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Were OUT OF TIME & Have No Other Option

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Foreign are you sure who gave you a driver’s license that way brock it is oddly warm out today for the first week of november we should definitely be wearing hoodies and long sleeves but we have gotten a warm burst of air moving through and it can almost trick you into not realizing that winter is coming just as fast as it is but we’ve been here long enough to

Know better and we know that snow is going to fly and not too long and not only are we behind on our projects here but we’re also completely behind on the renovation house one more windy day like this and all the leaves are going to be off the tree yeah they’re coming off playlist look you have notches on both sides we want to make sure the stud is on this on

The same notch make sure it’s straight if you don’t if you don’t put it like that and you tighten up the grill can be kicked like that and you don’t want to ride like that tomorrow no not yet yeah and mommy i think i found some you got a couple eggs let me guess eggs for breakfast again but i think we have more i bet we do keep collecting them i’m gonna fill

Up the feeder foreign foreign numbers in the books for the renovation house and uh we’re pretty much on track at the point of no return if we keep moving in the same direction or moon so what you’re saying is in order to stay on budget we got a diy yes which is not the plan it wasn’t the plan it wasn’t the plan to pull the entire front of the house off or

The back of the house you know what i mean that wasn’t the plan either yeah we gotta we gotta push them to get their stuff done as fast as i can get done but we gotta supplement manpower by going there and doing stuff ourselves just to save the budget because it’s it’s like we’re over in a lot of things you know operation saved the budget foreign by now you

Guys know that we absolutely love our helix mattress and because of that when you guys come to stay at the house we’re renovating you too are going to get to experience the greatness that is helix thank you helix for sponsoring today’s video helix has premium mattresses and bedding that are customized to fit your needs and conveniently shipped right to your door

For free within the us everyone is different and helix knows that which is why they made the sleep quiz to match your unique body type and sleep preferences to make the perfect mattress for you they have something for everyone’s unique taste and if you sleep with a partner you can even take the sleep quiz together and find something that’s a perfect compromise for

Both of you based on our results helix matched us with their midnight luxe mattress perfect for people like josh and i who are side and stomach sleepers yeah i love a mattress i’m not sure who loves it more me or frank because uh he seems to feed me to better resume we’re obviously huge fans of helix we’ve actually been sleeping on our helix mattress for almost

An entire year now this december is going to mark an entire year so we’ve almost crossed that milestone and i think that we’re both not only falling asleep easier but staying asleep longer and just overall getting a better night’s sleep which means we’re more productive the next day yes we are and that’s a win it’s a huge one with your helix sleep mattress you

Get a 100 night sleep trial along with a 10-year warranty and there’s financing options and flexible payment plans if it makes you nervous to buy something you haven’t tried before you get more than three months to make sure you love it and if you don’t they’ll pick it up from you and you’ll get a full refund we love our helix and think that you would too so if

You’re looking for a new bed check out helix click our link in the description box below or go to wild wonderful for up to 200 off your helix sleep mattress plus two free pillows now let’s get back to the build in the next town over sits the renovation house an investment property project of ours that will supply our family with income in the near

Future and into our retirement years this house that is sat abandoned for years has been loaded with obstacle after obstacle but it’s finally starting to come together and we plan on being there day in and day out to push into completion over the next few weeks so at this point it is all hands on deck everybody is in here hustling to try and get this done we’ve

Got the deck being built trim is being painted and installed around all of the windows for buttoning up things so all the remaining rooms can get painted lincoln is already installed in the ceiling of the loft and also the master bedroom in both bathrooms it is imperative that we get both of the shower pans built and ready to go today because this weekend both of

The bathrooms are getting tiled and all of the planking is going to be installed on the vaulted ceilings so everybody’s hustling it’s all coming together but we got to get in here and get this done foreign thank you so much okay we’re in an absolute time crunch like i didn’t tell today was getting locked into place and screwed down we’re gonna go ahead

And get the mud put down and have everything sloped towards the drain gorgeous so let’s do it right let’s go ahead and pre-slope this so it’s roughly two feet from center to edge so let’s go ahead and slip it a quarter inch from here to there eighth inch of foot once we get it sloped we’ll let it cure we’ll put pvc on top and we’ll go from there foreign

But still it’s wet no cure and harden up we kind of learned our lesson from the first time around doing this because if you guys remember when we did the shower pan for our a-frame home afterwards i think josh realized that we had watered it down way too much and keep in mind like we like that was our first time ever doing it this is our second time doing it but

We spent hours i mean we were up like all night long to trying to get that thing sloped properly because it was so wet it just kept like you know everywhere so this time we’re gonna try and take a different approach hopefully we get it right that actually looks pretty good i mean it looks like sand yeah how do you want to be watching watch it here and just like

Touching this falls apart thank you okay so our job today is going to be to cuff all of the nail holes all of the seams and all the gaps so it’s all nice and smooth and beautiful and perfect okay so i’ll do the caulking and you do the smoothing still yeah okay let’s do it thank you thank you promise that’s okay that was a messy job because somebody had to

Do it right yeah look i see that you did a good job we’re working with two by four just slide it down switch to a small piece and get into the high spots out and taking the level putting it up on there just so we know we’re at right now i’m a little high at the drain so i gotta keep on working foreign ever so slightly from the wall down to the drain you

Won’t really feel it but it’s meant for the water to just dissipate and go down the drain nice and easy like so once this all cures we’re gonna put the pvc lantern on top wrap it around the curb and we’ll put our next layer of motor on top once that’s done it’s ready to tile so we got here that’s uh downstairs do the next one it’s character down there i almost

Can’t imagine this place being only a bedroom with an open loft like it looked like it was always meant to be a bedroom with a bathroom back there and have skylights yeah i mean it’s better now than you guys afraid getting the tile down in the bathrooms is going to be a huge milestone in completing this house the hexagon tile is going to go on the shower floor

And we also picked out a patterned tile that’s going to go in the downstairs bathroom we’ll find out if we like it or not once it’s actually installed but i think it’s going to be a neat quirky tile that maybe i wouldn’t put in my home but to enjoy here and for the walls we decided to just pick up a simple subway tile so it wouldn’t be too busy hi daddy i’ll see

You what are you doing so we’re done it’s getting late we got both the uh pre-slope pans done so it’s gonna take a little bit longer to cure um because it’s so late so i can’t do anything tomorrow morning’s a stupid curing so i guess tomorrow we’re gonna come back and we’ll bang out the walls and get that all going we’re tired we’re going home tonight i

Don’t know i’m not sure symmetry food persimmon they say that they’re good for to harvest between september and february so they could be good all these are persimmon trees the entire one of them are persimmon trees what yeah but not almost bear and fruit wow these are high they’re eating those i’m telling you right now deer eating all those if you guys look

Behind me this entire stretch is what we cut up into sides to install in front of our a-frame house and believe it or not it has grown back to the point that you would never even know that we touched it it’s completely lush just like the rest of the pasture is so we let it grow out all through the summer and now we’re back in here getting it all cut down we’re

Going to put a lot of it into a composting pile and we also want it nice and neat so that we can get in there tonight and start building our garden beds thank you we have how tall is gonna be you ever i think they’re tubes ten inches i think so okay i can’t remember if you did two or if you did well no in a few are we gonna leave grass in here and maintain it

Yeah i think so how many beds do you want girl let’s just make sure that how we spicily but that’s room to mow in between everything you’ve got i think we’ve got number six good ies roses roses ready we gotta do a whole bed full of just flowers next year we don’t have to go to a pumpkin patch because we have our very own right here in the garden gosh it

Landed exactly there is this considered garden bowling foreign easily boy okay okay you have a lot to say today lee yeah all that personality these horns are big look he’s going after the girls now that lee’s not around laughs are those leon’s girls i think so um i don’t think they are pictures yeah after that it’s 20s next week great so hello

Winter yeah i can’t wait for christmas

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