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VLOG: YesStyle Haul, Maybelline Sky High Mascara, Cerave Tinted sunscreen,& meet my boyfriends dog!

Today I’m sharing a sunscreen combo I’ve been loving since I self tanned with the Tanned AF self tanner, I’m trying out the new Maybelline Sky High Mascara, doing a Yesstyle haul, AND you get to meet my boyfriend’s dog Milo! I hope you enjoy the vlog, everything will be linked down below!

I think i saw your face in the moon i promise i’ll be with you as soon as i find a way up when you’re you’re the reason why i can feel those butterflies when i go to sleep at night well good morning guys we are doing a vlog today because i actually have a few things to do and it might be slightly interesting okay first i want to give a little update

On some products that i used today and talk about that and then i have a few things from yes style that i bought that i’ve been need to do a haul on but since i just did an asian skincare haul i didn’t really want to do a full whole another dedicated video on one so this morning sunscreen i self-tanned last night using this newtainer tanned af um you can’t

Really tell it’s not extremely dark but my hands are a little bit splotchy but i can i can tell oh no that’s a big splotch i’m still perfecting this okay i don’t self tan much but this one seems really good and it doesn’t seem extremely orange i mean it kind of looks orange there but in person it’s not extremely orange not near as bad as some others i’ve tried

But i’ve been really loving using my copper tone pure and simple face sunscreen underneath other sunscreens the cast on this one is probably like a two or three out of five it’s not bad and this blends into the skin really well for a zinc oxide sunscreen like it’s pretty runny and i really like this but i do like to put a tinted sunscreen over top so i have a

Little bit of color to my face especially since i’ve self-tanned i couldn’t just have like an extremely white zinc oxide face and then darker so i put the cerave hydrating tinted sunscreen over top of it this one’s too dark for me if i’m not self-tanned so it works perfectly when i am self-tanned this one’s really nice i like it a lot and i also tried a new

Mascara today i was using a new l’oreal one it wasn’t the air volume it was another one in a black black tube um a newer one but i dropped that in the floor yesterday like the wand itself and i didn’t want to stick that back in the thing it was about empty anyway so i went and picked another one up it is the maybelline sky high mascara and let me get closer

So you guys can see so far i’m impressed i normally like to get black brown mascaras just so it like looks a little better with since i have light hair but they didn’t have it and this one’s fine but honestly this is two coats and i didn’t curl my lashes it’s holding the curl pretty well they feel really nice it doesn’t feel like i have a bunch of mascara on

Like some of them feel thick and you can like roll clumps off of them does that make sense but this one’s not like that at all it’s very like light and airy feels really nice and i feel like my lashes look really long with this and it’s holding the curl extremely well so i’ll update you guys later today on how this wears i can’t stand it when mascaras smear

Underneath my eyes so we’ll see if this one does it i’ve also been loving the skin food royal honey propolis essence i’ve been using this every night and i can tell a huge difference in the hydration of my skin and like the texture and my pores since using this so um i’m planning on doing a skincare routine video here soon but i’m trying a few new things out

I’m trying to go slow in case my skin freaks out again but so far i’ve really really been liking this it is a little pricey but this is something so far that i would drop the money on because it works like i can see a huge difference in the moisture of my skin it feels soothing the only thing i don’t like about it is it has a little bit of stickiness to it

But it’s not like it’s going to goop off your face but it’s just like very tacky but i’m okay with it i put moisturizer over this and i put this on my wet face it’s really really nice i’m really liking it still so far now to my little yes style i bought all these products and everything but i saw a lot of these on dr dre’s channel and just wanted to try them

Out i got the i’m from rice toner this is the mini size i didn’t know if i’d like it or not so i just chose the mini one also how cute is this how cute is this the packaging is so nice i love this but i’ve only used this once i’ll update later to tell you guys how it is i haven’t used this stuff much because i’ve been waiting to like show you guys everything

And i’m just trying to take things slow try to use like one product at a time or introduce one product at a time just in case my face freaks out over anything that way i’ll know what product it wasn’t freaked out over you know i’m always bad about that i want to try everything at once but i’m trying to control myself i also got the pyeongchang yule essence

Toner i also want to try the moisture ampule of this i haven’t tried this out yet but i’m very excited it only has seven ingredients and it has a root extract which are supposed to like be humectants for the skin so i’m excited about this the hota labo what’s this called perfect gel i think this is like a hyaluronic acid gel kind of like neutrogena’s hydro

Boost i didn’t like that one it kind of made my face red and the texture awful haven’t tried this out yet i patch tested it last night right here no bad reaction or anything so i might try this on my entire face tonight and let you guys know how it goes but i’m really excited about this the texture feels really nice i’ve been like trying to patch test stuff

Three sunscreens this is the icin mommy spf 50 plus pa 4 plus aqua milk and then the kiss me mommy uv mild gel spf 33 and pa 3 plus honestly i don’t know why i got this one if this one’s a higher spf and has more pa i should have like you know thought about that but there’s not many fragrance-free sunscreens that i’ve found onya style that i don’t already

Have so i just wanted to try all of them out and give you guys some options this one was a little bit cheaper and you get more in it and then the cozy uv protect spf 50 plus pa 4 plus sun cut sunscreen you get a lot in this one too and i really like the pump bottles you can just keep them on your um counter just like pump it out it’s very nice and the last

Thing i got are these hot alabo 3d i think it’s like 3d sheet masks i don’t remember exactly what these are called i’ll link everything down in the description box i’ve used two of these so far oh my goodness i always like thought you don’t need sheet masks which you don’t need sheet masks but these are so nice my skin feels so hydrated and smooth it just

Helps the texture it makes you look like you have like glass skin it is just insane i can’t wait to keep using these the first one i put on i was laying in the bath and just like had this on it was so relaxing and nice it just holds moisture into the skin really well and these like brighten they feel like they smooth my texture out make my skin so soft these

Are a must for me i’m going to keep a pack of these and it’s not that bad of a deal compared to other sheet masks there’s 30 can’t talk there’s 30 in here and it’s less than 30 i mean it’s like 20 something dollars so i wanted to try these for sheet masks fragrance free very moisturizing hydrating i feel like they’re a little brightening as well that might

Just be in my head or because they’re hydrating these are so nice and i love that the packs resealable so you’re not wasting a ton of packaging each one individually packed they’re all just in here i might try one tonight or tomorrow i’ll try one in a video here soon and i’ll let you guys see what it looks like and everything but oh i love them i love them

I love them i love doing sheet masks now i’m a sheet mask girl who who would have thought anyways that’s all the yes style stuff i got i need to get going now i’m just gonna get clothes on and head to the salon i have three clients today and then i’m talking my boyfriend’s dog for a walk so you guys get to meet milo he’s so cute and sweet and i’m excited so

Let’s get on with the day and head to the salon okay so i’m just sitting here editing this video and oh my car’s rattle is so bad and i think like the cardboard intensifies the sound the car’s fine guys it’s fine don’t worry it’s fine i got done with work and i am kind of tired but we gotta let milo out i don’t think we’re going on a walk today i don’t

Have a harness for them and i went petsmart and they were like out of the sizing needs so gotta go and find him one before i take him out on a walk somewhere but let’s let mango out and let you guys meet milo so you’ve been the sleeps has man i’ve been asleep hmm let’s go party he’s good milo look at that sweet face new luke yeah team you want to treat you

Done come here come on come on come on you get to tweet see it good boy can you give me howdy good boy good boy oops it broke oh sorry sorry that was a fail can you give me howdy give me howdy good boy good boy you’re so sweet let’s see if he does it if i turn around sit good boy give me hattie give me howdy give good boy you are so smart you are so smart

Today and he getting bats he’s so smart i’m gonna do that thing where you just like fall over and see what the dog does so so we’ll just we’ll throw a toy to the side oh okay okay okay okay so i would come see if you’re okay anyways i’m gonna put him up in a second until dalton gets home in a few minutes milo you’re too big to eat on my naps don’t be home

In a few minutes and then he’ll let him back out to stay but i think i’m gonna go change out of my work clothes but you guys got to meet my nose at night

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VLOG: YesStyle Haul, Maybelline Sky High Mascara, Cerave Tinted sunscreen,& meet my boyfriend's dog! By Sarahhh Beth