just pour it in right i don’t need instructions for this ooh that was perfect measurement i’m telling you put some of those

Uh like wax melts in there your bathroom’s gonna smell good i’m gonna plug them all in together because when you have a food truck you’re gonna have to plug everything up because how are you gonna make all the minis if your can’t run all at the same time a regular crock pot would give you a little higher low this one doesn’t have it number two miniature cake

Pop maker cake pops became a thing years ago but the manual way you would have to make the cake make balls and then dip them now you just put cake batter in here and boom you got cake balls these are multi-purpose just gave you ideas for this one for this one you can do i guess donut holes i don’t like the idea but i like the idea of cake pops you can make more

Money now i don’t have any of those little white sticks you put in these cake pops because they were expensive and i was not have you seen how expensive those are they should have thrown some in with this the little white sticks are like three for ten dollars i can get a million popsicle sticks for like 59 cents these will work you too good for popsicle sticks now

You gotta get all fancy with those other ones i hope i’m not making three little cake pops we got a wedding oh they’re miniature like i know they’re miniature because i know of this video is miniature things but i thought it was just a miniature version of the appliance but no even what you’re making is miniature that’s too cute i love it so you do have a little

Indicator button there to i guess to tell you when it’s hot let’s see if i can do this and you guys can watch at the same time i don’t know how much to put in oh too much dum-dum have you seen those instagram videos where those people make those uh fall desserts and then they’re turning them with a little stick okay that’s it it’s kind of a mess but close it close

It close it i don’t think you squeeze it you just leave it alone it smells heavenly though can you guys see it underneath if you make all these miniature minis for your lover for valentine’s day and then leave them these as presents they’re gonna love it that’s a great gift idea plus you cooked for them it’s a win-win now these were kind of expensive for being

Miniature sized like i needed them to be like six bucks each but they were ten dollars a pop that’s a lot because if you’re trying to get the whole collection like me because we collect miniature things if you’re trying to get the whole collection that’s like 70 80 bucks ready do you love it that was pretty fast i think they’re done that’s too small to be a cake

Ball for the wedding they’re not gonna pay two dollars a pop i can’t even put my damn stick in that what if i fill the whole thing just pour vivian that’s the secret maybe close it close it close it oh oh no no no no no no who’s gonna clean that up no i’m cooking you’re cleaning the thought of cleaning all that makes me not like it anymore but that was my fault

But i am disappointed in the results boom then what you want to do is cut around to loosen and separate from the raw batter that’s not a cake pop though sorry about it one side looks really good the other side so i’m gonna give the miniature cake pop maker to vivian head sorry about it but you let me down number three miniature heart waffle maker now i’m gonna

Put a twist on this one i didn’t want to do just a regular ass pancake because it’s valentine’s day and it has to be extra special because you know why we’re gonna make cinnamon roll pancakes that’s automatic sexy time do you love the red or the pink so far imma vote red that’s a sexy color right there let’s look at it together ready close your eyes ready one

Two three go we’re gonna start with that cake batter i wasn’t gonna make 50 different kinds of batter then we’ll try this this is strawberries and cream and that’s already sexual in nature i don’t know okay nostalgia people if you’re watching this give us instructions i’m sure you didn’t the booklet that you put in there but uh-uh i need a fill line that’s what

I need i don’t have time for a miniature ass thing that’s gonna take me three seconds to make to read a 30-page manual valentine’s day we’re in a hurry because we forgot i think that’s good that’s about how much close it i hate opening these you guys gave me a lot of tips on how to open these which i don’t know why i do this see i start to hyperventilate as soon

As i tear the first little thing oh my god if this thing’s popping it’s me and my throat i think that’s what scares me every time i open one of these i get scared because i’m like something’s gonna come flying in my face and then the paramedics are gonna find me with a little one murder my popping can check this real quick because i feel like it shouldn’t take

That long always the most perfect thing ever look now we bang it on the counter ready these are strawberries and cream have you ever heard of that why are they so huge did i get the giant jumbo size i think i did it’s valentine’s day you gotta splurge cross your fingers that this works cause this is gonna be a good automatic that’s too much huh i’m gonna squish it

Down too probably a bad idea but i am i bet this turns out to be the best idea of the whole video you just take the batter off the access batter baby did you say access yes i’m tired of this being an esl class get out of my face nostalgia i got another tip for you give me a little clamping thing clip like this like a little locking mechanism technology german

Engineer that’s all the buzzwords that they put in those infomercials if you put one of those then when i have big old things like this it’ll work and then this can be multi-purpose instead of just the waffle maker oh it worked all you have to do is cut it it’s a cinnamon roll you’re going to get your kitchen scissors not these scissors because i use these for

All kinds of stuff so this is demonstration purposes only i’m only ruining one tell me this is not a good idea it is a cinnamon roll waffle so i’m gonna give the miniature heart waffle maker five vivian heads number four miniature griddle this one you can make eggs patties like burger patties you can do all kinds of things but i thought you know what i love

Pazuki’s suzukis from bj’s i always say the name wrong i think it’s pazuki raise your hand if you know what a pazuki is or a suzuki warm cookies oh cheddars makes i think they call it cookie monster which is the same thing but theirs is big isn’t it i don’t remember it’s been a thousand years since i went to a cheddars but warm cookie with vanilla ice cream on

Top i love this one i love all of them when they come out they’re the exact same damn product they just changed the plates what y’all should do nostalgia i’m giving y’all all kinds of tips i’m gonna charge y’all my consulting fee what y’all need to do is sell one of these and then sell me all the plates there is absolutely no need for me to have 20 of these out

Send me a check for that royalty because that’s a genius idea i swear to god if y’all come out with a product like that after 12 months you’re free from our verbal contract until then send me my coins mmm valentine’s day cookies with little heart sprinkles on top you’re gonna get two little squares and make a ball i think that’s the perfect size that’s a good

Size right there see okay and then close it go to bj’s and ask for a suzuki tell them vivian sent you for a suzuki they better rename the damn dessert after me if y’all go in there asking for okay ready one two three can we put a cinnamon roll in here and make a cinnamon roll cookie see this is what you should have done to begin with you squish it down first

Then maybe but it’s not touching the surface on top listen this wasn’t a genius idea of mine the box said we can do cookies so don’t tell me this is not made for cookies don’t let me down dude i was so excited about the bazooky flip it turn it rub it down oh no oh no it’s gonna take the same amount of time as it did in the oven i might as well cook the whole damn

Dozen cookies i don’t have a little baby spatula do you can i borrow this is what i call a cookie scramble i invented it i’m gonna try the cinnamon roll now cross your fingers i need this to work because this griddle is about to go in trash i bet this is gonna be a winner right here heavenly if y’all just installed a little hooky thing right here that technology

German engineer yesterday i want to be in the infomercial if you’re gonna sell these the way i just did it it’s so perfect this is so look at that tell me that is not the most perfect thing you’ve ever seen in your whole life now a little bit of this on top girl just melted i want to see if it’ll spiral like a cinnamon roll they can just unroll it just like a

Cinnamon roll so i’m gonna give the griddle especially if you’re gonna make these five vivian head so far i think this is my favorite one okay now that they’re cool they pop out of here really easily so you don’t have to use the cutting wood scissors method that i taught you earlier in the video how am i gonna make it a pop when it looks this is a pop to you

Nostalgia unplug that already so mad you ruined all my melts see if i can get something on this damn cake pop thing you’re gonna have to apply it like this you can’t just dip it you know how long it’s gonna take you to make a hundred of these for the wedding i’m sad about both of these i’m gonna use this to melt wax that’s it so i’m gonna give the miniature

Chocolate melty crock pot three vivian heads they didn’t give me my little skewer thanks it includes four stainless steel dipping forks i’m gonna give you all two vivian heads because you want to give me dipping forks number five miniature lava and bunt cake maker i like this color it’s not my favorite but i do oh that’s a pretty teal see i didn’t realize it

Was like a bundt cake it said that on the box but i thought bundt cake meant something else i want to love this one because they’re gonna look so beautiful could you imagine we make a stack like a wedding cake with all bundt cakes like that and everybody can just take a piece so one side has like the bunt kind of design and the other one is flat see i think

Y’all thought this one through i think the trick is don’t put too much oh just a little bit just a little bit let me give you a pro tip one of those like pancake squeezy bottles and just go like that probably better close it i’m gonna say that’s done you just have to guess at this stuff before i put too much now i didn’t put enough because nothing’s happening

They’re just there looking stale can i flip it that’s the question this is probably not recommended this is just me experimenting for the show listen if stuff’s gonna take more than 15 minutes in here i might as well use my own oven and make a whole full-size one ready the hell is that see how my little sticks have come in handy the results are very amateur so

I’m gonna give the miniature bunt cake maker two vivian heads hold on a little bit more okay that’s good that’s good let’s see what happens here i’m not taking vivian heads off when it spills out like this because that’s me oh it’s beautiful kind of you’re gonna have to use the scissors again that’s how you do it you over fill it you don’t try to fill each one up

Huge difference in the results from my first batch to my second batch so i’m gonna revise this and say i’m gonna give this guy three vivian heads i think i said two before number six miniature sandwich maker this one’s red as well and i think it’s a little bit bigger than the other ones for an apartment dorm room all kinds of stuff this one this one has the german

Engineered locking mechanism hello y’all need to put this on all the other ones we just did this can’t go wrong right i mean that’s pretty simple let’s spread some almond butter because it has that locking mechanism i think that it it should cut this right it also has cutting technology see bam now you can let it go go watch tv unlock i’m excited about this one

This one might work beautiful this one actually did a decent job it’s nice and toasted and hot as hell it’s the locking mechanism that’s what’s missing from all the other ones but nice and toasted on both sides it made a perfect little pocket look at the almond butter in there so i’m gonna give the miniature sandwich maker four vivian heads and i’ll see you guys in the next one bye

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Vivian Tries All The Miniature Appliances from Walmart By Vivian Tries