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Walmart Haul – August 2018

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Hi so you might have noticed my snazzy backpack well today i’m doing a walmart home because i just went to walmart and i may or may not have spent like a hundred bucks um here’s my wallet huh so the first thing i got was this backpack because this was like calling my name it’s like those cool sequins how like they change color so now it’s silver now it’s rainbow i

Have a sleep mask and it’s like a low-key falling apart but it’s like the same thing but it turns pink but i knew how much i loved this and then this backpack it was just like kylie by me so i got this epic backpack so i’m really happy but it’s funny because i don’t like go to school or like go to college because i knew college online so it’s like a body bag pack

Not even first goal just to have a backpack so i don’t know but everything that i bought is in this backpack so the first thing i got was this puff i mean like isn’t it so cute i love it so much it reminds me of like dr. seuss and like you know like the books and stuff it reminds me of like that so i got a puff and then i got this bag it’s kind of a makeup bag i

Guess you could put other stuff in it like pencils or pens or whatever oh no i think of it as like a makeup bag type thing kind of matches my backpack so i was like i kind of had to get this so i don’t know it’s very spacious on the inside though like i just feel like it has like a ton of space next i got some cat treats for angel these are jumbo stuff tempting tuna

Flavor and then i got these socks and i mean if you guys know like my declare december and how much stuff i have you guys know i have a lot of socks but it’s been a while since i got new socks probably like last year was the last time i got new socks and sometimes you know it’s just nice to have new socks so i got this pack of socks so yeah then i got to face masks

And did the fremen watermelon and aloe masks i got two because my friend becca is coming but i bought these for us to do one night because we love doing spa type stuff so got some face masks and then i got these sleep pants and funny story i went to walmart like remember how long ago but i saw these and i was like hey i kind of like this and i didn’t get them and

I saw him again this i like it’s meant to be i need to get these pants so i got these sleep pants i don’t know i’m just like i’m in love with like flannel ii type patterns i don’t know if you guys have like seen my other videos cuz i know i’ve been getting a lot of new subscribers lately but i did some videos with becca and probably some of my other videos i have

These pajamas and i have a black shirt and it says warblers on it and i have these red and black flannel pants i love them and i love like fake flannel ii type things cuz these aren’t really well these are like kind of thin but i love like this kind of like pajama pants like oh no i just love it and i can wear like a tank top or a t-shirt with them so i know so i

Just wanted these pants so i got these fence and then i got this bandanna because it was very halloweeny and i had cats and it was bright neon green and i just wanted it okay it was a buck so i got this i’m gonna try to like wear more bananas cuz i have like a pretty big bandanna collection i should do a bandana collect your video but i don’t know i just wanted

This it caught my eye oh i got a bullet channel so it’s just like little dots and you open it it has like you know the dot type paper so i’m gonna try to do bullet journaling and the comment down below if you want to see some bullet journal videos i am by no means a pro at this cuz i’ve never done this before but i’m gonna try and see what i can do so count down

Below if you have any tips tricks inspiration for me i’ve been looking at pinterest and instagram for ideas so if you want to see bullet journaling comment down below then i got this magazine it’s all about harry potter i don’t know what it is about harry potter but they were like so many harry potter things at walmart today and i was like what’s happening cuz

Like it’s been a while since like the last movie came out you know so i got this magazine and it basically just has like information about like different places like this one for example it’s about the quidditch pitch so i don’t know i love harry potter so i just wanted to get this know next i got a shirt i’ve been in a camel so when i saw this camel shirt i was

Like i need this this says nope not today so i really like um these style of like tank tops so that they’re like long and you can wear like leggings with them i got that and then i got another one and wear this one say currently unable to care so i like how it like kind of laces in the front like i don’t know what it is but like the whole lacing type thing seems

To be like a style lately and it’s interesting because it has a hood i don’t know it’s cool then oh so like you guys know by now like my style is like casual as i’m sitting here wearing a t-shirt so not that i go out too many like fancy snazzy places when my sequins just came off um but you know there are days where it’s like oh we’re going out for like a birthday

Dinner or like whatever so i was like let me get something like somewhat snazzy so i got this light blue tank top and it’s kind of like how i explained it it’s like a little string down the back i don’t know so it just looks snazzy to me kind of dressy ish i could wear this with like some white jeans i don’t know so i got this tank top and then all right so as some

Of you may know i live at my cabin in the summer and there’s like a lake just down the road so i have a lot of swimsuits so i decide to get another one because i love some z’s so i got one where’s the top and where’s the bottom this is so hard to tell i got this one i don’t know i’m into like the tribal thing so leave the inside it’s like neon yellow like neon colors

And rainbow like they called to me so i got this just the top and then i got the same like matching bottom type thing i also have just plain neon yellow bottoms so if i want to like switch it up i can just wear like the top and then like the neon yellow bottoms from like i love like switching my swimsuits up and like not wearing like a set of like mix imagine all

Right and then okay don’t kill me because i know some of you are here because you’ve seen my room clean time-lapses my declutter videos and how i have way too much stuff okay there was a sale on blankets they were 250 each so i got two so i saw this one and i had cactuses on it and i just wanted it so i got it and then i saw this one and this one was pineapples

So i got this one too and that is the end of my walmart haul and at the end um when we were like checking out my mom was like how much do you think you spent and i was like probably like a hundred bucks and she was like i’m gonna guess she spent 120 and total was 98 so hang up walmart for those deals you know so i got a lot for a hundred bucks in my opinion so i’m

Very happy with all my purchases i know a hundred bucks like a lot of money just to go out and randomly spend but i don’t know i don’t usually go out shopping much i’m not a shopper i don’t really like shopping so every now and then it’s nice to like splurge a little get some random stuff that you want so yeah comment down below what was your favorite item that

I got um i can’t really pick a favorite i really like everything that i got so maybe this i kept like staring at this like on the car ride home like so what so tell me what your favorite thing was and leave me a big thumbs up if you enjoyed and also hit the subscribe but if you’re not subscribed already i have a lot of content coming up and then also hit the bell

You get notified when i post because i don’t have a schedule so i just kind of posts whenever i want so yeah i see you guys next video bye

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Walmart Haul – August 2018 By kylieskatz22