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Water filtering revisited | Dartmoor wild camping | Do I need to filter water | for Dom ;-)

A fun and friendly reply to Dom O who commented about water filtering on Dartmoor

I was just sitting in my tap thinking about water don’t forget you must filter your water because if you don’t filter your water you will die a horrible slow death so filter your water be good boys and girls and filter your water when you’re out here very important now dom domo in response to one of your comments very kind comments very loyal good subscriber

From a long time ago mad subscriber i think you mentioned about the water out here and you mentioned about sheep just for dom so everybody else can turn off this is just for dom you can have a look obviously this is a type of fair tour now obviously we don’t have telescopic eyeballs but if you look around here now correct me if i’m mistaken but dom

Can you see herds of wildebeest marching across these plains here across these moors and pissing everywhere can you see herds of antelope and deer crocodiles i don’t know what you get those as herds of but moose maybe we’re in the arctic and there’s like a million moose walking across here everywhere no you can’t see it you can’t you can’t see the moose

Millions of them look at them down there they they’re and crapping and pooing and peeing everywhere the wildebeest the crocodiles are down in the rivers waiting for the wildebeest to cross there’s so many of the zebras the bison what about in north america the bison there must be some bison here that’s polluting the water didn’t see one we’ll look a bit

Longer just in case we missed the herds of bison coming across here there oh no it’s a bit of grass flowing in the wind no no i can’t see any of those either i’ve looked especially carefully for dom there’s nothing here nothing here yes obviously when you get closer to some sheep you might find some sheep especially maybe on the edges where the farmer

Lets the sheep go and some sheep do come in this far but certainly in in here there’s there’s no there’s nothing i mean dom you’re right dartmoor is devoid of pretty much everything so you got that one right there’s nothing here i will say that uh there you are i will say that um in the winter months because i tend not to walk so much and tend to stay more

In in one place which will probably happen in the summer too a bit quite a lot probably um i’m probably sort of drinking a lot of tea therefore you know clearly boiling water or semi-boiling water semi-boiling means i don’t necessarily bring it up to boil saves fuel and you only need it hot enough to drink but obviously today well yesterday and today you know

Especially yesterday because it was quite hot yesterday you know i had to walk across there and i certainly drank you know a minimum of a litre of water from here and i seem to be fine and i’ve been doing that for years and years and years i suppose when i die and then somebody comes out and picks up the body and claims the salvage then do an autopsy you

Know just in case i died of some you know mysterious bacterium that science hasn’t discovered out here yet all right well i better get in and have my tea and pretend to do something useful i was going to try and do uh a video on lightweight kit catch you later

Transcribed from video
Water filtering revisited | Dartmoor wild camping | Do I need to filter water | for Dom 😉 By Tony Hobbs