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Week in My Hair | Straight Hair Natural | How to Heat Train Hair | Natural Hair

Hey homies! Here’s another week in my heat trained hair. I’ve been pretty frustrated with my heat trained hair and the health of my heat trained hair due to my new modeling career. You guys will see some of my frustration and how I try to manage my heat trained hair. Let me know if you have any tips for my heat trained hair in the comment section below!

What’s up i’m tara lefeve welcome to my channel so this is going to be another week in my hair in life maybe just a few days i’m going to figure it out i’ve actually been filming this video for the past few days like i want to got a chemical peel had a photo shoot but i’m looking back at the footage just like man i look a hot mess so i’m kind of want to restart

This little vlog for myself just because i don’t i don’t want to be looking at hot mess on here for a video that’s going to be up forever and as you guys can see i took the braids out i’m very upset about it too i actually had them in for a little bit longer than what it may have seemed like because when i upload this video i think it’s probably going to be either

A week or two weeks apart from my last video but i’ve had those braids in for a couple of weeks but i had a shoot and the client requested that i take out the braids so the client was paying me more than i even paid for the braids and then some i was just like okay i’ll do it but when i take out the braids i cried because my hair is not cooperating with me i’m

Shorter i know that it is because of stress and also just because of modeling i have to keep reapplying heat i did this whole rant video and i was crying throughout the video i’m gonna redo that video though i’m gonna upload that separately to give you guys more of an update on my hair but in this video i just kind of want to do a day to day how i am styling and

Maintaining my hair anyway other my sister i’ll call her right back anyway um yeah so after work i usually always just come home and just kind of be like glad but today i wanted to just motivate myself to do something and of course i went shopping hopefully this isn’t a distraction i ended up going shopping and i went back to that place the city girl fashion

Whatever it’s called again that stores i guess the best way i would describe it is the clothes that they sell there are just very very revealing and that’s not really my taste however they do have a lot of cool pieces in there and they’re very body flattering anyway i will show you guys what i picked up i’m hoping that every vlog that i do doesn’t end up being

Some type of haul video because then that shows me that i have a problem i actually went in there just to get this jumpsuit because i had the jumpsuit and a blue denim and there’s so many compliments on it i’m sorry they have any more colors and of course they have black i would have definitely got the black before i got that no i wouldn’t have the dark enemy in

The black so this is how it looks of course the stuff is super overpriced and very poorly made but again the style of it is just very unique so it has two pockets at the bust two pockets at the hip and it’s just straight and then just a center front zipper so i’m not gonna try this one on but if you guys click on my model vlog video i think it’s the model vlog

Video um you guys will see how it looks on there and i just got some basic black jeans which i need desperately especially ones that fit nice of course i need them for my own anyway that jumpsuit was 40 bucks which to me slow um i don’t know businesses have to make money with me working in a business and me owning my own business now i just i don’t argue with

People about prices like your price is your price because you have a whole lot of other things to consider that you have to pay for on the back end where your product needs to help pay for it plus you need to get paid too so and then i got this jumpsuit not this jumpsuit but sweatsuit whatever you call it anyway so this i thought was pretty cool because it has

The cinching here here and at the bottom it’s a little matching jacket i don’t realize it has a cinching at the arms i do want to try this stuff on real quick all right so i have on the jeans now and they fit great they actually go all the way down to the ankle which is rare for me i’m not that tall i’m five eight but i never can get a skinny jean that comes all

The way down so all right so this outfit i don’t know guys this is definitely too crap for me i like to always have my stomach covered so um but yeah i don’t know this outfit is like maybe too cool for me or something but what do you guys think right now i’m stuck with it but yes i can always like sell it on ebay or something i also have a package from amazon

Because i have amazon prime and they gave me 10 bucks so i bought some earrings and actually had these in rose gold as well i always get the earrings from this brand and then i had a home depot gift card courtesy of my sister so i used it to buy an air fryer so i got that in the mail today i’m gonna open this up real quick so it’s by the brand arya i will figure

Out how to set up later i’m not in the mood for this today anyway i’m gonna do some laundry and relax a little bit and i gotta figure out what i’m doing with this hair later tonight so i will make sure to get back on here we’ll figure it out together all right so i’ve been sitting here for a minute trying to figure out what to do with this hair i’ve decided i’m

Going to try to wrap it even though it is a hot poofy mess and i’m most likely not going to wear it down tomorrow by the time i’m just going to go ahead and wrap it i’m super duper frustrated with my hair i’m going to do a completely separate video of me ranting about it i actually have in a clip right now so i’m going to take this out and the clip is by cinder

Cash here i always talk about their clip-ins i really like the clip-ins yeah so my hair has definitely gotten a little shorter we’re going to talk about that in a separate video i’m actually going to use the hair fertilizer by ors i’m just going to literally use the tiniest bit because i don’t want my hair to like get super oily or anything i’m just gonna put

That on my ends and that already feels better and i have a round brush and someone mentioned that i still video about blow drying my hair the round brush so let me know if you guys are interested to see that because something i could definitely do but i’m going to take my brush and just brush my hair around i’ve never wrapped my hair when it’s this frizzed i’m

Interested to see how this is gonna look in the morning i’m just gonna take a scarf pull it nice and tight but not too tight and i’m going to take another scarf so that way the back of my hair can be covered i just folded it in a triangle bring it up like so and then we’ll put this bottom half and tuck it up under the first scarf nice good morning i got the dryer

Going so i apologize for the noise hopefully you can hear me but i’m not gonna say too much regardless one of my stars came off last night which i just realized when i was doing my makeup but anyway let’s see what we got all right trying to figure out what to do with this because i have to meet with my agency today and initially i was thinking about just doing

Like a little fun low ball with two antennas um but i also kind of like the idea of having it half up packed down with the antennas i’m gonna have to go with just very lightly i’ll put a teeny my edges oh i wasn’t even recording i’m filming all this time recording anyway i just spray my hair with the green tea reconstructorizer as my heat protectant although

I want to get it actually protected and then i have my flat iron put my flat iron on the first setting which is 300 i have this flat iron link below i’m obsessed with it love this one but i do want to try a new one for you guys only because i’ve had this one for so many years and i know you guys probably want to see other options definitely need to get a hold of

The l’oreal steam pile like i can’t just try that one anyway so i actually ended up just bumping my hair right here to kind of lay it down a little smoother i’m going to take the flat iron out at the bottom and just lightly curl it right i kind of want to just maybe curl it i don’t know something is not right okay so i don’t know we’ll see how this goes i need

To run to work i’m actually going to run a starbucks which is right next door and get me some banana nut bread and i will see you guys later what’s up so y’all already know what this mask means i’m looking a mess today’s actually thursday i didn’t film yesterday because i did the exact same thing i did on tuesday today i wanted to vlog a little bit completely left

My camera at home today was a super busy day at work and after work i went and did my dress fitting for the dress that i’m getting made uh if you guys have seen my last vlog video this is one of them i showed you guys some fabric that i had recently got and it just fit it was better than what i was imagining it’s really late so i’m not in the mood for anything

Like just want to brush my teeth take a shower and go to bed i’m going to wear my hair exactly like this in the morning and have to leave super early in the morning as well so i’m not going to film that um but yeah i don’t know actually how much i’m gonna film for this weekend other than when i prep my hair for the spot on saturday but anyway i’ll check in with

You guys later morning so today is sunday i missed i think two days but i wore my hair the same style past two days yesterday i was supposed to go to the spa and i did and then they didn’t have my appointment scheduled so i didn’t get to prep my hair for this buy like i wanted to show you guys however i am going to go to the spot tomorrow and i’ll show you guys

That but today’s the fourth i just have my hair in this one i went swimming yesterday and my hair got wet a little bit so so i have it like that um so it’s really wet here and i’m just gonna because tomorrow i’m gonna get my hair wet again with being at the spot i’m just going to do it probably tomorrow after the spa but anyway that is pretty much it for today i

Just slick the hair back put a little edge control on there look bald but whatever and then for my outfit i have on this jumpsuit that i got years ago from zara but the one in spain and then just my trash nikes tonight i’m actually not gonna even touch my hair because it’s pretty matted due to it being wet so i’m just gonna keep my hair like this and put a scarf

On put a scarf over it and then i’m gonna figure out what to do with my hair tomorrow for work before i go to the spa so anyway i will see you guys probably tomorrow bye morning so today is monday i have my hair in this high bun it’s a mess so that’s why i have the camera facing this way but um today i’m gonna go to the spot later so let me get my hair really

Really wet and then i’ll be able to do it tonight trying to figure out if i’m gonna do a rod set or if i’m just going to straighten it i’ll figure it out tonight to see how i’m feeling but yeah this is what my hair looks like all right what’s up so it’s the next day i got the camera facing this look i’m looking a mess i just got home ended up washing my hair last

Night and then just blow drying it flat ironing it this morning real quick nothing really too fancy because it’s 91 today i got this dress in my hand too because i just picked it up i’m so excited for it i’ll try it on for you guys probably tomorrow or something let’s and i don’t want my dress to smell and then i have some shoes that’ll match it that’ll be here

Tomorrow but i have my hairless i miss right now and i ended up i ended up getting just some pantene repair repair and protect shampoo and conditioner that’s what i wash my hair with so i’m gonna place like a mess because i just it’s been a long night anyway um use this to for the protein treatment not the protein treatment it’s like a heat protectant and then

I use the mayo which one is this thermal heat protectant spray it’s like a leave-in conditioner so yeah that’s pretty much it tonight what i think i’m going to do is wrap it or put some rods in it just like a few so that way in the morning it’ll kind of just have nice like a nice little wave so i’ll figure it out and i actually think i’m gonna end the video

Here and we’ll pick up on a part two to this so you guys can see me in my dress and then how i style my hair stuff for tonight so anyway i hope you guys enjoyed this video and until the next one ciao i want to thank me for doing all this hard work

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